Long, Medium and Short Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face – 2022 Trends

by Kremy

What are the best hairstyles for heart shaped face? Long, medium and short hairstyle for heart shaped face in 2022 will accentuate your cheekbones and make your eyes look more attractive.

Long Medium and Short Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face

What is heart shaped face? Women with this type have a rather wide forehead and high cheekbones, turning into a narrow chin. The length of the face is a bit longer than its width and the chin is pointed. The “heart” face automatically adds cuteness and a little childish naivety to the appearance. According to surveys, this shape seems to be the most attractive for men.

When choosing a haircut and styling, the main task is to balance the wide upper part of the face with the elongated lower part, visually bring it closer to the oval. Unlike haircuts for oval faces, you need to create extra volume in the lower part of the face, and there can be soft layers in the upper part to balance the shape of the face. If you are looking for trendy style, check out the list of popular haircuts for girls with a heart face shape!

Fashionable Short Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face Ideas

Fashionable Short Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face


As we mentioned, the main task of hairstyles for heart shaped faces is to add volume to the lower part of the head. That is why, when choosing a short hairstyle one should be very careful with haircuts above the ears. Perhaps they will correct the line of the forehead, but will not add volume to the chin area. If you are 100% certain that you want to wear a short haircut, pay attention to the elongated garcon, bob or pixie.

Garcon Short Haircuts For heart shaped face

Garcon is a short haircut that frames the face with front strands. The hair on the crown lacks volume, the strands reaching the chin smooth out its sharpness, and oblique bangs visually narrow the forehead.

short bob hairstyle

Bob is a universal haircut that can be styled in many ways. Think of a short Bob with strands of different lengths reaching the cheekbones. It not only suits this type of face, but also makes w woman look sexy and charismatic.

pixie hairstyle for heart shaped face

A pixie haircut is good because, thanks to the different lengths of the strands, it corrects facial features, and at the same time gives room for imagination when choosing a certain shape. You can, for example, create volume at the crown or experiment with bangs.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face – 2022 Trend

Medium Length Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

The shape of the face is easily corrected with medium length haircuts. It is quite possible to emphasize the sensuality of a lady with medium length hairstyles for heart shaped face and bring out her uniqueness.

medium length wavy Bob hairstyle

A graduated medium length Bob will help create volume in the lower part of the face. An angled bob is also a good choice as this hairstyle opens the neck and the cheekbones and cheeks remain slightly covered which visually corrects the proportions of the face.

Retro styling waves heart shaped faces trends

Retro styling gives the image a mysterious and sensual look. Waves and swirls in Hollywood style look bright and feminine. The hairstyle is great for special occasions, social events, parties and romantic dates.

2022 Long Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

Long Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face 2022

Lovers of long hair need to pay attention to the cascading haircuts, starting around the earlobes. The main thing is that the hair in the upper third of the face should be elongated, in the middle and lower – voluminously laid or curled. The parting can be made straight, provided that some strands remain near the face, adding volume in the area of the cheeks and chin.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Heart Shaped Face

Hairstyles with Bangs for Heart Shaped Face

The main role of hairstyles with bangs for heart shaped face is to hide or reduce the forehead. Too thick, short or long bangs with a straight cut are not for you. Your options should be asymmetrical, chin-length and definitely lightweight fringes. The ideal bangs are with elongated strands on the sides.

General Recommendations for Choosing a Hairstyle for the Heart Shaped Face

Choosing a Hairstyle for the Heart Shaped Face

A hairstyle can transform a woman beyond recognition, you can adjust the shape and features of the face, highlighting the strengths and shifting the focus from minor problems. What hairstyles to avoid and what is flattering, if you have a heart shaped face? Here are some recommendations:

  • Voluminous and heavy strands at the crown.
  • Additional volume in the temples area.
  • Avoid any hairstyle with fully exposed ears.
  • Give preference to strands curled inside. They should be soft and weightless.
  • Create volume in the lower part starting from the cheekbones and going down to the chin and below.
  • If you want to experiment – play with styling bangs. Try laying it on different sides, slightly curling it, if it is elongated, etc. It is recommended to use hairstyles with a parting on one side.



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