White and wood kitchen 2023: Which is THE style for you? Top 8 ideas to choose from!

by Kristiyana

Is the kitchen the place where you like to spend most of your time? Do you love experimenting with recipes and are you always trying to create something new? If you spend so much time in the kitchen, you should put effort into creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Did you know that the colours in our surrounding environment have a huge impact on our subconscious? We need to spend our time in a harmonious place with colours that soothe the eyes and the soul. And what better combination than angelic white and wood with earthy, pastel colours? I present you the white and wood 2023 kitchen in all its trendy variations!

White and wood 2023 kitchen: Sublime decorating ideas

white and wood kitchen_kitchen color trends 2023

What better way to start the new year than with a new interior design? Many people don’t really care what their kitchen looks like, as long as it serves its purpose… I surely want to emphasize once again how colours, tidiness, and the organization of a kitchen (and not only) affects our brains. Listen up! Yes, it’s about trends, style and telling you what’s chic. But we also have another mission! And that is to make you feel relaxed, happy and at peace in your own home. Hate doing the dishes? Imagine how nice and tidy your kitchen will be after you did them. Do you love to cook, but the colours of the counters and drawers hurt your eyes? It’s time to start painting in white, pastel or earthly tones! If you’re in desperate need of inspiration, I’m at your service! Here are 8 delicious white and wood kitchen ideas that are at the top of the decorating trends for 2023!

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A fairy tale in green

kitchen designs 2023_green kitchen


Let’s start strong with my favourite colour of all time! Green is by far the most soothing and super trendy colour this year when it comes to interior design and fashion. So, if you don’t like the all-white monochromatic look of your kitchen, why not paint your cabinets and drawers green? To bring some freshness to your kitchen, you can paint it in a mint green colour. If you’re a maximalist and love darkness and colour mixing, the trendy dark green kitchen is for you! If this is still too simple for you, why not add a coloured kitchen credenza to bring in more colour?

Modern white and wood design


“Modern kitchen design” may seem vague to you. But it is very close to the minimalist style. It consists of lighter colours, fewer crazy patterns, lots of simplicity, open spaces and few distracting decorations. Think of it as a very clean type of design. For the white and wood kitchen, I suggest you stay away from bright colour palettes. Instead, opt towards the neutral side and do a wonderfully simplistic, yet modern, mix of brown and white. That way, even if you have a small kitchen, you’ll make it look optically larger and tidier. You can introduce some colour by adding lamps in a shade other than white or brown. Maybe a colour that makes you feel relaxed and makes you think of happy memories.

Vintage wood kitchen

kitchen-trend-2023-pinterest_pinterest decorating ideas

Class never goes out of style… That’s why our grannies’ favourite designs are always at the top of the trends! Wood is a beautiful material that can be very versatile and works with almost any kitchen style. So, here I’m recommending white painted walls with light brown wood wall shelves (preferably cherry, white oak or birch). The same goes for the cabinets. Embellish with simplistic pastel decorations for a little colourful fantasy, but keep it understated and elegant.

Industrial design in black and white

color-trend-2023-kitchen_kitchen trends 2023

If the modern, vintage or colourful kitchen is not your style, then you may have a taste for industrial. Industrial is still quite modern, but much more raw. What does this mean? This kitchen design is pretty simple and consists of having raw materials such as exposed metals as the main characters in the interior. But how do you achieve this with wood? It’s pretty simple! Industrial is moving away from chic and elegant and will welcome any type of wooden furniture or decorations with open arms. Your table can be made of wood too, or why not experiment with metal?

Photo gallery: White and wood kitchen ideas 2023

kitchen-white-and-wood_kitchen designs

How about this cute rustic kitchen with a wooden centre island?

deco-kitchen-white-and-wood_deco kitchen

Add some greenery to freshen up the space and create a sense of ease

kitchen-trend-2023-color_ 2023 color trends

Mix and match white with different shades of beige for a clean look

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