Valentines Day Date at Home -12 Ideas for the Perfect February 14th

by Kremy

How to organize a romantic Valentines day date at home during COVID-19 pandemic? The most romantic day of the year is approaching, which means that if you have a loved one, it is time to think not only about a cute and touching gift for February 14th for him (or her), but also about how to spend this evening.

12 Ideas for Romantic Valentines Day Date at Home

In many countries there are serious restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic but it is not impossible to have a romantic evening at home and we shall give you some ideas how to organize the perfect date on February 14th and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Start Valentines day at home with the perfect breakfast

Valentines day ideas breakfast in bed romantic date at home


It’s important to start right! Give each other a good mood in the morning, and it is not necessary to do something supernatural, it will be enough to remember the usual pleasant little things. A breakfast in bed sounds great, doesn’t it? Why not start the day with your favorite croissants and a hot coffee but instead of rushing, take your time and enjoy the beginning of the day sipping your coffee slowly and talking to your partner? Use the time to discuss your plans for a festive evening, it will give you a boost of good mood and you will look forward to that perfect romantic date in the evening.

Organize a themed evening for your Valentines day date at home

Valentines day date at home ideas karaoke

Themed parties are real fun and a great way to spend a romantic evening at home. It is true that you will need to prepare in advance but preparation is a part of the pleasure, isn’t it? Choose a theme and start planning. It can be a favorite movie, book, game, song, poem, etc. If necessary, buy costumes or try to make them by yourself. Of course, there is no need to recreate an elaborate costume to the smallest detail, you can improvise with materials and use fabric remnants, paper or cardboard. It is the idea that is important! Many people do not like hearts and rose petals all over the place. If you prefer to have a laugh, a plastic sword will make your husband into a knight and a plastic tiara will turn you into a princess. You can travel in time and recreate a favorite period – 1920’s, 1980’s, you can have a disco night or recreate a drive-in movie in the living room using the sofa pillows to mimic a car.

How about a karaoke night? There is no need to have a karaoke machine and microphones. You can play all your favorite songs on YouTube and sing along! Moreover, there are many videos that include lyrics which makes it even easier to have a super fun karaoke night in your own living room! You know that the hairbrush or a deodorant is the perfect microphone, don’t you? So song your hearts out!

Have a picnic in the living room or in the garden

Valentines day date at home ideas picnic in the living room

A picnic is always a great idea and you can have “a picnic for two” in the backyard, if you live in warm climate zones, or in the living room, if February weather does not allow going outdoors. You can even go camping! If you have a tent, open it in the living room. Add blankets, pillows, string lights and your romantic setting is ready! If you have a fireplace, light it and pretend it is a campfire. Enjoy a bottle of wine “under the stars” listening to your favorite music, have dinner on the floor and you will surely spend a wonderful February 14th evening!

Valentine’s Day date at home – “Go out” on a romantic dinner

romantic dinner for Valentines day at home

Going out for a romantic dinner on February 14th is quite popular. With the pandemic restrictions, the restaurants in many countries are closed, which does not mean that you cannot enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner at home. You can order food from your favorite restaurant and set the perfect Valentine’s day table. Put a nice tablecloth on the dining table, sprinkle some homemade heart-shaped confetti, lit some candles and take out the best tableware that you have. Play soft background music and there you are – you just created a stylish and romantic place for you and your partner.

Cook Valentine’s day date dinner together

Cook dinner together

Cooking dinner may not sound very romantic, but many people enjoy trying new recipes. A Valentine’s day date at home is a great opportunity to have fun together and prepare your dinner. You can try something new or prepare your favorite dishes. It is important that you remember – this is a date! Relax and have a dance while cooking, open a bottle of wine, talk to each other. Enjoy the time and do not talk about children, school, work or other family-related topics! Find a pleasant topic – your next vacation, for example.

Food and wine tasting

creative ideas what to do on valentines day at home

Buy a couple of bottles of good wine or choose some food to taste. It could be anything – from cheese to meat. Fruit cuts, chocolate or a light dessert will be a great addition. Music and candles will help you create a romantic atmosphere and have the prefect Valentine’s day date at home.

Enjoy a movie night

movie night Valentines day activities ideas

Have a movie night at home! It is so easy and inexpensive to organize it. Remember that this is a date and not a regular family night! You can enjoy all your favorite treats and a glass of wine or a bottle of beer while watching your favorite movies or the latest season of your favorite series. A movie night is a great option for people who are not fans of active rest and if you are both up to it, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day this way?

Take a virtual vacation, museum tour or attend an online concert

Take a virtual vacation museum tour or watch a concert

The COVID -19 pandemic gave the start of numerous online activities. Many museums offer virtual tours, opera houses and theaters live-stream their performances, there are many online concerts of bands and singers so you can choose something that you both like. You can even plan your next vacation destination for the time when we can travel and life goes back to normal.

Try a craft together or a DIY project

Start a DIY project on Valentines day

A romantic Valentine’s day date at home may include a craft project for both of you. It is not necessary to try and remodel the bathroom in one evening, of course! But you could easily have a pleasant evening drawing “like real artists” while having a glass of wine or try painting a portrait of your partner and then have a laugh at the final results. You can start a herb garden together, you can plan a photo wall and frame the photos for your gallery, etc.

Have a game night

game night for Valentines day at home

It may sound a bit difficult to have a game night or think of board games suitable for two players, but it is not impossible. Scramble is a great game for two. Look around and see what board games you already have at home. It will be a lot of fun trying to invent new and unusual ways to play the board games of your children.

Have a Spa night at home

Transform the bathroom into a spa studio

Transform the bathroom into a spa studio! Light some candles, lay out fresh towels, and play some relaxing spa music. Do a face mask, have a long and relaxing bath, enjoy fresh strawberries and champagne while relaxing!

Have a dance night

A dance night Valentines day at home ideas

Have you always dreamed of learning to tango and your partner is embarrassed to dance? Why not take the first step and start learning tango at home? There are many video lessons on the internet and you can have a dance class together.

You can simply select your favorite songs, dim the lights and just dance. You can fool around a bit or dance to slow tracks. Cheerful dances will raise the mood, while romantic and fiery dances generate passion. So you can go from regular waltz to rumba, from rumba to salsa, and from salsa to tango. Evenings like these liberate and bring partners closer together, you will definitely want to repeat the date more than once!



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