Stylish Valentines Day Table Decorating Ideas to Show Your Love

by Kremy

Stylish Valentines day table decorating ideas are aimed at creating a festive and intimate atmosphere and we will give you some tips how to transform your dining room and turn it into a fascinating place for two.

Stylish Valentines day table decorating ideas

February 14 is always about love, joy, happiness and fun. No matter how old a person is, he always wants a positive attitude. Couples all over the world adore this bright holiday, so they prepare for the celebration in advance, decorating the table, buying gifts for each other or thinking of small surprises for the beloved partner. On Valentine’s Day the festive table can be the magical fairy tale that enchants representatives of different ages. The decor and table setting create the atmosphere of comfort and romance in the house necessary for such an occasion.

elegant valentines day table setting and romantic dinner ideas


You can decorate the table for a festive dinner using a wide variety of accessories. Traditionally, the colors for Valentine’s Day are white, pink and red. Ribbons, flowers, hearts from a wide variety of materials are indispensable elements of the festive table setting. For a romantic dinner, it is good to place paired elements on the table. You can emphasize the spirit of the holiday using the most common things – tablecloths, napkins, vases, cutlery, candles, etc.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day

heart table runner last minute decorating ideas

Despite the fact that this traditionally, February 14th is not supposed to be a large gathering, decorating the table on Valentine’s Day requires some planning. This is even more interesting, if you think about it – to create something special for yourself and your beloved one!

Preparing for Valentine’s day includes everything – from finding the perfect gift for him or her, to choosing and cooking delicious food, selecting elegant clothing, decorating the home, etc.

romantic table setting for two valentines dinner ideas

Naturally, decorating the festive table is among the most significant of all the preparatory steps. On this day you can move the table from its usual place and set it in the center of the room, or take it out on the balcony, which is possible for those who live in areas with warm climate during this time of the year.

Stylish Valentines day table decorating ideas can inspire you to add special charm, something personal and individual, something meaningful for you and your partner. You can choose one of the traditional Valentine’s day colors for your décor – pink, red, white or opt for any other color scheme or style that you like. Some people prefer formal settings, others are fans of more relaxed styles like Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Mediterranean, etc. It will be best if all the elements of the festive table setting – glassware, tableware, textile, accessories, cutlery are in the same style and in harmony with each other and the overall concept for the decoration.

Valentine’s day festive table ideas – choose the textile

valentine day table setting ideas white and red colors

Usually festive tables are covered with a tablecloth. An ordinary white tablecloth, which is available in every home, is an excellent background against which the rest of the elements will stand out. If you want to give it a special touch, sew a red or pink satin ribbon a short distance from its edge. The corners of the tablecloth can be decorated with bows or flowers from the same ribbon.

An addition on a table decorated with such a tablecloth will be napkins trimmed with satin ribbons or flowers made of rolled ribbons. Ribbon roses can be used to decorate a candy bowl filled with “hearts” made of chocolate or cookies. You can also roll napkins in the traditional way and tie them with ribbons. A small live rose attached with a ribbon to a napkin looks very romantic. You can fold the napkins in the shape of a heart.

February 14 table runner quick decorating ideas

A themed Valentine’s day table runner will be a complement to the table. You can buy or sew one. If you need a last minute idea, just cut some hearts from fabric and use safe pins to fix the hearts to the tablecloth.

Romantic table decoration with flowers

romantic table setting ideas heart shaped napkin floral centerpiece

Flowers are a natural decoration for any festive table. They can be arranged as a centerpiece composition or used to decorate the individual place setting. When we talk about Valentine’s day, the choice of flowers for your table is unlimited. Obviously, roses are the most popular choice as they represent love and passion. From rich arrangements to a single rose in a delicate vase or petals scattered on the tablecloth – the options are endless.

Quick and easy paper decorations

balloons hearts paper garland table decor ideas for lovers day

It is very easy to decorate a festive table with paper. Yu can use special heart shape paper punch or simply use cookie cutters to outline hearts of various sizes and cut them out. Doilies are also a great option for quick craft projects. They look tender and exquisite and will save you at the very last minute, if you haven’t had the time to plan and buy or craft other decorations.

Paper confetti, scattered on the table, will add a touch of joy and a feeling of celebrating. You can choose one color or multi-colored confetti, depending on the style of your Valentine’s day table décor idea.

Let’s not forget that paper napkins can be used in many creative ways as well. Folding them in a heart shape is not difficult at all.

Decorating the table on February 14 with romantic lighting

romantic dinner for two table setting ideas flowers candles

Lighting is often used to create a romantic mood. Nothing speaks of romance more than the flickering light of candles. You can arrange several candles of different height on a metal plate as a centerpiece. The metal will reflect the light and will double the effect.

Candles floating in water also look great. You can use one bowl with several tea light candles in it or, if the table is not big enough, place small candles in jars.

If you have a big table, you can lay out an image of a heart from low candles at the center.

Small lanterns are a great option for decorating an outdoor table.

Valentines day table setting romantic dinner for two

Elegant tall candles in beautiful candlesticks make the table look exceptionally beautiful and sophisticated.

Scented candles can be used in case that you are certain that their aroma is pleasant for both of you and will not interfere with the flavor of the dinner menu.

String lights are another great source of festive lighting. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Additional table decorations

table decor ideas for february 14 white and red color scheme

Sprinkling a few crystals on the table adds extra sparkle. You can choose colored crystals, as an accent to a white table setting or transparent crystals which look gorgeously luxurious.

Decorating the table with food

heart shaped sushi Valentines day dinner menu ideas

This may sound like something impossible, but in fact it is very easy to use festive food as table decoration. Even something as simple as spaghetti can be shaped as a heart, right? The rich colors of food – salad, sauces, meat, vegetables add splendor to your festive Valentine’s day dinner. Sometimes a heart-shaped dessert with rich chocolate glaze is enough to say “I love you!”

heart shaped chocolate dessert romantic dinner ideas

There are many stylish and elegant Valentines Day table decorating ideas. You just need to remember that this is a celebration for two and take into account the aesthetic preferences of the partner. Then the romantic dinner will be a pleasure for both of you!


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