How to hide back fat? Check out the best fashion tips and tricks for this summer!

by Gabby

Summer is approaching and we are looking forward to the long, warm days! When temperatures rise, you want to show more skin. But what do we do with our problem areas?  Because the thin fabrics and summer clothes make rolls of fat, bra fat and thick upper arms more noticeable. But instead of starving for the dream body, you can simply hide the back fat. With a few styling tips, the back fat rolls can easily be hidden. Let’s find out how to look amazing in the summer!

What to wear to hide back fat rolls?

what to wear to hide back fat rolls ideas fashion styling tips advice

In the era of body positivity, it’s not about starving yourself for the perfect summer body. More and more women and men are learning to love their bodies and not be guided by the ideal of beauty. Nevertheless, everyone has a problem area that would like to magically go away. In today’s post, we’ll explain how to hide back fat. A good trick is to go for airy blouses with wide sleeves and ruffles in the middle. You can not only remove the fat rolls on the back, but also thick upper arms and stomach. A pair of slim-fitting pants or jeans goes perfectly with it.

How to hide back fat rolls with a wrap dress?

hide back fat rolls with a wrap dress curvy women fashion tips 2023


Wrap blouses and wrap dresses have the advantage that they can be adjusted to the body. A wrap dress with a high waistband is ideal – it covers the stomach in the front and lets the love handles disappear on the back. In the front, the model emphasizes the chest area and distracts from the abdominal area and arms. And for mature women, you can check out how to hide belly fat after 50. These fashion tricks can really do some magic.

Which dresses are for women with thick upper arms?

dresses for women with fat upper arms how to hide it fashion tips and tricks

Whether it’s for a first date or a wedding, every woman has at least one special occasion dress in her closet. In summer, when you like to show more skin, choosing the right models is difficult. Try to wear dresses with short or 3/4 sleeves that fall loosely on your body. Choose something with a high waist, they conceal the front and back equally well and make your silhouette appear slimmer.

How to hide our belly and back fat with a summer dress?

fashion trends for women with belly fat how to hide it tips and tricks

Maxi dresses with these summer patterns look romantic and playful. Unfortunately, the thin fabrics emphasize the back area even more. In this case, the right bra can do wonders. It should not be too tight and should have as much detail as possible on the back. Choose something with wide under-bust band.  In this way, the back fat can be successfully hidden. Choose patterned fabrics, the small motifs can camouflage away a few kilos.

How to hide our arm fat?

how to hide arm fat fashion tips and tricks advice


Do you have a favorite dress that unfortunately also emphasizes the fat rolls on the back? Then put on a blazer in a trendy color. The outfit is perfect for weddings and for long walks on summer evenings.

Wear something with larger sleeves!

wear something with larger sleeves to hide fat on your arms ideas fashion styling advice

Whether it’s a blouse, a dress or a jumpsuit, large sleeves are the best choice for women with thick upper arms. They are very flowy downwards and can quickly conceal the problem area.

Cap sleeves

cap sleeves to help you hide fat on your back and arms ideas fashion tricks

The cap sleeves are a good option for those who would like to wear a sleeveless top or dress in the summer. In the end you don’t have to hide yourself, you have to show your best side. The short sleeves consist of several wavy layers of fabric and look particularly feminine.

Hide back fat: Sleeveless tops

hide back fat with sleeveless tops ideas for curvy women in 2023

Of course, you can also wear sleeveless tops in the summer. Turtleneck tips look particularly good because they draw attention to the face.

turtleneck tops ideas for summer outfits for curvy women fashion tricks

However, even a regular tank tops can be styled how you like. For example with a maxi skirt in cute summery color. It will draw attention to itself, and camouflage the problem area. It is important that the top has the largest possible sleeve openings.

What swimsuit to wear to hide back fat?

what swuimsuit to wear to hide back fat women fashion tips curvy

Which swimsuits look particularly good on women with back fat? The ones with extra wide straps can conceal the problem area and magically hide away a few pounds. Choose patterned fabrics because they distract from the back.

Should we wear a backless dress if we have back fat?

backless dresses for curvy women with back fat

If you want to wear a backless dress in summer, choose a model with a square neckline and puff sleeves. In addition, ruffles in the center of the back can also work wonders. Not only the right clothes can create a slim silhouette. Regular muscle exercises can also achieve a similar effect. Their goal, however, is for you to exercise your muscles and avoid back problems later in life.


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