What are the Hottest 2022 Nail Art Trends and Manicure Ideas

by Kremy

Nail art and designs change from season to season. And even if you’re not looking to keep up with trends, they can be a great source of inspiration. What are the hottest nail trends and manicure ideas to try in 2022? Let’s have a look!

What are the Hottest 2022 Nail Art Trends and Manicure Ideas

2022 nail art trends are distinguished by a variety of shades and stylistic solutions. Fashionable nail designs offer a huge variety of ideas for every season. And we must not forget that nail design is not only a coating of the color you like. You also need to pay attention to the shape and length of the nails.

What are the Main 2022 Nail Art Trends?

What are the Main 2022 Nail Art Trends


While looking at 2022 nail art trends and manicure ideas, you should not forget that there is something essential for beautifully looking hands – the good nail shape and well-groomed cuticles. Use your nail file, make nourishing baths and take care of the cuticles!

2022 trends manicure for short nails

In 2022 short nails will be more popular than long nails. They are more comfortable, more hygienic and easier to maintain. In terms of color we shall see natural shades, nudes, browns and beiges as well as natural nails with a light coat of clear polish. While geometric nail art is growing stronger and stronger in popularity, French manicure is returning with all the beautiful variations like reverse French and fabulous decorations.

Winter 2022 manicure features bold colors like red, blue, marsala, green, coffee, silver and gold. These reflect the need for a brighter accent in the daily life during cold winter months.

fashionable manicure 2022 nail art trends

Spring manicure ideas feature romantic and feminine floral patterns, original geometric nail art designs, dots and abstract drawings. Gentle and sophisticated nail designs will be the hot trend for spring manicure – smooth ombre transitions, blossoming buds and thin twigs complemented with sparkling crystals, sequins or mini beads.

manicure trends 2022 nail art


Trendy summer 2022 manicure will please the ladies with a variety of amazing nail art ideas in bright and contrasting shades, as well as original combinations of tones. Think about original nail art with inscriptions and geometric compositions, ombre transitions from the tip to the middle of the nail plates, etc. Of course, vacation themed nail designs will remain popular – palm trees, beach and sea, summer fruit manicure, etc.

2022 Nail Art Trends and Manicure Ideas – Nude and Natural Nails

Nude and Natural Nails 2022 Nail Art Trends and Manicure Ideas

Nude nails will be one of the main trends in 2022. We shall see manicure designs in pastel shades, close to the natural color of the nail plate that do not distract attention.

Natural nails are also hugely popular. This means that you should have impeccable nails. Simply file them to the desired shape and apply several layers of transparent nail polish.

Manicure Trends 2022 – French Nails

French Nails Manicure Trends 2022

From the classic version with a nude base and the crescent-shaped nail tip to a multi-colored design, French manicure remains the choice of elegant and stylish women!

Nature Inspired Manicure Designs

Nature Inspired Manicure Designs

Natural motifs in nail design – moon, stars, flowers, animal prints, are a steady trend. If you prefer to do your nails at home, get special stickers, thin brushes and a bunch of different varnishes!

Dots and Geometric Nail Art

Geometric Nail Art

Exquisite patterns and geometry will stand out in 2022. Dots are one of the easiest nail art techniques that every girl can manage at home. If you are a fan of minimalism, apply a transparent base nail polish and decorate each nail with a dot in a contrasting color. Geometric nail designs will also be among the most popular manicure decorations in 2022.

Crystals, Rhinestones or Glitter

2022 trend Nails decorated with crystals rhinestones or glitter

Nails decorated with crystals, rhinestones or glitter look luxurious and you can opt for that manicure for special occasions and evening parties.

2022 Nail Art Trends – Minimalism

Minimalist nail art 2022 manicure trends

Minimalism is one of the main trends of the new season. Laconic decorations or strict geometry is applied only on one or two nails. As a rule, this is a one-color manicure.

feminine nail art floral pattern

It is hard to imagine a modern woman without a beautiful, fashionable manicure – the final touch that completes her look. As you see, there are a lot of options for decorating nails and different manicure trends. Your task is to choose the right one – for the event, season, mood.




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