Gua Sha face massage: Can we finally say GOODBYE to the double chin and the puffiness?

by Gabby

I am sure we all have these days when we wake up and our face looks and feels extra puffy. Who likes looking like a donut in the morning? Even if your significant other is forced to like you as you are, you don’t like the feeling of a swollen face. I am pretty sure we all have tried everything from the books. Dunking my face in iced water – check, rubbing a frozen cucumber around my face – check, I can go on and on… Yes, these home remedies feel really refreshing in the morning, but they do not help in the long run. What if I know a way that will help you? And what IF I know a way to get rid of not only the puffiness but from the double chin as well? Today, we are discussing the Gua Sha face massage! Is it really magical? How to do it? Let’s find out!

Gua Sha face massage: Can we get RID OF the puffiness and the double chin?

gua sha face massage how to red rid of the double chin lymphatic drainage helpful tips and advice

I am pretty sure you are familiar with the fact that our facial muscles, pretty much like the muscles on the rest of our body, need massages. They are not only beneficial for your appearance, but it can be really good for our health as well. How so, you may ask? Face massages can really help you release toxins that are trapped in your skin. Gua Sha is a massage that has a positive effect on skin tightness, improves facial contour and brings relaxation and soothing. For its execution, a stone, suitably profiled tile is needed. The massage is extremely pleasant and relaxing. It not only reduces swelling, but also significantly improves the condition of the skin and enhances the effect of cosmetics used in further care.

Is Gua Sha good for face?

Gua Sha massage has a lot of advantages for the face. When used regularly (twice a week or more), it acts like the ultimate anti-wrinkle cream – improving skin tone to keep the face firm and supple for longer, as well as oxygenating, relaxing and helping to remove accumulated toxins by loosening lymph fluid, it also has a lifting effect. What are the benefits?

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • It has a firming effect and improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • It can reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  • Improves facial contour

what are the benefits of gua sha face massage lymphatic drainage how to achieve results skin care 2023


How to do the Gua Sha face massage at home?



Before the massage with Gua Sha, just like the massage roller, it should be placed in the refrigerator for a few minutes – the massage will be even more pleasant, and the cooling effect will soothe sensitive and irritated skin. The massage should always be performed on clean skin. Start by removing your makeup, then wash your face with the gel and spritz your face with a light toner. You can check out this video for a full tutorial on how to do a 5 minute Gua Sha facial massage.

What are the best facial oils to use for a facial massage?

what is the best facial oil for a face massage and hydration moisturizing skin care routine

What are the best facial oils to include in your routine when doing the Gua Sha massage? If you ask me, the Drink Elephant Virgin Marula oil and the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery serum are some of the best products out there. We did an independent research with the rest of the DeaVita girls, and it turns out that the internet is crazy about these two. I am currently using the Kiehl’s one as my night serum before going to bed, and my skin is glowing in the morning. I personally think that the Virgin Marula oil will be perfect for moisturizing your face in the morning and will make the Gua Sha massager slide on your skin easily.

Can Gua Sha help get rid of the double chin?

how to get rid of the double chin gua sha facial massage easy to do at home remedies 2023

Is there an actual magical tool that will help us get rid of the double chin that we all hate? I have seen many before/after photos and I have been doubting the method, until I have tried it myself. Now it is very important to note that home remedies can not change your jaw line completely. However, if you start using the Gua Sha regularly, it can help shape and reduce your chin. Do you still think it’s a myth? Check out these results! But, as I said, if you want results you really have to be consistent and use it every week from 2 to 4 times at least.

Lymphatic drainage massage

What is a lymphatic drainage massage? Lymphatic drainage massage is called manual massage therapy, which uses gentle, repetitive movements to relieve and support our lymphatic system. And it, plays an extremely important role in protecting the body from infection and disease. Do you know that some toxins are hiding in our skin as well? How to get rid of them? Try this lymphatic drainage facial massage with your Gua Sha tool.

The best Gua Sha tools to use in 2023

How to pick the right Gua Sha tool to use in 2023? Kaity is a licensed esthetician, who will help you picked the right one according to your needs! Are you still wondering if you should try it out?

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