5 rules of interior design – how to arrange a gorgeous photo wall

by Kremy
how to arrange canvas prints as photo wall living room decor

The first photograph was taken back in 1826 by the Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. It can be said that the era of using photos in interior design began with that first photograph.

A photo wall can display your family history and all those little and exceptionally precious moments in human life. Small and large, square or rectangular, arranged separately or in compositions, the pictures of our life bring warm memories and a special, cozy atmosphere to the house. You are not a fan of family photos? How about having images of all your favorite drawings, works of art or artistic portraits?

Modern canvas prints for a spectacular photo wall

 canvas prints photo wall interior design ideas

Modern canvas prints provide high quality and they are an excellent choice for interior decoration of a room. This is a great opportunity to refresh the appearance of your home and improve your mood. Printing pictures on canvas allows you to hang a copy of your favorite picture or even your favorite poster on the wall. A beautiful frame will make it look like the original in the museum. Usually, the companies offer a variety of options and you can see different frames and finishes on My-Picture.co.uk.

In addition to a large selection of beautiful photos and images for interior design, the opportunity to print photos on canvas with a sub-frame allows you to get ready-made interior decorations. Photos of movie or music stars, personal photo collections, landscapes, historical photos, pop-art portraits, the options are unlimited. Art photography on canvas is also a wonderful gift, a reminder of special moments and dates, or a pleasant surprise.

Split canvas prints are gaining more and more popularity. One image is divided into equal or different parts and the parts are arranged on the wall into a certain composition.

5 rules for a gorgeous photo wall

home decor ideas modern canvas prints photos

A photo wall can optically influence the perception of space, visually expand the walls, add a personal touch, emphasize the design concept and style and make the interior more dynamic.

Everything is important in a photo - colors, design, frame, as well as location on the wall. One of the first rules for photo walls is the place of the photo.

Rule 1 – Choose the colors

The photo will affect the interior. If the color palette of the picture is in harmony with the color scheme of the room, then the photo will make the interior more stylish, balanced and harmonious. If the color scheme of the photo contrasts with the room, then this photo will add dynamics to the interior.

canvas prints photo wall living room wall decorating ideas

Rule 2 – Choosing the right place

The subject of the picture should be in harmony with the functional purpose of the interior and its style. For example, landscapes will look better in the living room while flowers and still life - in the kitchen or dining room.

Rule 3 - Selection of frames

As a rule, photos are hung in frames that can be made from different materials. The most versatile frames are made of wood or metal. The general rule is that black and white photos look best in black or white frames and colorful photos in light frames.

photo wall ideas canvas prints bedroom decor

Rule 4 – Accent the image

It is best to frame your photos, especially small ones, with photo mount. Wide mount will help align canvas prints by color. And they are indispensable for small photos. Split canvas prints are an exception. Usually, those are hung frameless.

Rule 5 - Arrange the photo wall

You can group the photos on the wall or hang them separately. The best way is to hang the largest shot in the center of the composition, and place the smaller ones around it.

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