How high to hang pictures – rules, tips and ideas

by Kremy

How high to hang pictures how to group pictures photo wall rules and ideas

How high to hang pictures on the wall? How high to hang photos above the sofa? How high to hang them above the bed, the desk, on the staircase wall? A photo wall is important. These are our memories, our most precious moments with family and friends. Art collectors would love to display their paintings and sometimes the efforts can be ruined simply because the pictures are too high or too low.


How high to hang pictures – choosing the right place for your photos


photo wall arrangement tips and tricks


When it comes to the question how high to hang pictures, like with most things, there is a right way and there is a wrong way. Your main idea is to display your pictures, whether photos, watercolor or oil paintings. Finding the right place is the first step. It is easy if you want to hang only one picture. You can hold the picture against the wall at the desired height and mark the place with a pencil. It is better if you marked the top side so that you have an idea if it is not too high.

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When you want to hang more than one picture, the best method to determine their layout on the wall is to cut out paper models with the size of your photos and arrange them on the wall with duct tape. This will give you a fairly good idea for the final look and you can arrange and re-arrange the paper models until you are satisfied and pleased with the result. Remember that pictures of equal size generally work best when aligned horizontally side-by-side both in landscape or portrait formats. There are numerous ways to arrange your photo wall and even if you have to break the rules, the important thing is that you enjoy them.


How high to hang pictures – simple rules and useful tips


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There is not a single answer to the question how high to hang pictures. There are basic rules that you should keep in mind depending on where you want to place your picture or pictures. Here are some of the most important heights that you need to observe:

how to hang pictures on wall above sofa rules tips picture wall


How high to hang pictures on a wall? When you hang photos with the intention that they will be viewed from a standing position, usually in hallways and foyers, the height should be 60” to 66” (150 cm to 170 cm) from the floor to the center of the picture. You may hear that photos should be hung at eye level, but people have different heights so you should try to find a balance.


How high to hang pictures above a sofa?

hanging photos above sofa right wrong

The general rule is that the bottom frame should be 8” to 10” (20cm – 25cm) above the sofa. When you arrange photos in a group, you may have to break the rule so that they are displayed in a balanced and harmonious way. It is best if you arrange your pictures at 2/3 the length of the sofa. If you have one large picture, place it in the center above the sofa.

How high to hang pictures above the bed?

DIY picture wall bedroom wall decor

When hanging photos above the bed, the most common mistake people make, is that they hang them too high and the picture seems to float in mid air.The rule for the 2/3 of the length is also applied here. Whether one or a group, the advisable height of the bottom of the frame is 8” to 10” (20cm – 25cm) above the bed headboard.

How high to hang pictures above the mantel?

paintings above sofa modern living room

In almost every room, the fireplace is a focal point and when you want your wall art to be noticed, that is the best place. How high to hang your photos above the mantel? 4” to 6” (10cm – 15cm) above the mantel is the optimal height. When you plan to arrange other accessories – statuettes, vases, candles, candlesticks, etc, – the height may vary but the main goal is to achieve a balance and avoid the impression that your picture is floating.

How high to hang pictures on staircase wall?

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This is one of the most difficult questions, as staircases vary in style, shape and design. You can arrange the pictures in different ways but keep in mind the general rule of 60” to 66” (150 cm to 170 cm) from the floor to the center of the picture.


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