How to Tighten My Saggy Neck Without Surgery? 9 Proven Methods!

by Gabby

Discover 9 proven methods to tighten your saggy neck without surgery! As we age, our skin tends to sag and lose its youthful appearance.

As we get older, unfortunately our skin cannot look the same as it did in our 20s or 30s. It starts to sag, wrinkle and look dull. This happens everywhere on our body, but experts say that women’s years show most on their necks. The skin there is very delicate and thin and sags very easily. Many of us rush into surgery, but it doesn’t always help, and it is very painful! Recently, we have discovered that there are natural methods that you can adapt to help you out with your neck skin. The question for today is how to tighten my saggy neck WITHOUT SURGERY, and we are going to answer it for you!

How to Tighten My Saggy Neck Without Surgery? 9 Proven Methods!

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If you notice the skin around your neck starting to droop and not look good, don’t rush into taking extreme measures like surgery. It is proven that there are many natural methods that can help you in this situation! Today, we are going to take a look at exactly 7 of them that guarantee results namely making your neck look renewed and your skin look younger.

Exercises to Tighten Saggy Neck and Make it Look Rejuvenated

I know that you might think this is a myth, however many specialist say otherwise! Yoga neck exercise can improve your skin around the area, and you can forget about its loose appearance. Now, I’m not going to tell you that you are going to see results straight away. Just like the skin care routine, die, or workouts it takes time to see the results and you really have to be persistent. But, the skin is the biggest organ in your body, so you need to take care of it properly. If you exercise in the morning, include this yoga movements into your routine. Repeat them every day, and you will see results in one or two months. However, our advice is to keep doing the exercise every day.

Collar Bone Backup

This exercise is one of the most helpful ones, when it comes to tightening your neck. You simply have to bring your head back a few inches while keeping it aligned with the floor, while you let your muscles recover and relax. Prior to keeping the posture for more than 30 seconds, start with three sets of 10 repetitions. Keep in mind that you have to let your head remains on the same level and your ears remain above your shoulders.

Topical Creams for Sagging Neck

topical creams for sagging neck treatments skin tl advanced cream


The TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream is one of the best treatments that you can adapt. There are many products that you can choose from and most of them actually help. You know how important it is when you apply your moisturizer onto your face, to not forget your neck as well. Well, the topical creams will help you improve your neck skin and will not only make it tighter, but can also brighten it and give you a lifting effect. Other brands like Kiehl’s, IT Cosmetics, Netrata, etc. have topical creams with anti-aging effect that will help you improve your saggy neck.

Neck Tightening Device at Home

neck tightening device at home without surgery ideas methods

There are skin devices that you can use at home, which will help you not only to clean, but also to tightening your neck. How do they work? They use vibrations and voltage stimulation, which will help you with your saggy neck. They can tighten the skin and make it look clean, rejuvenated and youthful. Some of the devices (depending on the model) have warm massage, which can help you with the wrinkles as well. It will stretch your wrinkles and make them appear smaller and smaller. The red light on most of the neck devices can revitalize collagen, which has an anti-aging effect.

Proper Skincare Routine and Protection for the Neck

You have to be really wise when choosing your skincare products, if you have a saggy neck. If you want to avoid dealing with it later, you have to learn how to protect the neck area. We are not going to stop repeating this – WEAR SPF! This is truly important, because as you know already the sun rays can really damage the skin and make it appear mature, dull and saggy. To avoid it, always apply SPF cream on your face and neck. Also, if you want to get rid of your saggy neck, as we already mentioned there are plenty of products that can actually tighten it. There are topical creams, serums, toners, etc.

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How to Get Rid Of Turkey Neck Naturally with Massages?

Do you know that facial massages can help you tighten the skin? That involves the neck area as well. Gua Sha is the tool that can help you massage your neck. This type of massage can be considered as lymphatic drainage, which is great not only for your skin, but for your well-being. You have to learn how to incorporate it into your skin care routine and you will see great results. You can do it either in the morning or at night, before going to sleep.

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Non-Surgical Procedures to Help You Tighten Your Neck

There are non-surgical procedures that are made by professional dermatologist, which is proven to help get rid of saggy neck. Check them out:

  • Ultherapy – The goal of this procedure is to revitalize the collagen in the skin and to produce more of it. This will make the skin more tight and rejuvenated. The aesthetician will target the saggy areas and will lift the skin, giving it anti-aging effect. The Ultherapy ultrasound that will improve wrinkles as well.
  • Radiofrequency-based devices – This combines both radiofrequency with microneedling that will treat the saggy zones of the skin and will lift it and make it look rejuvenated and youthful. It improves blood circulation and boosts collagen reproduction. This therapy includes tiny and short needles that will be placed into the skin from a professionalism. It sounds scary, but it is not painful at all!
  • Termage – This is a skin tightening non-surgical cosmetic therapy. Thermage treatment is a type of laser that warms the skin and encourages the reproduction of new collagen in the skin. It is a simple and painless process. You won’t even need a numbing cream. When the procedure is done, you can return to your everyday activities and you won’t need time to recover.

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