How to Get Rid of Adipocytes? Discover 6 Healthy Steps for Guaranteed Results!

by Kristiyana

You are trying to lose weight, but it doesn’t seem to be working? You just tried that fast low-carbohydrate diet your neighbour told you about, but now it feels like you can’t control your cravings? When you look in the mirror, does it feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of does nasty fat cells? Maybe there is an error in your method? Perhaps you need to try a different and healthier approach to weight loss. Keep on reading to find out how to get rid of those stubborn adipocytes and achieve the results of your dreams!

How to get rid of adipocytes? What are they?

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Adipocytes, or fat cells, are our bodies’ main source of energy reserves. When losing weight, the fat reserves are emptied to give energy to your body. What happens when you shed a few or a lot of extra pounds, is that these fat cells shrink. Adipocytes can grow back the lost fat when the weight loss has been too intense for your body. That is why you should be careful with trying those fast diets.

It is best when the weight loss process has been done properly and with time. Not with starvation, but with a well-balanced diet and exercise. Here is a 6-step guide on how to lose some pounds and how to get rid of adipocytes!

Step 1—Eat quality foods to shrink your adipocytes!

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Firstly, when it comes to breakfast, it is best to skip on the sugary flakes and muffins. Eating foods like these in the morning will only give you more sweet cravings later throughout the day. Focus on a protein-based breakfast like eggs, yogurt, milk, etc. You can try looking up some recipes for a fat burning breakfast! My personal all-time favourite is having Bulgarian yogurt with some berries, nuts and a little honey to make my day sweet as my meal!

Secondly, when trying to shrink your adipocytes, it is advisable to add healthy fats to your everyday meals. This includes foods like olive oil, nuts, dark chocolate, avocados, fatty fish like salmon or trout, cheese, etc. Of course, you should be careful with the quantities you consume! Yet another thing that is great about healthy fats is that you may eat even a small proportion of them, but they make you feel fuller!

Lastly, try to consume protein rich foods or fatty ones with high carb food. As an example, you can have a protein shake with a glass of milk, a raw egg and a banana.

Step 2—Consistent eating will help your body to get rid of fat!

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It’s not hot news that when you eat smaller proportions but in more often times you can lose weight. With doing this, the body has enough time and energy to process the consumed food. The same goes for when you discipline yourself to eat each meal of the day at the same time every day. I mean, of course, sometimes you have too much on your plate (pun intended) and it’s like you can’t make the time to do so.

You can try to keep track of your eating schedule as much as you can. You can even take a notepad and write down what you ate for the day and at what time. This will help you keep track of your progress! When you eat consistently, you will feel energized and have fewer cravings. Eating huge meals and at inconsistent times will only confuse and tire your body.

Step 3—Add fibre to aid you in getting rid of adipocytes!

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Adding fibre to at least one of your daily meals can definitely be a game-changer when trying to lose wight! Fibre is also known for helping with high cholesterol and high blood sugar. When you consume foods with fibre, you tend to feel fuller. Not only do they make you feel full, but most of the foods high in fibre are also very healthy!

Examples of fibre foods are apples, berries, beans, broccoli, whole-grains, nuts, etc. Fibre can also come quite handy when you eat it before a workout, as it will give you more energy. Best to consume it then, or at breakfast for a great start to your morning! Eat at least 30g of fibre a day, and wait to feel and see the difference!

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Step 4—Quality sleep will help your body burn calories!

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Every time when I get fewer than 7 hours of sleep a day, I tend to seek out more high-carbohydrates foods. I feel like I just don’t have enough energy and all I can think about is stuffing my face in something chunky and chocolate-coated. Getting the right amount of sleep is of key importance for weight loss! Our bodies need enough time to digest the food we’ve eaten.

Notice how when you eat right before you sleep, in the morning, you get up and feel as tired, or even more, than when you went to sleep the night before? That is because when you eat right before bed, you damage the quality of your sleep! Your body is too busy with processing the food you just ate to properly rest.

If you want to lose weight, you will need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Make the time! Plus, when you get proper sleep, you will have more energy for a good workout! Hence, the next step.

Step 5—Exercise as often as you can to get rid of adipocytes!

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I know that with your everyday tasks and errands, you don’t always have the time to for a long and proper workout. Although, what is key is not so much the time spent exercising, but the intensity and focus of your exercises! Having a high-intensity workout at home for 20-30 minutes can be enough to speed up that fat-shrinking process we have been driving towards! Or even if you can’t afford to do that, you can help your body just by adding as much movement as possible!

Instead of taking your car for grocery shopping, just go by foot and buy what you can easily carry. Take longer walks after work, and spend your weekends cycling, hiking or whatever type of movement you prefer. Just don’t stop moving! As you add as much exercise as you can to your daily routine, you will notice how you have more energy than before! Exercise also makes you fell more confident, and it surely aids you in your striving to get rid of those adipocytes!

Step 6—Lose those extra pounds with intermitted fasting!

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If you know a little bit about diets and exercise, it is possible you have heard of intermitted fasting. This type of meal plan consists of eating your needed calorie intake in a specific time window. This does not mean you eat less. You just consume all the calories you require in a clear-cut time frame. The time range you use is somewhat up to you. There is no one ideal schedule, you just need to observe the advised fasting period.

Intermitted fasting is not for everyone, so make sure you consult your doctor before taking any further steps. If you decide to do it, try it for 1-2 days a week. This type of meal plan can boost your metabolism and will definitely help you with losing weight. If you want to go through with this step, you can check more information on what type of intermittent fasting menu would best suit you.

All in all, what I hope you understood from all 6 steps is that in order to get rid of your adipocytes/fat cells, you need to maintain a heathy and well-balanced diet. Forget about those false diets that promise you immediate results and satisfaction! A healthy meal plan up to your tastes in a combination with enough exercise and sleep will push you further towards your dream-body goals! And if you are wondering how to meal plan, you can check some further information on that as well! Stay healthy!


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