Activated charcoal teeth whitening – pros and cons, how it works?

by Kremy

Activated charcoal teeth whitening pros and cons

How does activated charcoal teeth whitening work? Is it possible to do that at home? How often you can use this method without damaging the enamel of your teeth? We will answer these and other questions in our article!

Nowadays people use many different methods to whiten their teeth. Some of them are more effective, some – not so much. Using activated carbon is a great helper and in addition, it is affordable and effective. A snow-white smile is the dream of many women and men, but the natural whiteness of teeth turns out to be almost a luxury. To avoid yellowing teeth, people have to either follow a diet eating food that does not contain any coloring or visit a dentist regularly. Does activated charcoal actually whitens teeth? Yes, it does. In addition, the advantage is that you get an instant result. After the first use, you will notice that your teeth are whiter.

activated charcoal toothpaste for teeth whitening


How does it work? Activated charcoal is used in medicine due to its high absorption properties and complete safety. The substance is a powder of wood or coconut coal that can absorb water and everything that it contains. These properties occur only when charcoal is in contact with a large volume of water. The method of teeth whitening with activated charcoal is based not so much on its absorption properties but on its abrasive properties. When brushing the surface of the teeth, the particles do not absorb, but remove the plaque.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening pros and cons

how to whiten teeth with activated charcoal

Brushing your teeth with activated charcoal has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of this method is safety since there is no risk of damaging the gum and mucus membrane.

Activated charcoal is a soft substance and when in contact with water becomes soft and crumbles into small particles. This property prevents damages on the enamel since the particles are too small.

In addition, charcoal can remove dark stains on the enamel and prevents bacterial infections of the oral cavity, as it disinfects the oral mucosa.

Further to that, charcoal prevents cavities, eliminates bad breath, dissolves minor mineralized deposits, aids the acid balance of the oral cavity and acts as a filtering and absorbing agent. The absorbing property means that charcoal absorbs harmful substances in the oral cavity and dyes that cause staining and darkening to teeth enamel.

When we talk about advantages, we have to point out that this method is easy to use at home. It gives quick results and is able to remove even old plaque.

Activated charcoal tablets are affordable and available without a prescription. Tablets can be purchased at any pharmacy and compared to professional teeth whitening, this method is much cheaper and more affordable.

As a drawback of this method we can point out the fact that activated charcoal blackens the teeth during use and is difficult to clean. However, with extra rinsing and brushing this problem is easily solved.

Another drawback is that if you use this method too often, the protective surface of teeth will wear out. The sensitivity of the enamel is enhanced. The abrasive charcoal particles may scratch fragile enamel, leaving micro-cracks on it. It is impossible to see these micro-cracks but they gradually expand, and over time can lead to thinning and demineralization of tooth enamel. As a result, cavities may be formed. Of course, if you use the method wisely and do not abuse it, there will be no harm. Experts advise that it is best if you combine this method with procedures that strengthen the teeth.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening – how to do it at home

Charcoal teeth whitening advantages and disadvantages

There are several ways to use activated charcoal for teeth whitening. You will need 1-2 tablets. Make sure that your gums are not bleeding before you use the method. Note, that you can use this type of whitening once a week or once every ten days. Grind the tablets into powder and mix them with a small amount of water. Its volume should be minimal to obtain a thick paste. It is convenient to pour water using a pipette.

activated charcoal how to use it for whitening your teeth

Activated charcoal teeth whitening – Method 1

Apply toothpaste on the brush.

Sprinkle it with charcoal previously moistened with water.

Brush your teeth for 7 minutes.

Rinse your mouth for 2 minutes.

Method 2 – This method is more effective than the first one

Apply crushed activated carbon to your toothbrush, and start brushing your teeth.

Brush for about 5-7minutes, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth with toothpaste.

Method 3 – the “Express whitening”

The “Express whitening” is effective, although it does not provide thorough cleaning of the enamel. Take a pair of charcoal tablets and carefully chew them. Take a sip of water, rinse for a minute and spit it out.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening how to do it at home

Finally, we shall give you some tips how to reduce the risk of damaging the enamel.

Crush the charcoal tablets to a homogeneous powder without any large particles. This will reduce the aggressiveness of the abrasive.

Using a hard bristled toothbrush increases the risk of enamel destruction. It is better is you use a toothbrush with soft bristles, your fingertips, or a cotton swab.

Avoid frequent procedures. The frequency of cleansing should be once every seven days or once every ten days if you have a problem with tooth sensitivity.

Do not forget about proper nutrition. Your diet should include foods with high calcium, phosphorus, etc. If you notice matte spots or any difference in the enamel color, visit a dentist immediately. They may indicate that in some places the enamel has become much thinner and cavities may develop.

how to whiten teeth at home natural ingredients

If you notice thin black stripes on the enamel itself, it means that it is already damaged and there are cracks on it, which will only increase if the abrasive effect continues.

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