Biophilic kitchen: Discover the trendy design that focuses on your well-being

by Kremy

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok… If you have at least one social media account, you’ve probably seen dozens of photos of biophilic kitchens. What is this? Well, it is a huge trend in interior design that is going to become the new timeless style in every home. So it’s time to check how to implement it in your home. The benefits are many, but the most important of them is that a biophilic kitchen will connect to your soul to create a peaceful and warm place. Are you ready? Let’s get exploring!

What is biophilic design?

Biophilic kitchen trend 2023

In contact with nature, people’s minds are recharged. Being surrounded by green plants, natural sunlight and raw materials is all you need after a hard day’s work. Isn’t that why we travel on weekends and holidays? Well, biophilic interior design creates this atmosphere in your home. Its idea is to connect man with nature in an emotional and tactile way. The focus is on creating spaces that work for you in practical and emotional ways instead of focusing on appearance and luxury.

What are the elements of biophilic kitchen design?

What are the elements of biophilic kitchen design


If you had the chance to visit the World Interior Design Exhibition at Paris, Maison et Objet 2023, you probably noticed the elements of biophilic interior design. But in the following paragraphs we will have a close look at them in order to inspire you implement them in your own kitchen. As already noted, the goal is to combine nature with the interiors by using the influence that the environment had on society and its lifestyle habits. There are 5 basic elements that can help you do this and here they are.

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Colors inspired by nature

kitchen trend 2023 wood and white with natural materials

Forget bright colors like red, purple or royal blue and think of the neutral palette instead. Shades like cream, beige, vanilla white or sage green are the ones that will bring harmony to your kitchen. Nature inspired tones are also preferable. For example, you can opt for terracotta cabinets or shelves in brown or forest green or for white and wood interior concept.

Natural materials

wooden cabinets black countertop trendy kitchen design ideas

Look for cabinets, flooring, countertops and window frames made from natural materials. If you already have them, consider refreshing them, instead of buying new ones. This will reduce your impact on the environment.

To achieve a more luxurious interior, opt for a granite or marble countertop that gives movement to the work surfaces while using 100% natural products.

Other options are bamboo and cork. They are excellent choices for flooring because they are environmentally friendly and renewable resources.

Stone, metal, and glass are also considered raw natural materials, so you can incorporate them into your biophilic kitchen design.

Biomorphic shapes and patterns

how to integrate nature at home


Think of the stones in the river. They are oval, right? What about the rocks in the mountains? They are generally sharper. You can find inspiration everywhere, you just need to use your creativity to implement it in interior design.

If you prefer to stay with the 2023 kitchen trends, then choose softer patterns and shapes with rounded edges.

Biophilic kitchen design – Green plants

grow herbs in the kitchen

Plants are the first thing most people think of when it comes to biophilic design. And yes, they are a “must”. Whether you choose tropical plants, beautiful orchids or herbs that you can use while cooking, this decoration will help you in so many ways. Adding plants to your kitchen is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Plus, they’ve been proven to improve our mental state and sense of well-being. Finally, greens are the perfect accent in a kitchen with neutral colors. They perfectly balance the space.

Biophilic kitchen – Natural light

What is biophilic design

Going for larger windows is an incredibly easy way to connect with the outside world. It will revitalize the place and also boost your good mood. It’s like free therapy, so why not take advantage of it?




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