Accent wall ideas for a modern and fascinating kids bedroom

by Kremy

Accent wall ideas colorful floral pattern turquoise white furniture

We all know that the design of a beautiful and trendy-looking kids’ bedroom can be a difficult and tiresome task. Finding the balance between your ideas and the needs of your children may cause you a lot of headache. Very often urban apartments offer limited space and then you will need to be more creative with the decor options. We have collected fantastic accent wall ideas which add vibrant colors to the kids bedroom and make it unique.

Accent wall ideas blue white horizontal stripes boy bedroom decor


When you think of accent wall ideas for your kids’ bedroom, you need to know that there is a big difference in choosing the colors and the patterns compared to any other room in the home. Trendy stripes are so popular and in kids bedroom the tendency is to use bold primary colors. Horizontal or vertical stripes add freshness while the chevron pattern adds a more interesting visual appeal and charm.

teen girl bedroom ideas accent wall ballerina dancer white bedding pink accent pillows

You can always choose a wallpaper to create a fabulous accent wall. Wallpapers will give you the opportunity to change the color or the pattern with minimum effort and expenses. If your child gets bored by the appearance of the room after a while, you can select another wallpaper and give a fresh new look of the room. Whether you opt for wallpaper with many colors and patterns, or choose something that fits well in a teenage bedroom, the choice of an accent wall design is simply endless!

Accent ideas blue wall color headboard pendant lamps

Kids love color splashes and this is, probably, the easiest way to add an accent on a wall. That is why many parents opt for a painted accent wall. There are magnificent accent walls which will show you how to add the favorite color of your child as an accent. Remember that you should not overdo it if you want to create an elegant and stylish look. An accent wall is just one wall and it is the focal point of the room.

teen bedroom ideas laminate accent wall tree decal white beanbag

teen bedroom decor accent ideas surf photo wallpaper green bed

fairytale wall theme swinging bed girl bedroom design

teen bedroom ideas colorful accent white furniture swing chair

cool girl bedroom pink accent wall bedding set decorative pillows

colorful accent ideas geometric pattern wallpaper iron bed frames

silver stripes boys bedroom decor accent ideas

kids bedroom decor ideas chalkboard accent wall

girl bedroom decor ideas pink wall color large chandelier

cool accent bold colors girl bedroom decor ideas

accent vertical stripes blue gray bedroom decor ideas colorful carpet

yellow wallpaper gray bed wooden nightstand

girl bedroom floral wallpaper blue color

chevron pattern kids bedroom decor bunk bed

dark blue teen bedroom decor ideas wood flooring

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