Valentines Day Candles – Create an Intimate and Romantic Atmosphere

by Kremy

Valentine’s day is a great occasion to express your feelings creating a romantic atmosphere. February 14th provides unlimited opportunities to express the love for your partner without words and we will show you how Valentines Day candles will help you create a special ambiance.

Candles always create a special atmosphere. They can make any space cozy, beautiful and warm. On Valentine’s Day, candles are a must when you want to create an intimate home décor and atmosphere full of love.

Valentines Day candles will help you create a special ambiance

Romance is often associated with evening and night time, and candles add a special aura of intimacy and delicate taste. You can look for ready-made candles with a love theme, or you can create small masterpieces with your own hands to decorate a festive table or bedroom. If you have simple candles, use roses, red lace or simply original candlesticks to create a romantic setting.

Where to place your romantic Valentines day candles?

valentines day table setting with flowers and candles


Calm soft light is the best option for Valentine’s Day when you need a romantic mood. Let the refined romance and the special mood that candles create take you away from the daily worries! Where can you place your Valentines day candles? Well, everywhere!

DIY candles for Valentines day affordable decor ideas

On the table, on the vanity table, on the windowsill, on the floor, around the bathtub – the only limit is your imagination! To meet your loved one in the hallway, create a heart out of small tea candles and light them before opening the door. Place candles of different shapes, colors, and sizes throughout the room. They will bring a touch of warmth and mystery to the interior. You can arrange tea candles in a heart shape or place them randomly on the floor and table. Adding flowers or flower petals can never be wrong! Combining candles and Christmas lights is another great idea!

valentines day home decor ideas heart shaped red candles

To light up a romantic Valentine’s dinner, take miniature candles in glasses or place a luxurious candelabra on the table. Lanterns? Of course – fill them with pillar candles and arrange them in the corner of the room to light a cuddling spot!

DIY candles for Valentine’s day – quick and creative decor ideas

diy valentines day candles romantic atmosphere

You can find a lot of candles, different in color and shape, on various stands or in special jars. You can buy the ones you like and decorate the rooms with them. Of course, you can make such candles yourself. DIY crafts always add warmth and in this case they also emphasize the care and attention of loving people.

There are many ideas for Valentines day candles decorations. The easiest way to create your own candles is to buy several ready-made ones and decorate them with ribbons, hearts or beads. Candles decorated with decoupage napkins look very nice.

candles on window sill romantic atmosphere for Valentines day

Multicolored wax drawings look original and impressive, for this it is better to use special acrylic paints. Here’s another option: prepare a few small jars, place small candles in them so that they fit into the neck in diameter. Decorate the glass with ribbons or beads.

Finally, you can make your own candles. You need wax or candle gel, paints, a wick, various decorations and, most importantly, your imagination. Handcrafting will take a little longer, but it will be exclusively your work of art.

DIY Confetti Valentines candle

DIY Confetti Valentines candle quick and easy craft ideas


  • Clear glass bowls
  • Heart shaped confetti
  • Glue
  • Tea light candles
  • Thick gold ribbon


Paste the ribbon in the middle of the bowl. If you’re making multiple candle votives, make sure to place the ribbon in the same place on all of them.

Paste small sized confetti at odd angles around the edges of the gold ribbon.

Option 2

DIY Valentines Day candles home decorating ideas


  • Clear glass tumbler
  • Heart shaped Confetti
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small candle
  • Coaster
  • Colored paper


Paste the confetti on the outside of the glass tumbler. Another alternate, is to draw hearts with a black marker and filling them in completely.

Paste the bottom of the tumbler on the coaster and see if the candle fits inside.

Hold the paper around coaster and measure it. Then, cut it to size and paste the edge. There should be at least 1cm (1/2 inch) gap between the glass and the paper.

Light the candle first and then slide the paper around the tumbler.



Bathroom decoration Valentines Day ideas rose petals candles

romantic atmosphere at home candles for Valentines day

lace votive valentines day crafts ideas DIY candles

Valentines day home decor ideas paper bag and candle

romantic date at home Valentines day candles

romantic table setting for Valentines day glasses of wine and candles

valentines day home decorating ideas candles and petals on the floor

Valentines Day Roses candles and gift

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