How to hide belly fat after 50? Try these fashion tricks that will help you out!

by Gabby

Even after menopause, most women continue to gain weight in the middle of their body. Our hips and waist become where most of our body is gaining weight. This is due to a combination of factors including a drop in estrogen levels and a shift in fat stores in the body, particularly in the midsection. It’s possible that factors like diet, exercise, and heredity also play a role. If you love your body unconditionally and don’t mind a little extra belly fat, great. However, if your tummy is something you’d rather not draw attention to, you can easily disguise it. We will tell you how you can hide belly fat after 50!

How to hide belly fat after 50? Try wearing shape underwear!

how to hide belly fat after 50 try wearing shape underwear ideas tips and tricks

The belly can be easily hidden with shapewear. The moment you get your hands on it, you know you will wear it all the time. To put it mildly, it appears as if the abdominal fat portion is being compressed and the skin is being tightened. There is a wide range of underwear that is comfortable, flattering and form fitting. Now you can buy the clothes you’ve had your eye on for a long time. You will really love the shaping underwear!

How to hide your belly fat with these fashion tips?

fashion tips for women over 50 if you want to hide your belly try this


First of all, there is a significant difference between the materials – each color and pattern looks different on every woman. Dark hues, flowing fabrics, and vertical patterns will help hide your tummy if you want to. These colors are very trendy right now and you can’t go wrong with them.

Choose the right tops to hide your belly!

how to choose the right tops for women after 50 to hide belly fat

The most important thing is that you should not try to hide your belly fat with skin-tight clothing. If you don’t want to draw attention to your midsection, avoid tight-fitting clothes!

How to wear layers?

how to wear layers of clothing for women over 50

You can never go wrong with a layered outfit, especially in winter time. You can easily hide your belly by putting on a loose fitting cardigan, poncho, blazer, kimono or jacket.

Hide your belly with A-line tops and dresses!

a line tops and dresses for women over 50 outfit inspiration ideas trends


You should start looking for A-line tops. They have a very loose fit and are comfortable. Wrap-around dresses and tops are great for hiding your stomach. How well a top fits can depend heavily on its design. Try finding what you think fits your body type perfectly.

dresses for women over 50 to wear for a special occeasion fashion trends 2023

Other dresses that hide belly fat:

  • Choose dresses that are not tight and/or have some form of draping.
  • Dresses should be loose-fitting and not clinging to the middle of the body. Dresses that hang above the middle of the body are common solutions.
  • Asymmetrically cut dresses work well too, as they form a vertical line that draws the eye away from the center of the body.
  • Dresses with patterns that don’t stick are also great for camouflage the midsection.

A properly fitting dress can hide a woman’s stomach by accentuating her vertical lines!

Which pants will help you hide belly fat?

pants that hide belly fat women over 50 ideas fashion trends

The once so hated high waist pants are back in fashion and we couldn’t be happier about it. Choose skirts and pants that are just above your natural waist. They are ideal for hiding your stomach.

Tips and tricks on how to hide belly fat after 50

tips and tricks for women over 50 on how to hide their belly

Don’t be ashamed of your belly fat and avoid wearing belts. The smaller part of your belly, just below your breasts at the rib cage, will be accentuated if you wear this accessory higher than usual.

how to wear a tunic for women over 50 dress over pants trend

Choose tunics that go well with your favorite leggings or jeans! Look out for sweaters and tops with asymmetry. Put the focus on the tunic top by wearing leggings underneath. You can comfortably and stylishly hide your tummy by wearing a chic tunic under a longer cardigan or shorter jacket.

We care too little about our posture, but that needs to change. The cumulative effects of neglecting proper posture while sitting or standing are numerous. It has been proven that bad posture makes a stomach even more prominent as the abdominal muscles relax and sag. Working on your posture is a healthy habit in itself, and not just for looking good in your clothes. Be patient and you will see a difference in the result.

Hide belly fat after 50 with the right accessories!

what accessories to wear after 50 to hide belly fat ideas

You can use accessories to distract people from noticing from your belly. One way is to draw the eyes to your face with a scarf. Or you can let your scarf hang loose and use the column effect it creates to hide your stomach. A statement necklace will also help draw attention away from your tummy. Earrings or a chic hat can also help emphasize your upper body.


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