2022 Nailscapes Top Trends – 5 Most Popular Manicure Designs

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Leading nail experts say that 2022 Nailscapes top trends will please everyone: those who love bright designs and those who prefer natural coverage. Let’s take a closer look at the nail art design trends of this season. We have also selected the most beautiful examples for you so that you can get some inspiration before you go to the nail salon.

Galaxy Nail Art 2022

Galaxy Nails 2022 Nailscapes Top Trends

The space theme from fantasy books and blockbusters has moved to the nails of today’s fashionistas. The twinkling of mysterious star galaxies on your nails is one of the hottest nail design trends. What makes Galaxy nail art 2022 so special? This manicure design is incredibly attractive for the mystery and magic. Each nail resembles a miniature starry sky that never looks the same.

Galaxy nail art looks equally impressive on both long and short nails and is suitable not only for parties, but also for everyday wear. A manicure that imitates galaxies and the endless depths of space is one of the most beautiful and memorable 2022 Nailscapes top trends.

Aurora Nails – 2022 Trendy Manicure

Aurora Nails 2022 Trendy Manicure


Aurora nails is a novelty that originated in South Korea. The translucent, airy nail design quickly took by storm Instagram and Pinterest. The name of the most fashionable manicure design comes from the resemblance to the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis. To some, Aurora nails remind of the shimmering colors of shell pearls, to others – of mermaid tails. Whatever associations they evokes, Aurora nail art will definitely set you apart from the crowd and attract the attention of others and will be one of 2022 Nailscapes top trends!

Aurora nails are created by with the help of transparent gel polish and holographic foil placed in the center of the nail. It’s the foil that creates that enchanting shimmer as you move your fingers. The foil is fixed with several layers of clear gel, creating a three-dimensional capsule.

What are the advantages of Korean manicure? Aurora manicure is perfect for short nails, unlike many other shiny designs. The trendy nail art can be done on all nails, or applied as separate elements – for example, as voluminous drops, hearts and other shapes.

Ocean Nail Art – The Perfect Choice for Summer

Trendy Ocean Nail Art The Perfect Choice for Summer

Ocean acrylic nail art will be another hot trend in 2022. Beauty bloggers are already posting fantastic designs on Instagram. The beautiful shades of turquoise, white, cobalt blue, light delicate blue and even purple and green, look amazing on nails, especially when complemented by gold decals which imitate sand. Whether your nails are short and natural or longer, you can wear ocean nail art. 2022 ocean nails are simply stunning with the flowing lines of waves which are a unique work of art.

2022 Nailscapes Top Trends – Desert Nail Art

trendy manicure 2022 desert landscape on nails

One of our favorite landscape nail designs is desert nails. For women who love a lot of detail, having a complete landscape painted on their fingernails is a good idea. These gorgeous desert scenes show all the hues of sand and sun. The desert nail art trend features designs ranging from realistic to abstract and representing the mysterious charm of the desert. The sunsets with black silhouettes of cacti and camels in the foreground are particularly fascinating.

Geode Nail Art – A Spectacular Manicure Design

2022 Nailscapes Top Trends Look At the 5 Most Popular Manicure Designs

Last, but not least – Geode nails are one of the hottest looks and have a special place among 2022 Nailscapes top trends. What are geodes? Geodes are rocks with hollow cavities lined with stunning sparkling crystals. It is the crystals that inspired many masters to create exceptional nail designs. There is no right or wrong way to make geode nails, as these a natural stones and there are no two alike. Geode Nail Art takes time, but the results are worth the time and effort.


Desert Nail Art 2022 Nailscapes Top Trends

2022 Nailscapes Top trends Ocean Nails

Aurora Nails Korean Nail Trend Design 2022

Galaxy nail design with stars

geode nail art 2022 top trends manicure design

Geode Nail Art A Spectacular Manicure Design

Nail Design 2022 in Gold White and Blue

Trendy manicure Ocean Nails

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