15 Ideas for a Neutral Wedding Color This Year

by Kremy

What are the wedding themes that never go out of fashion? Is it possible to create a glamorous, elegant and sophisticated décor in subtle tones? We asked Kate Motina, who heads the Wedding Forward content department and is an expert on wedding showers, honeymoon plans, destination weddings, photography, videos, and themes.

15 Ideas for a Neutral Wedding Color Theme

A neutral wedding color palette is a great idea for a couple seeking something unique and yet easy to style. A wedding theme of soft and muted colors is one that will create a dreamy background for the literal wedding of your dreams. Unlike many might believe, neutral wedding colours do not have to be boring. This serene and natural look comes with a ton of wedding color ideas that you can choose from.

Neutral Wedding Color Ideas – Timeless Elegance and Chic

wedding flower decoration in neutral colors


Neutral wedding color ideas can fit with most any wedding style and an array of textures. From soft greenery, to metallics, classic, peaceful and even champagne wedding colors schemes. For a sophisticated and elegant event, you can add a sparkling finish to your designs, for a more glamorous feel. Find out the many elements that you can weave into neutral colored weddings for a refined and completely stunning look for your big day.

1. Send an Elegant Invitation

Your invitations set the tone for your wedding, so you can start with the neutral wedding colour palette ideas right here. Choose different types of neutrals for your wedding invites, for a subtle monochrome. Like shades of gray, cream or beige. You can also give your stationery an aged feel with rough edges and calligraphy to add to that natural, neutral feel. Great for fall or any other wedding season.

garden wedding ceremony area arch decoration with flowers

2. Use the Setting

You don’t need to take away from the setting to create your neutral look. A natural background can add to the less is more vibe of a beige wedding theme. If the venue has greenery or a water body, there will be need for very little décor, as the setting will have more than enough of beautiful earthly and neutral colors.

3. Decorate a Simple White Cake

This kind of wedding palette is one that encourages simplicity, so a complicated cake will more than likely have no place here. A simple white cake adorned with gold flakes or cherry blossoms will go well with the overall theme of this type of wedding.

4. Consider Greenery Accents

Simple greenery like olive wreaths on the doors are an affordable and beautiful way to enhance the look of your neutral theme. Add a festive look to your wedding with simple wreaths of such colors as muted gray, green and even terracotta.

5. Use Eucalyptus

Create an arrangement of olive branches and eucalyptus for a burst of green amongst all the muted tones. This can be used as centerpieces for the tables, or specifically for the guestbook table. It can be moved to the bar afterwards.

wedding table decor ideas candles and flowers

6. Candles of all Shapes and Sizes

Candles are a great addition to your overall décor, especially with a pastel neutral color palette. You could use a mix of modern and vintage candles of different shapes and sizes. You could also use votive holders in metallic shades to add a modern feel, along with some greenery for accents.

7. Tropical Leaves

If you’re keeping your tables simple with white or cream napkins, tablecloths and plates, then simple tropical leaves in vases can make the perfect centrepieces. Touches of gold can help make a subtle statement too.

8. Decorate the Ceiling

As mentioned before, neutral weddings do not have to be boring. Decorate the ceiling with climbing greenery for a more modern and richer look. This option is budget friendly but spectacular.

9. Embrace a Neutral Palette

Sometimes the natural background of your space is all you need. Use it and embrace it. Add some grass for aisle markers and some wooden chairs. There is no need to overdo it as less really is more.

10. Pampas Grass

Use pampas grass for your aisle décor. The volume and fluffy texture will make your venue look grander. A lovely addition to the neutrality of your space.

11. Tone-on-Tone Florals

Go for simple flower arrangements with tone on tone flowers. They can be close together in color, or you can opt to use even just one type of flower.

wedding reception venue in a large marquis ideas

12. Consider Wooden Accessories

Different shades of wood, from your wedding signs, to chairs, tables and picture frames, can give you a lovely rustic look. Great for complementing a neutral palette.

13. A White Tent Canopy

For a classic look, a white pleated and draped tent will work well to tie all of the neutrality together. A clean look with hints of greenery and wood.

14. Go for Gold

A neutral color that goes well with weddings is gold. Metallic pair well with other neutrals and are great for calligraphy and accents.

15. Marquee Lights

Marquee lights and signs can add an amber glow to neutrals that set them apart. Give a romantic feel to your venue with this incandescent lighting.

wedding ceremony area simple arch decoration

While neutral wedding colors are great, you don’t have to create a completely neutral wedding. Neutral elements are great, but accents such as greenery or raw wood and the right lighting can tie it all together and bring your venue to life.



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