Top 10 bedroom design trends for 2021 and 2022

by Kremy

Creating beautiful and comfortable living spaces has become more important than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged people to stay home often and many of us are looking to our private rooms for a seamless combination of tranquility and practicality. In this guide, we’ll look at the top 10 bedroom design trends and help you create a stylishly accommodating interior that will ease you into 2022 and beyond.

Bedroom design trends and ideas that are both stylish and convenient

Top 10 bedroom design trends 2021 soft soothing colour schemes

1. Soft, soothing colour schemes

Vibrant boho colour schemes make way for soothing tones as people look for calm after the storm.

With more and more people seeking refuge in their bedrooms, it comes as no surprise that soft, tranquil colours are replacing daring tones. However, bland neutral shades of white, brown, and beige aren’t being favoured either.

2021 through to 2022 will see colours such as sage, pale yellow, gentle pinks, and regal blues being brought to life.

2. Canopy bed frames

trendy bedroom design ideas canopy bed frames


While bedroom colours schemes are being kept to modest hues, beds seem to be getting more dramatic.

Trendsetters seem to be choosing the “go big or go home” approach when it comes to their sleeping arrangements and beds are being adorned with large canopies that make bold statements.

It’s safe to say that wooden bedroom furniture will linger, however, cast iron designs are a good option for those who prefer a clean-cut modern look to their rooms.

3. Stylish wardrobes

Stylish wardrobes bedroom design trends

Back in the day, wardrobes were an afterthought, and they were only added to a room for convenience. As we head into 2022, however, it’s apparent that a modern wardrobe can easily become the main aesthetic focal point of a bedroom.

We say this because these units are becoming more stylish by the day and manufacturers are cleverly combining nifty storage solutions with design trends that are hard to ignore.

From large walk-in options to compact corner units, you’ll find a huge assortment of wardrobes with mirrored door design if you prefer an ultra-contemporary look, or go for white doors with raw-wood trimming for a classic chic look.

4. Wallpaper

When some of us hear the word “wallpaper”, it makes us think of the overly pink floral designs in our grandmother’s home, the ones that would make us leave the room feeling dizzy and overwhelmed.

Current wallpaper trends are more modest and if you pick the right designs, they can have a blissful, soothing effect. If you prefer something a little more brazen, eclectic wallpaper patterns are in too and look amazing coupled with regal colours or soft pastels.

5. Smart features

Smart technology is quickly taking over households and while sleeping spaces were overlooked in the past, now “smart” bedrooms are being prioritised. This may be because bedrooms are becoming the most important part of a home.

Many home experts will suggest that you limit technology in the bedroom because it distracts you from unwinding. However, new innovative devices have been designed to not only help create a tranquil space, but they encourage a streamlined day that helps you to avoid becoming tense in the first place. Must-have smart devices for a bedroom include:

  • Smart lighting
  • Wireless charging
  • A kindle for night reading
  • A digital air purifier
  • A home assistant to manage your day

6. Headboards that make a statement

modern bedroom design with oversized headboard

If dramatic bedposts don’t tickle your fancy, then go bold in 2021/2022 with a headboard that says “HELLO”!

Headboards are an inexpensive way of adding impact to a room. Apart from providing comfort, they can also be an alternative form of artwork, adding a touch of “unique” to your quarters.

A headboard is also a great way to incorporate texture into a room, which is another trend for the year ahead (more about this below).

7. Bringing in botanicals

Plants and plant motifs have huge decorative potential in the bedroom and bring life to the atmosphere. Greenery is an ideal way to balance out all that technology too and is good for both your physical and mental health.

If nurturing a plant just isn’t your thing, you can take the route of introducing botanical prints for fabrics and wallpaper to your décor.


8. Bedroom design trends – Use Natural textures

natural textures in bedroom trendy design ideas

Turning a bedroom into a sanctuary is easy if you include soft hues and earthy textures. If you get this combination right, then you can create a comforting, safe space that provides refuge from the outside world.

Fabrics such as linen and cotton are ideal bedding options.

Wicker is especially expected to reinvent itself in the years to come. First gaining popularity in the 1960s, it is a material that was pushed aside for dark wood and steel furniture – but watch this space, it’s about to take the throne once again.

9. Bedroom offices

bedroom with home office ideas

Working from home was already gaining traction before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, now it’s become a normal way of life for many. This means that bedrooms are more than just a place to rest, for some, it’s their office space too.

The good news is that you can add a workstation to your bedroom without marring your tranquil setting. You also have the best commute!

In 2021 and 2022 (and beyond), it won’t be uncommon to see a desk in a bedroom – it certainly is a new way of life!

10. Photography

bedroom design and decor ideas wall art photography

Paintings and pastel pieces haven’t been snubbed but photography certainly is the more popular form of artwork these days.

Family portraits, breath-taking snapshots, and interesting angles frozen in time will dominate bedroom walls in the seasons to come.

Interesting frames and unique mountings will also be used to display photographs, giving decorators an opportunity to combine beautiful materials and colours to create spaces enriched with elements.

One trend that will never fade is having a comfortable bed to sleep on. Whilst aesthetics is important and furniture is convenient, an indulgent mattress continues to keep your head on your shoulders – literally!



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