2022 Wedding Color Trends – Decor Ideas for a Grand Day

by Kremy

With the help of color schemes and carefully chosen combinations, you can emphasize that your celebration is decorated in a rustic, classic or French style, as well as demonstrate knowledge of the latest bridal fashion trends. Do not forget that every year stylists change the set of popular shades. It is good to know what 2022 wedding color trends colors are and plan the perfect day of your dreams!

2022 Wedding Color Trends Decor Ideas for a Grand Day

There are couples who know what colors they want for their wedding – for example, exquisite Tiffany blue, neutral shades, black and white, etc. But there are couples who need a hint or just want to choose an exceptionally fashionable combination. What are the current wedding color trends? Let’s find out!

2022 Wedding Color Trends and Decor Ideas

2022 Wedding Color Trends Fashionable Blue Shades


The color choice for the wedding often sets the tone and the overall atmosphere of the event. The decor and your styling depends on your decisions. Do you want a romantic, solemn, minimalist, classic or creative and unusual wedding?

One thing is certain! 2022 wedding color trends include great options for lovers of bright, extravagant solutions, as well as calm pastel combinations. If you are looking for ideas how to crate an unforgettable, original, and stylish event, we shall help you!

2022 Wedding Color Trends – Fashionable Blue Shades

pastel blue wedding fashionable colors 2022

Pastel blue is one of the main 2022 wedding color trends for the spring-summer season. It is beautifully combined with gold, silver and other soft shades like caramel, coffee with milk, chocolate, pistachios, butter cream. Light and delicate, airy and pleasantly sweet, pastel blue is ideal for a romantic wedding.

Turquoise is the perfect shade for a summer wedding! If you dream of a tropical or nautical themed event, but are looking for an alternative to the classic red, blue, white combinations, turquoise is perfect! It goes well with neutral white, beige and sandy tones and bright yellow or rich pink are also great accent colors.

navy blue wedding trendy color themes 2022

Navy blue is another undoubted favorite of the wedding. The deep and pure shade creates a feeling of reliability and can bring coolness even on the hottest summer day. Navy blue is suitable for classic weddings and bridesmaids’ dresses in “navy blue” will harmoniously shade the bride’s white dress. If you want to add more accents to the event, dilute the blue color scheme with pearl gray, deep yellow or dark orange. For a touch of grandeur, add some silver elements.

Pink Wedding Color Scheme

Pink Wedding Color Scheme

A wedding in pink does not seen like something new. However in 2022 we shall see fabulous blush pink themed weddings as well as bright pink. Weightless, pleasant and romantic, blush pink themed weddings are the perfect choice for sensual brides. This delicate and fabulous pink shade is appropriate for the bridal bouquet, the floral decor of the holiday, bridesmaid dresses, table decorations, etc.

fashionable wedding colors 2022 trends

Bolder and brighter shades of pink are also trending but it is recommended that they are used as accent colors. Bubblegum pink accents in bridal bouquets, table centerpieces, cake decor will add energy to the usual wedding colors.

2022 trendy coral wedding ideas

Coral Rose is a mix of orange and pink, an interesting option for a sparkling wedding decor! This is a beautiful color for wedding table decor, dresses of bridesmaids and bridal bouquet. When choosing complementary colors for a wedding, pair coral with white, green, or bolder hot pinks and blues.

2022 Fashionable Wedding Colors – Red Shades Ideas

2022 Fashionable Wedding Colors Awesome Cardinal Red

Cardinal Red is a luxurious red color that has all the passion of this color scheme, but at the same time looks extremely noble. This complex shade requires caution and moderate dosage so as not to draw all the attention to itself.

Poinciana red wedding 2022 trendy colors

Poinciana red wedding – The fantastic scarlet Poinciana is exotic and the perfect choice for those who want a red wedding, but the classic tone seems a little too ordinary for you. Floristry, manicure, groom’s accessories and bride’s shoes, table setting – this bright tone can be used almost everywhere. Combine it with harmonious green and pure white.

Fashionable Wedding Colors 2022 Ideas – Sunny Yellow

Fashionable Wedding Colors 2022 Ideas Sunny Yellow

Primrose and daffodil yellow are the trending wedding colors for 2022. They give a wonderful mood and are the perfect choice for positive, gentle and cheerful couples. These shades look very elegant when combined with the dark tones of the blue and gray color scheme and are gently emphasized by pistachio notes. Yellow goes well with classic white as well.

Chic Gray Wedding

Chic Gray Wedding Ideas 2022 trends

Gray color with a pearly sheen and a cold undertone is the perfect choice for couples that are tired of a bright palette. All shades of the gray palette can be used as a main theme, but the main advantage of gray is its neutrality, which allows you to harmoniously combine it with almost any other color accent. For a romantic style, a gentle combination of gray and pink is suitable, for an elegant wedding, a discreet pearl gray. A neutral gray and white with silver accents is the perfect choice for a sophisticated wedding.



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