How to choose dog girl names – tips and ideas to help you

by Kremy

How to choose dog girl names tips and ideas

When a new member of the family appears in the house, all the household members start thinking what the name of the four-legged friend should be. And if choosing a name for a male puppy is easy, the selection of the name of a puppy girl is way more difficult. How to choose dog girl names? What should be paid attention to, and which female names of dogs are relevant today? We shall give you some useful tips and ideas as well as a short list of the most popular options to choose from.

Important tips how to choose dog girl names

choose the best dog girl names


You have been looking for a suitable breed for a long time, read a lot of literature about caring and upbringing of a girl puppy and finally brought a puppy home. You are now facing the challenge how to choose dog girl names? Finding the right name is as important as giving a name to a newborn baby. A name is a reflection of your relationship with your pet, one of the significant stages in training and education. The name of a dog girl depends on her character, manner of behavior, etc. Moreover, absolutely everything matters – the number and type of letters, pronunciation, intonation, etc. A graceful name will create a sense of pride and greatness.

puppy dog names ideas

Dog girl names must reflect the appearance of the puppy. Yes, it may sound strange to you but often the choices are based on this criterion. Of course, small dogs are very cute and playful and are called with affectionate names, which later do not correspond to their look. That is why you need to take into account that your girl dog will grow and the cute puppy will become a dog with its own character and habits.

small girl dog names

Character matters but you will know the character of the puppy which you just brought home after a few days of close acquaintance. That is why it is best not to rush to choose a name for you dog girl.

There are traditional names that are given to pets of certain breeds, which describe their most important qualities. For example, hunting hounds are often called Arrow, Huntress, Ace, Shadow, etc. as these express their courageous character.

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Dogs of small breeds – lapdogs, Yorkshire terriers, toy-terriers and others are often given cute names that remind of the size of the pet. In this case, the following options are suitable – Cherry, Baby, Princess, Amy, Belle, Elle, Grace, Rose, etc.

Often, the owners give preference to beautiful, melodic names for their four-legged favorites. This is not surprising because it is the female dogs that have elegant forms and exceptional pride.


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