How to Protect Your Home from Wildfire Smoke? Here Is What Experts Suggest!

by Radost P.

The smoke from Canadian wildfires reached the Northern part of the USA on Wednesday, which led a lot of people to put on a mask again after the pandemic. According to Americans, the air can be tasted, and it makes them feel dizzy. Over 100 million people experience poor air quality in the last couple of days, so you can imagine how bad the situation is! Since this smoke contains hazardous elements, everyone is advised to stay at home as much as possible. In fact, Canadian officials predict that this is going to be the worst wildfire event ever! So, check out expert tips on how to protect your home from wildfire smoke.

How to Protect Your Home From Wildfire Smoke? Here Are 10 Expert Tips!

how to protect your home from wildfire smoke

Climate change is a topic that should be taken seriously from everyone, otherwise we can expect to deal with bad consequences. Hopefully, events like the Canadian wildfire smoke will finally make us realize that we need to take certain actions on a global level. Keep on reading to see what experts say in terms of protecting yourself from the hazardous smoke.

Use a Quality HVAC Filter

The HVAC filter functions by removing pollutants out of the air in the HVAC system. You could talk with a professional about the specific kind of filter that is suitable for your system. Generally, you will need to look for MERV rating of 13, especially in the current situation.

Wash Your Doormats

wash doormats to protect your house from wildfire smoke


If you are still going outside, you should absolutely have doormats in front of each entrance of your house. Make sure to regularly clean them as there might be dangerous particles and ashes. Also, leave your shoes outside before entering your home.

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Avoid Portable Air Conditioners

It is a bad idea to use portable air conditioners with a single hose. The reason being is that wildfire smoke might get back into the house through the hose. Keep in mind that air conditioners with two hoses might be risky too.

How to Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke? Close All Windows and Doors!

close all windows and doors

This is the most logical thing you can do when it comes to preventing wildfire smoke from coming into your home. No matter if you live in an apartment or a house, close all windows and doors immediately, if you have not done it already! Even if you have a mask, try to avoid going outside until the situation starts to improve.

Check the Cooling System Filter

When the filter is clogged with dust and dirt, you should wash it or replace it, depending on whether the system is ductless or ducted. Otherwise, using it while in a bad condition leads to decrease in the indoor air quality.

Purchase a Portable Air Cleaner

portable air cleaner how to protect myself from wildfire smoke in new york

How a portable air cleaner can be helpful? The air purifier functions by removing pollutants that might be present in the indoor air. With the current situation going on, there are chemicals and other elements that should be removed as soon as possible. Ensure that the model you plan to purchase doesn’t make ozone, though.

Ensure That You Have Air Conditioning System

Some households do not have air conditioning system and if the weather gets really hot, it can be dangerous to sit inside your house with windows closed. So, to protect yourself, look for cheaper alternatives that your house qualifies for!

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Avoid Running Home Ventilation Systems

do not turn on ventilation system in bathroom how to protect your house from wildfire smoke

The ventilation systems in your bathroom and kitchen bring outdoor air into your house, so keep them turned off. Otherwise, dangerous elements will surely enter your home.

Turn Off HVAC Fresh Air Setting

Make sure that when you are using your HVAC system, it is not on ”fresh air” mode – it means that the system is pulling outside air in your house. Carefully check the setting and choose a suitable and safe one.

Do Not Use Swamp Coolers

avoid using swamp coolers evaporative cooler wildfire smoke canada usa

Swamp or evaporative coolers can increase the amount of wildfire smoke that comes into your house. The only time when you should turn this on is when the outdoor air quality outside has improved.

In conclusion, wildfire smoke is dangerous even for healthy people, so it is important to take the right measures in order to protect the air quality in your house. This is an event that makes us think about the enormous impact that climate change has on humans. Listen to what the experts say and take your health seriously until the situation gets resolved!


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