6 colors your should NEVER paint your kitchen, according to psychology!

by Gabby

The kitchen is the ideal place for me. It’s where I let my imagination run wild and create the perfect dishes for the family to enjoy. It is a space where I feel the most cozy, with all the delicious scents playing around with each other and inviting you to this lovely atmosphere. However, sometimes you feel like it is getting boring, seeing the same dishes, same counter and the same old wall paint. You want to repaint your walls as well? You do not have a color in mind yet, and you are going for your favorite one? At times this can be a bad idea, because colors are strongly associated with psychology. If you like a bright orange, that is amazing, but would it look good if you decide to paint your kitchen walls with it? Let’s see, which are the 6 colors that you should absolutely avoid!

You want to paint your kitchen? Let’s see which colors to avoid!

colors you should never paint your kitchen dark colors

According to psychologists, different colors can really affect our mood differently. How can a color have an impact on our mood, you may ask? There are many studies showing that in fact different shades can make us feel sad, happy, energetic, and even depressed. Of course, we are different, and we can have our preferences, however, if we are going to invest in repainting our kitchen walls we have to be well-informed and then make a decision.

1. The first color to avoid when painting your walls: bright red

paint your kitchen which colors to avoid tips advice


Red is the color of war, love, passion, and romance. People often associate it with blood and fire as well. This is a very bold color choice if you ask me. According to psychology, bright red can give you the feeling for an upcoming danger, as it is typically used for signs. In the fast food industries, red is used in many commercials as it brings up your appetite. However, if you decide on a red paint, imagine being hungry all the time? Let’s also mention that it is very bad for the eyes because of its bright shade, and it can lead to a headache. According to some studies, this color can increase your blood pressure. Have I convinced you that it is a bad idea?

2. Bright yellow: It is a no no!

bright yellow avoid for kitchen walls according to psychology

Bright yellow is a lovely color in general. I can describe it with so many happy words like summer, joy, sunshine, optimism, and many others. This is the color that makes us energetic and gives us happy thoughts. Yellow can be very distracting, if chosen, as your paint color. It can often hide away the beautiful kitchen arrangements, your new counter that you spend so many hours choosing, your perfectly aligned tea pots with tea cups. Also, if you are getting a lot of natural light in this room, the yellow will add up to the heat and will give you the feeling that not only your muffins are baking, but you are as well!

3. Dark green: Designer’s favorite, however…

dark green colors to avoid repainting your kitchen

We see this color among many trendy interior design magazines, as it is definitely one of the designer’s preferred choices. It is a color we associate with salads and greens, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Why is the dark green in the category of colors that we should skip, then? Because, as pretty as it is, it can lead to depressive thoughts. Another reason is that it creates shadows that can prevent us from seeing what we are doing. Imagine if you cannot see where the knife is going… that can be very dangerous!

4. Paint your kitchen white they say… Let’s see a reason not to!

paint your kitchen avoid all white colors you should never use

White is always in style. You can match it with everything, it is classy and clean. But going all white with your walls can give you the sense of being in a hospital. Clinical, hostile, cold – these are words that you do not want your kitchen to be described with. The main issue here is that it is very hard to maintain. After all, you are ready to get wild with all of these recipes you want to try out. It can get messy! And who wants to spend many hours cleaning every time or worrying about the tiniest stain? Maybe if you combine the white with the right colors, you can achieve a neat and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Brown: the color of stability, but why should you skip it?

painting your kitchen walls avoid brown shade

Brown is an earthy color that can be defined as the color of stability, reliability and comfort. Normally this could make you feel like you are in your comfort zone, it can lead you to happy, warm thoughts, however it is a dark color. This creates the sense of a smaller space, and no one wants their space to look small. This could have a big impact on your mental health as well.  Also, some specialists say that it can decrease your appetite, since it can lead to an association with burnt or overdone food. Yes, we all love chocolate, and we can link this color to it, however, when it comes to walls, I would say choose something a bit brighter.

6. You want to paint your kitchen in dark gray?

tips on how to paint your kitchen colors you should never use

Dark gray is another color that is gaining a lot of popularity among designers in the past few years. It is a trend for kitchens in 2022, I cannot deny that. But when we want to go for darker shades, there are a few things we should consider. Dark shades are linked with depressing thoughts, feelings of isolation and damps in the mood. Gray is a color between white and black, which can mean neutralized emotions. This color, pretty much like the brown and dark create, creates the feeling of a smaller space. Overall the color is boring, dull and conservative.

Here are some of the good choices for a kitchen wall paint

earthy green kitchen trend 2022 wooden shelfs with golden

Since we already saw the colors we should absolutely avoid for our kitchen walls, let’s see some good suggestions! In 2022 the sage green is a huge hit. It is the ideal choice if you want an earthy green color with a bit of a vintage style. Here the green cabinets are combined with wooden counters and these golden shelf holders. They give off this classy, comfy, Provencal look. The wall here is oatmeal white, which only makes the cooking space feel more natural, cozy, and specious. It is safe to say that this is my dream – a farm kitchen design, with a splash of luxury.

1. Sunny yellow

sunny yellow kitchen wall 2022 trends for kitchens wooden counters

Keep it on the earthy notes, this sunny yellow just warms my heart! It is all about the earth in 2022, which means going for the natural. Wood, stones, in general the materials that are found in the nature can make you feel very cozy. Here, the combination of wood and the sunny yellow gives the kitchen this inviting, immaculate and modern vibe.

2. Earthy blue

earthy blue kitchen beige walls trendy 2022 ideas for kitchen design

Choosing this combo of earthy blue hue and beige will give you the trendiest kitchen! These shades are definitely a contemporary masterpiece, with hints of classic, vintage style. You can make your kitchen look compelling without going overboard. The pop of color with the brown wooden floor just inspires! The blue here reminds me of the vast sky and the sea.

3. White and color of the year – very peri

veri peri color of the year kitchen trends 2022 combination with white

If you are a big fan of the white, and you cannot give up on it, you can still use it on your kitchen walls. However, to remove this hospital-like feeling of your kitchen, how about a pop of color and not any color, but the color of the year – very peri? This color is a symbol of sensitivity, elegance and luxury. Yes, it might seem like a difficult task to combine this color, but here comes the neutrals. This is giving 70’s style vibes with this vibrant color in combination with the white. If you do not want to make a mistake, just use it as an accent, like shown on the picture. If you are feeling wild, why not try to accessorize with its complementary color – mustard yellow?

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