What is the best hair length according to face shape? Discover the top haircuts for your facial morphology!

by Gabby

It’s your mane and your face, so you’ll wear the cut you like the most, right? Certainly ! However, knowing what hair length suits your face shape couldn’t hurt… Ultimately, our facial features, bone structure and facial contour are not all the same and our hairstyles shouldn’t be the same. be either if you want to highlight your strengths while hiding certain disadvantages. Let’s see what Dom Seeley, an internationally renowned stylist and creative director of a famous hair color brand, thinks. The question we are asking today is what is the best hair length according to face shape?

What is the best hair length according to face shape?

what is the best hair length according to face shape hairstyle ideas 2023

According to the top hairdresser, the question which hair length for which face does not have a single answer. There are, however, cuts and shaping that are better than others from the morphological point of view. Here are some guidelines to follow when in doubt…

Haircuts for the heart-shaped face

what are the right haircuts for heart shaped face ideas tips


Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and a narrower chin or lower jaw. We have a kind of inverted triangle whose upper side can be straight or with two rounded lobes depending on the type of the frontal line. It is a very attractive shape that can easily be highlighted thanks to the long degraded square or the mid-length bob. Find more inspiration on what are the best hairstyles for heart-shaped face.

mid length bob for straight hair heart shaped face hairstyles trends

The purpose of a lob or other similar mid-length cut is to add fullness to the mandible. It makes sense: we aim to soften overly pronounced features and emphasize the most charming facial features. In short, such a medium hair length balances the contour of the face-heart and makes it even more aesthetic. Check out which inverted bob with bangs will look best on your face shape.

What is the right hair length for oval face?

what is the right length of hair for oval face hairstyle ideas

If you have an oval-shaped face, you are apparently very lucky! As is the case with eyebrows and choosing the shape of glasses, almost everything works with the ellipse. Ladies with an oval face will be pleased to know that they will look harmonious and trendy, regardless of the chosen hair length and specific hairstyle.

oval face shape hairstyle ideas what haircut to adapt in 2023


For example, pixie cuts are ideal for admirers of bold and sexy short styles. By the way, the classic sliced ​​bob, also known as a blunt bob, which ends just below the ear is absolutely terrific. At the same time, long wavy hair with a curtain bang is otherwise perfect for women with an oval face.

Haircut for a square face shape

square face shape haircut ideas hairstyles to try in 2023

As the name clearly suggests, the square face has a large forehead, wide cheekbones and a strongly pronounced jawline. It’s a little too “angular”, which means that the corners have to be softened by the adapted cut. In this case, it is not the hair length that matters, but rather the specific technique of the cut.

haircuts for square face shape hairstyle ideas 2023 what is the right length

In any case, avoid straight squares which arrive just at the level of the mandible so as not to accentuate it further. What matters even more is to choose layers, deconstructed or tapered cuts around the face whose romantic layers are one of the best ways to soften the square angles. Along the same lines, a nice trendy balayage works wonders!

Oblong face shape

oblong face shape hairstyles hair length ideas 2023

An elongated face is reminiscent of an oval one, but the height:width ratio is somewhat exaggerated in favor of the vertical plane. So, to compensate for this disproportion, it is better to avoid excessive hair length, especially in combination with a parting just in the middle and perfectly smooth locks.

short medium hair length layers oblong face shape

On the other hand, opt for short or medium cuts that add volume on the top of your head and on the sides of your face. A classic blunt bob is also a perfect idea, as well as most cuts with cheekbone-length bangs. The delicate curls and undulations are perfect, whether this face is soft-edged or rather rectangular.

What is the best hair length for a round face?

what hair length is best for round face shape hairstyles ideas 2023

The round faces have about the same width and the same length, or in other words it gives you “a baby face”. Such a morphology does not have pronounced angles and the facial features are generally smaller and thinner. So the goal is to visually lengthen the mine, make it thinner, and slice attractive angles in strategic places.

selena gomez hairstyle round face shape how to style your haircut

Long layered and wavy hair, but also richly textured pixies and medium cuts with short side bangs to add height are gorgeous for making the square face appear slimmer and elongated. Either way, avoid full, daring straight bangs which can make the face look almost perfectly round.

What is the best hair length for a diamond face shape?

diamond face shape hairstyle trends long hair ideas 2023

Finally, a diamond-shaped face has a narrow forehead and lower jaw with high cheekbones. It is the least common face shape. A hair length up to the shoulders, the long layers, but also the very short boyish cuts stick to him perfectly. On the other hand, the short bob up to the ears, the parting in the middle and the “heavy” straight bangs are not recommended.


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