50 Extraordinary Fairytale Wedding Ideas That Make A Dream Come True

by Kremy

Every girl is a princess or dreams to be a princess, even for a day. And what do all princesses dream about, regardless of age and social status? That’s right, about a fabulous wedding. A wedding is an opportunity to make your dreams since childhood come true. You don’t need a magic wand or fairy godmother to turn this very special day into a fairy tale. Think about what is important for you in a relationship with your beloved, about your dreams, about love, and you will understand that magic is in your heart.

50 Extraordinary Fairytale Wedding Ideas

We will give you some really special fairytale wedding ideas that will make this day truly magical and something to remember! You know that fairy tales differ in plot, characters, a set of magical elements, and atmosphere. Having decided on the fabulous concept, the main theme of the wedding, you can proceed to the selection of other elements for the celebration – venue, invitations, decor, music, menu, your outfits and dress code for guests. The theme of the wedding should be reflected in every little detail and we shall help you with fantastic ideas!

fairytale wedding theme choose the perfect venue


When you plan a fairytale wedding make sure to pay attention to all the main points in the organization of such a fabulous event:

  • Decide on the fairy tale you want to recreate at the wedding.
  • Select proper invitations.
  • Choose a venue, think over the design and start looking for a decor for a festive space.
  • Think about your transport.
  • Choose the groom’s suit and wedding dress. Think about what dress code the invitees might have.
  • Plan the menu and choose the design of your wedding cake.
  • Choose wedding favors suitable for your theme.

How to Choose Theme and Color?

Fairytale wedding ideas that add a touch of magic

What is the difference between a traditional and a fairytale themed wedding? In both cases you will need to choose a venue, dress, decoration, menu, so basically, the main elements are the same. But we all know that it is all about details. It is the little things that make big difference so we hope that our fairytale wedding ideas will inspire you!

fairytale themed wedding table setting ideas

How to choose your fairytale wedding theme? If you have to be strict, you need to distinguish fairytale wedding themes from magical or enchanted themed weddings. While enchanted themed weddings are based on whimsical fairy lights, wood elements, a fairytale wedding is more princess-like, with a touch of royalty. Magical themed weddings may have elements from both enchanted and fairytales themes. What are the most popular themes for fairytale weddings? Here are just a few:

  • Enchanted Forest
  • Woodland
  • Winter Fairytale Wedding
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Secret Garden
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Disney Princess Theme – Snow White, Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

How to choose theme and color for your wedding

You can choose a certain color palette depending on the season of your wedding. For example, winter fairytale weddings can be based on silver glitter and blue shades or gold and deep red. For Spring fairytale weddings choose pastel colors or a combination of white and green.

How to Choose the Venue for Your Fairytale Wedding?

fairytale wedding ideas castle reception ceremony venue ideas

The most important thing in holding a fabulous wedding is to decide on the venue and what kind of fairy tale you will bring to life. Look for some scenic spot, such as a forest edge or a mysterious pond. The main thing is to find exactly the place that reflects the idea of your fairytale. What is a suitable venue? Here are some suggestions:

  • Castles – obviously, this is the ultimate fairytale wedding venue for both ceremony and reception.
  • Villas or Mansions – large estates with a ballroom are the perfect choice and you can create a spectacular decor for your dream wedding!
  • Forests are the ideal venue for an outdoor fairytale wedding as long as the season allows it. Obviously, late spring, summer and early autumn periods can be held outdoors.
  • Gardens, whether public or private, are also a great choice to create a magical atmosphere for your celebration.

Decoration Ideas

fairytale wedding arch decoration ideas

Wedding decoration should correspond to the main theme. Details are of great importance, because they create the magical mood and atmosphere. It may be a challenge to find the decorative elements that you need in ordinary stores so you may need to have them custom made or even look for DIY projects.

Pay attention to the materials for decorating the venue, ceremony arch and reception place. Think about romantic and mysterious lighting, etc. Be especially careful with your table setting. After all, the wedding takes place in a fairytale style, which means that the tables must be impeccably decorated.

magical fairytale wedding theme decoration ideas

When we talk about fairytale weddings, nothing beats floral decorations. Flowers often play an important role in fairytales. You need to remember that all flowers, including the bridal bouquet, should be in the same style and at the same time correspond to the theme of the wedding.


Cinderella theme wedding carriage

No fairy tale is complete without amazing vehicles. Your task is to impress the guests with unusual transport. You will hardly find a flying carpet, but horse carriages are at your disposal.

Fairytale Wedding Dress, Groom Attire and Guest Dress Code Ideas

princess wedding dresses for fairytale themed wedding

Choosing a fairytale wedding dress is one of the most pleasant moments. The bridal dress should correspond to the theme. To look like a real princess, it is best to choose a fluffy princess style dress. A snow-white dress is perfect for such wedding themes but you can go for a specific color – yellow for Beauty and beast, blue for Cinderella, etc. The key elements in a fairytale wedding dress are beaded florals and ornaments, handsewn embellishments, lace and tulle. For a modern touch, you can experiment with the silhouette and try mermaid style instead of a ballroom gown. To create a complete look, complement your wedding outfit with accessories: elegant jewelry and a graceful bridal bouquet of fresh flowers. Be sure to apply beautiful makeup, accentuate your eyes and highlight your lips. Finally, a graceful tiara will turn you into a real princess.

groom attire ideas Beauty and the beast themed wedding

As far as the groom’s outfit is concerned, a suit in the specific colors of the wedding is a good idea. There is no need to make your husband-to-be wear a costume as in a movie. Giving a modern twist on a classic look is not that difficult and even in a black, blue or gray suit, he will still be your prince.

Fairytale wedding bridesmaid dresses ideas

Fairytale wedding bridesmaid dresses should complement the theme as well. You can select single-colored dresses or dresses in different shades of a color, for example – powder blue or light pinks, or lavender, etc.

Another important question that you need to decide is the dress code for your guests. Think about the fact that not all invitees will be able to afford it, and they will have to feel uncomfortable. You should inform the guests that your wedding will be thematic and that there is a particular dress code in the invitation.

Fairytale Accessories – Wedding Invitations, Favors, Place Cards Ideas

fairytale wedding accessories ideas invitations and favors

The style of the wedding invitations, place cards, table number signs, wedding favors, etc. must be designed according to the theme. To do this, you can use cards with images of fairy tale characters or scrolls.


extraordinary wedding venues romantic theme

Fairytale Wedding Venue Ideas

fairytale wedding venue ideas castle courtyard

how to choose a venue for your fairytale wedding

mansions castles best venues for fairytale wedding

romantic wedding venues ideas

spectacular wedding ceremony decor ideas

fabulous fairytale decoration ideas

floral arrangement table centerpiece ideas Cinderella themed wedding

fairytale wedding table decorations candelabras and floral centerpieces

Fairytale wedding table setting ideas white and gold

elegant fairytale wedding ceremony decor ideas

exceptional romantic wedding decor ideas fairytale theme


fairytale wedding table decoration ideas color palette flowers

fantastic wedding decoration ideas fairytale theme

floral centerpieces fairytale wedding reception table decor

glamorous and magical wedding decoration ideas white color theme

pink wedding decorations princess theme ideas

princess theme wedding table decorating ideas

romantic wedding table decorating ideas

beautiful romantic princess style wedding dress

fabulous romantic princess wedding dresses

extraordinary fairytale wedding cake ideas

fairy tale wedding cake ideas

elegant and romantic wedding pink fairytale wedding

fairytale princess wedding decor ideas invitations

gorgeous laser cut wedding invitations fairytale theme

magical fairytale wedding ideas favors invitations

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