Kitchen colors 2023: Top 6 shades that interior designers say will be in for kitchens this year

by Kristiyana

The year of 2023 is here, and we are all looking to find out which will be the new hottest trends when it comes to interior design. One current trending topic is that of the top kitchen colors for 2023. In the last years, how you paint and design your kitchen has sprung a wide interest for a lot of homeowners, hence it has become an important part of interior design. While many might think that kitchens should be set in plain colors, there are plenty of trends that show that you can have a vibrant, eye-catching kitchen that will be the talking point of your home. Here is how to do that by learning about the top 6 shades that interior designers say will be in for kitchens this year!

Kitchen colors 2023: Neutrals

neutral color_neutrals

On the topic of kitchen colors for 2023, neutrals are not going to be far from the top choices. Shades of white, gray, cream, and beige are timeless classics that won’t date. Combining white cabinets with concrete countertops will also be trending throughout 2023. Behr’s Color of the Year “Blank Canvas” is also a top neutral choice for your kitchen this year. However, some experts say that when it comes to neutrals, the focus will be mainly on more earthly tones. Think of the color of sand and the dessert. In 2022, we saw a lot of color inspirations from nature and this will continue on in 2023 as well.

Rising interest in shades of blue

kitchen colors 2023_colors 2023


When talking about colors inspired from nature, we come to shades of blue incorporated in kitchens in 2023. These shades include deep blue, ocean blue, coastal sky blue, baby blue, and the comeback of royal blue. Coastal blue has charmed a lot of homeowners, as it draws inspiration from the sunny beach houses in the Hamptons, and who wouldn’t want to escape there from the noises of the big city? Royal blue can look great for your kitchen with some gold or copper accents that will add luxury to the room. If you want to mix a couple of blue tones in your kitchen, better to decide on no more than three colors. The boldest one should be the focal point of your kitchen.

Kitchen colors 2023: Greens

kitchen designs 2023_interior design 2023

Looking for more ideas on how to paint your kitchen in 2023? Opt for green colors! Shades of green took off last year in interior design when it comes to the top colors for kitchens. By the looks of it, greens are still going to be a favorite for many homeowners. The focus is mainly on calming tones like sage green and mint. However, bolder and deeper shades like vibrant green, emerald, jade and sapphire are also going to be trending this year. These colors will create a feeling of luxury in any kitchen. Dark green is also having its moment right now in kitchen designs. The darker the green, the more modern your kitchen will look.

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The muted tones of the year

dusty pink kitchen_pink kitchens

Muted tones are another great way to bring some color into your kitchen in 2023 without overwhelming the space. Soft pinks, muted oranges, and dusty purples are all very fashionable for 2023 and add a subtle hint of color without being too garish. Dusty pink is currently having its moment as the top muted tone for kitchens. This shade of pink is refined, elegant, with undertones of dusty gray. A color like this one will add sophistication and style to your kitchen. Pair it up with a gentle off-white for your walls and ceilings. Any of these muted tones can easily be paired with neutrals to create a calming yet stylish atmosphere in the kitchen.

Kitchen colors 2023: Pastels

kitchen colors 2023_pastel colors


Looking to add more pop of color to your kitchen in 2023? Pastels are here for you! Pastel colors are also becoming quite popular when it comes to kitchen designs this year. We already mentioned the rising interest in mint green, which is regarded as a pastel color, but there are a lot more to choose from. Think light shades of blue, candy and powdery pinks and pale purples. These colors will create a fresh and clean look for your kitchen, and will work great together if combined. If you are not ready to commit to a full pastel kitchen look, start small with an accent like a pastel feature wall. By incorporating pastels, you can add fun and energy to any kitchen!

Incorporating bolder tones

what colour kitchens are in for 2023_red cabinets

The use of bold colors is also on the rise in kitchen designs for 2023. Besides the aforementioned deep blues and vibrant greens, colors like striking yellows and rich reds are having a moment as well. Mustard or ochre yellow will add sunny warmth to your kitchen and create an overall positive vibe. For reds, brighter tones will make your kitchen look like a fast-food restaurant. Better to opt for more earthly shades. These can be burgundy, terracotta or burnt sienna. If you go with the same red color for your walls, ceiling, and cabinets, your kitchen will appear bigger. These bold tones can really brighten up a space and give the room a unique edge.

Overall, the sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen colors in 2023. From traditional neutrals to bold, statement hues, there are plenty of options to choose from that will allow you to create a stunning kitchen space in your home. Have fun experimenting with colors and see what works best for you! And if you are interested in learning about more 2023 kitchen trends, check out our article about the top 6 backsplash design ideas to try out this year in your kitchen. Enjoy!


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