How to stay slim after 40: Kate Middleton’s secrets!

by Anjelina

As a mother of three and with a busy schedule, Kate Middleton is a great example of how to stay in shape at 40. Is it because of her diet, or is it because she plays sports? I’m sure you’re eager to find out the answer, so let’s not waste any more time and find out how to stay slim after 40.

how to stay slim after 40 Kate Middleton

Why do we gain weight at 40?

It’s all about hormones! As you age, your metabolism naturally slows down and begins to produce less estrogen. This is why your body starts to accumulate more fat, especially around your waist. However, there are some things you can do to slow this process down. Keep reading to find out the Duchess Kate Middleton’s secret routine.

How to stay slim after 40 years Kate Middleton's secrets


How to stay slim after 40?

If you think losing weight at age 40 is difficult, think again. All you need is willpower and persistence. Sure, you’ll have to say goodbye to alcohol and both daytime and nighttime snacking. But that’s not all. We didn’t say it was easy, but it’s definitely effective and worth a try. Find out the details in the following paragraphs.

what is the best sport after 40

What sport is best to stay slim after 40 years?

Kate is a person who takes sports seriously, so she works out daily just like the first lady of France – Brigitte Macron. So if you want to follow the Duchess’ diet, try CrossFit and yoga. Go for a run when you have time, or why not go cycling? It seems that Kate is a fan of diversity, but that’s good, because then you never get bored. Other sports she likes are tennis and skiing. Don’t forget that walking can also help you lose weight.

Kate Middleton’s diet

healthy diet is important if you want to stay fit

Nutritional foods help keep you fit and optimize your muscles. That’s why it’s important to strictly follow your chosen diet. When it comes to Kate Middleton, she likes to stay healthy with a balanced diet of antioxidant-rich beverages and homemade dishes. Here is a sample daily menu based on the information she shares:

Breakfast: The Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan of oats, as they provide energy throughout her workouts and daily events. Her favorite breakfasts also include green smoothies made with kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine and blueberries.

Lunch: Organic foods are a priority on her menu. She usually has watermelon salads for lunch, but she also likes spicy curries. However, Kate favors a raw food, low-carb, high-protein diet.

Snacks: If you’re hungry between meals, opt for raw fruits and vegetables, especially goji berries, which will give you plenty of energy.

Dinner: Sticky toffee pudding is among Kate’s favorite dishes. Need more recipe ideas that will help you control your figure and stay slim after 40? Try making roast chicken or ordering sushi. They are also part of the royal menu.


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