Decorating Walls with Photos – Creative Solutions for Modern Homes

by Kremy

Decorating walls with photos is a very exciting and easy process that allows everyone to feel like a designer and make their home even more comfortable and interesting. Surely on your computer there are many photos from the happiest moments of life, portraits of people that you love, pictures taken during vacations or family holidays.

Decorating Walls with Photos Creative Solutions for Modern Homes

The good news is that there are no super strict rules by which designers hang photos – everyone is guided by the size and shape of the room, intuition and personal taste. Let’s see how you can use photos as wall decoration in your home!

Decorating Walls with Photos – Choose What You Want to Display

Choose What You Want to Display When Decorating Walls with Photos


How to decorate a wall professionally with photographs? First of all, you need to decide which pictures can be used to decorate the walls of your home, and which ones can be left in albums. Not all family photos should be on public display, some of them may be out of focus, some of them may be embarrassing for random visitors, some may be in conflict with the overall color palette in a particular room. For example, a group photo with colleagues at a corporate party is hardly the best thing to hang on the wall of your living room. It is advisable to select photos that display emotions, have dynamics or bring back pleasant memories. For example, may people like landscape photographs for their living rooms. Such photos look spectacular above the sofa and even if  you haven’t got a landscape photograph of your own, simply use a shutterstock coupon to get one.

When decorating walls with photos it is very important to remember the principle – less is better. You should not hang a large number of photos just for the sake of filling the empty walls, as this will create a sense of being at a photo exhibition.

How to Decorate the Walls with Photos in Different Rooms?

How to Decorate the Walls with Photos

Properly selected photographs can easily “fit” into any interiors, making them truly unique. Once you decide which photos will decorate the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc., it is time to find the best location. How to make your photos stand out? Here are some simple design techniques that will help you!

Choose the Proper Colors

Choose the Proper Colors

You can combine both black-and-white and color photos in one gallery if they are all united by a single theme. For example, a black and white photograph of the Eiffel Tower can be surrounded by photos from your vacations. If you prefer a more eclectic interior decor, experiment with colors, shapes and styles. You can combine colorful photographs with paintings or posters to create a fashionable, attractive and eye-catching interior with a unique atmosphere.

Think About Proper Lighting

Think About Proper Lighting

Lighting also plays an important role when decorating walls with photos. Bright and colorful pictures should be hung on a well-lit part of the wall while moody and romantic images be creatively placed in a darker corner of the room.

Select Proper Frames for Your Photos

Proper Frames for Your Photos

The easiest way to combine photographs of different colors is to choose frames of the same color, style and size. If you decorate all the rooms in your home, it is best to choose frames in one stylistic solution. The colors of photo frames should either harmonize beautifully with the shade of the walls, or, on the contrary, contrast with the main color.

Combine Images with Furniture, Decor and Textiles

Combine Images with Furniture Decor and Textiles

A multi-color bright composition will look harmonious if the main colors of photographs echo pillows, furniture upholstery, carpet, curtains, etc.

One Storyline

choose one stortyline for your photos

If you want to create a stylish composition from several of your favorite photos, then one storyline must be traced in them. Choose a thematic set of photographs for each individual design idea that is connected to a particular event.




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