Bob haircuts for women over 70: Spice up your look in 2023 with these hairstyles!

by Gabby

There’s no reason women over 70 should have to settle for boring short haircuts. Show these pictures the next time you go to the hairdresser if you want to show that you have courage. As you step out into the world with your newfound confidence, you’ll see the benefits of being adventurous. These are the modern bob haircuts for women over 70 in 2023, that can instantly spice up your look and make you look younger!

Bob haircuts for women over 70: Pixie cut

bob haircuts for women over 70 trends pixie hairstyle ideas

It is most likely that you have seen someone with a Pixie bob cut before, because the haircut is all the rage right now. If you want to add volume to your hair, this is the hairstyle that will give you the best results. You can also give your gray hair a new life and improve its overall appearance with these short gray hairstyles in 2023. If you want to dye your gray hair, you could consider an ash blonde or a silver balayage.

Hairstyles for women over 70: Inverted bob hairstyle

inverted bob hairstyle for women over 70 what are the hair trends for 2023


This sophisticated hairstyle is perfect for women in their 70s who want an elegant, chic and age-appropriate haircut. Regardless of your age, you will always look amazing with this haircut. It inspires you to try it out and you can experiment with different tones as you like. This short haircut gives you plenty of opportunities for styling it as it adds a lot of volume to your hair.

Bob haircuts for women over 70: French bob

french bob haircut for women over 70 is it trendy and how to style it

The bob is one of those hairstyles that will never go out of style. The French bob offers you a stylish way to enhance your overall appearance. The sides of the hair are layered, and the thick bangs are cut short. This French hairstyle not only looks astounding on women in their 70s but also complements the looks of women of all ages. If you want to look younger, you should definitely try this short hairstyle!

The Classic bob

classic bob hairstyle for mature women ideas on how to cut your hair in 2023

This haircut is understated and elegant and will make any lady with gray hair look stunning. You will really like the bob hairstyle because it will flatter your face. If you are a fan of the bob, don’t miss the opportunity to experiment with this modern hairstyle in 2023.

Layered bob hairstyles

layered bob hairstyles for women over 70 trends ideas


If you are looking for a haircut that draws attention to certain facial features, you can get a layered bob. This is one of the sophisticated layered hairstyles for women over 70 that gives you a wonderful range of options to enhance the look of your hair. The layers beautifully conceal the width of your cheeks and help draw more attention to your jawline.

Shaggy bob haircut will make you look younger in 2023!

shaggy bob haircut women hair trends 2023

The Shaggy bob with choppy layers is very trendy at the moment, making it great for people who find the classic bob a little bit boring. This variant of the bob cut is more casual, but still looks elegant. It depends on how you want to style it, however the options are many.

Curly bob hairstyles

curly bob hairstyles for mature women how to adapt it in 2023

Who says women with a curly bob can’t have bangs either? Ask your hairdresser to give you a peppy haircut that frames your face with a few shorter locks around the eyes.

Blunt bob haircut for women over 70

blunt bob haircut for women over 70 how to style it

The iconic Blunt bob that can be paired with matching blunt bangs is a daring hairstyle. This short haircut is anything but ordinary. The length of a traditional Blunt bob often falls an inch or two below the chin, but you should consult with your hairstylist to choose the length that best suits your facial features. If you want to know what is the best hair length according to your face shape, check it now. The key to success here is to ensure that the hairstyle has plenty of volume.

A-line bob hairstyle

a-line bob haircut for older women how to style it hair trends

With this hairstyle, your hair should be cut slightly shorter at the back than at the front. This gives it a movement and volume as well. This asymmetrical twist on the traditional cut exudes a sense of youthful rebellion and can be referred to by various names such as inverted bob or A-line bob. Ask your hairdresser to give you layers that are shorter in the back and longer in the front. This gives your hair more fullness.

Lob haircuts for women over 70

long bob haircuts for women over 70 gray hair

Try out a Lob that falls just above or below your shoulders if you have longer hair and want to start the short hair trend easy. This is how the transition looks most natural. The Lob cut (long bob) is longer than a traditional bob and it is a popular choice for its versatility. The medium length lob gives you the freedom to experiment with different styling. It can be styled with a blow-dryer or hair straightener, but it also looks great when allowed to air dry.


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