Mosquito bite pop – yes or no? What is important to know?

by Kremy

Mosquito bite pop yes or no

Mosquito bite pop – yes or no? This is an important question and we shall give you the answer as well as an explanation what happens when you get bitten by mosquitoes. During the warm summer evenings we all want to spend as much time as possible in the open. Mosquitoes bite us in the most unexpected open, and sometimes even closed, places. After a bite many people feel itching, discomfort and swelling of the skin and a pop appears.

It is true, nowadays the market offers a wide variety of repellents, protective sprays, etc. but you need to know what to put on a mosquito bite and how to relieve itching.

Mosquito bite pop – what is important to know?

Mosquito bite pop what is important to know


It is not a secret that mosquitoes may carry dangerous diseases, such as malaria.

In part, it is possible to calm the inhabitants of some regions, where there are always a lot of mosquitoes (taiga forests), where people rarely suffer from allergies to mosquito bites. Their body has developed a natural defense – the natural effect of immunotherapy.

An interesting fact is that mosquitoes, unlike wasps or bees, do not inject any poison under the skin. Swelling and itching occur due to an anticoagulant which enters the human body through the saliva of the insect. This substance causes a slight allergic reaction, which results in red bumps that can keep us awake at night.

A few minutes after the bite, human body identifies the attack and the white blood cells (Lymphocytes) move to the point of biting to attack. This is the process that causes itching and swelling.

insect bites blister filled with clear fluid pop or not mosquito bites

Mosquito saliva remains in the body for several hours, causing itching. It is best to ignore it. People react in a different way. Some people are not very sensitive while others wake up with pops, and if you notice a big swelling, this is a sign that you are allergic and that the immune system sends an entire army of antibodies to protect you. If you experience symptoms such as headache or nausea you must visit a doctor.

Mosquito bite pop – yes or no? The answer is no! When we scratch a bite we temporarily suppresses itching. Then the body releases a small amount of serotonin which is a painkiller and we feel better. But then the bite itches even more, we start scratching it again, and in the end we may end up with a wound, a scar or worse – with an infection.

If you notice that there is liquid, remember that mosquito bite pop is not a good idea and try to resist the temptation to force out the plasma. Popping destroys the skin and it may get infected. Do not forget that it will take longer for the skin to repair itself that the bite to heal. Try to relieve the itching with crushed ice, tea bags, soda, salt, herbs, essential oils, hot towel or some of the other home remedies.

The conclusion is that popping a mosquito bite is certainly NOT good at all!

do not pop mosquito bites

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