Make magic in a fairytale style in the kids bedrooms

by Kremy

modern design kids bedrooms wood furniture

When it comes to kids bedrooms we are all quite willing to give our best to ensure that our children have the room of their dreams… or our dreams. Asking a child what kind of room he’d like to sleep in will show us their inside world, their imaginations and believe it or not, their taste. Whether it is going to be a superhero, a princess castle or a modern style design, the important thing is that they will love their room. Here are some ideas to help your imagination and be your inspiration. The main that we should not forget for the kids room is that children spend quite some time in it. They need to play in a comfortable and safe environment. It is also a place for learning, resting, creating and discovering the world every day.

spiderman superhero room


Little men are fascinated by the super powers possessed by cartoon and movie characters. Creating a superheroes adventure in the kids bedrooms will give you and your child endless game ideas and not a minute of boring time. You can have the superhero room simply by using the right colours or by wall posters, pillows and bed sheets. Bunk beds can be a plane, a boat, a ship, even a rocket.

princess bedroom

How fascinating can be the world of princesses to your little girl? Creating a fairytale world can be as simple as a canopy bed or a wallpaper and your girl will have her dream room. Get some fluffy cushions, flowers, hearts and your magic is done! A kid’s bedroom full of elegance and style for your little girls.

african safari wallpaper

Bringing nature into children bedrooms doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to plant a forest in it. Nature design can be achieved by adept use of colours, light and accessories. Lime green, sunny yellow, navy blue – anything you choose. Fill the room with your children’s favourite animals, give them a place to draw and use their imagination.

Let the kids create in the their room.

chalkboard wall

A chalkboard wall – what a magnificent idea! The room can change every day and be a school by the drawings of your children. They can bring in the world of Narnia, of Harry Potter or another one of their own.

superhero adventure

pirate styled kids bedroom

Superhero Theme batman

airplane inspired kids bedroom

disney princesses

Princess bedroom pink and purple shades

story wall design bedroom

tropic island motive

bedroom lime green bunk beds

green white kids bedroom furniture bunk beds

blue with bunk beds and tree




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