Under Sink Storage and Organization Ideas to Maximize the Space

by Kremy

Under sink storage and organization ideas are the perfect way to utilize the available space. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or a small kitchen, storage space is never enough!

Under Sink Storage and Organization Ideas

The space in the cabinet under the sink almost always remains unused when organizing the kitchen. Most often this is the place of the trash can or household chemicals cluttered around the plumbing. Have you ever felt embarrassed to open the cabinet doors because of the mess under the sink? Have you tried to find something that you know you placed there? This is a space with a great potential and if properly organized you can keep everything in order and free up other drawers or shelves in the kitchen! Let’s look at the best ideas for organizing your under-sink cabinet.

Under Sink Storage and Organization Ideas and Leak Protection

Pull Out Organizer With Caddy under sink cabinet ideas


When you are looking at under sink storage and organization ideas, you will notice that there are many different options. Obviously, any storage or organization systems in the kitchen will depend on the configuration of the base cabinet, the shape, size of the sink, the supply of communications and other factors. Organizing the space under the kitchen sink is important not only in terms of convenience, but also to reduce damage from possible leaks. Although we usually store inexpensive and mostly moisture-resistant items in the cabinet under the sink, if a leak occurs, they must be quickly removed so that you have access to communications and taps.

waste bin and storage basket under sink cabinet ideas

To protect the floor of the cabinet you can place a large tray on the bottom. If a leak occurs it will minimize damage from moisture and protect the cabinet. In addition, this solution makes it easier to care for the furniture. A tray is easy to remove, wash and dry.

When choosing under sink storage systems and organizers, you need to consider moisture-resistant material – metal (aluminum alloys, stainless steel with chrome or powder coating) or plastic. Some homeowners opt for wooden shelves, for example, but as we know, one of the biggest disadvantages of wood is that is susceptible to water damage which ruins its visual appeal. If you want to use wood, then make sure that the surface is treated with moisture-proof compounds.

Creative Under Sink Storage and Organization Solutions to Optimize the Space

Expandable Under sink shelves storage and organization ideas

The cabinet under the sink is the usual place for the trash can. This is understandable, because during food preparation you have to wash and peel vegetables, remove food remnants from the dishes after lunch and dinner, throw away packaging, etc. However, many homeowners prefer a freestanding trash can as they do not want to keep garbage under the sink. In such cases under sink storage and organization ideas come to help!

Under Sink Shelves and Storage Trays

Under Sink Shelves and Storage Trays


Additional shelves for household appliances under the sink allow you to use the “dead space”. You can store cooking utensils or pots and pans which means that you will have more free space on your kitchen shelves and in the cabinets. Depending on the way the sink is mounted, you can have one large or several smaller shelves. You can purchase an expandable under sink shelf organizer, which is the perfect solution for both large and small spaces. They come in different sizes and are equipped with moveable panels. Expandable shelves allow you to place them around any fixtures, piping, etc. and the best thing s, that installation does not require drilling – the structure is placed on the cabinet floor.

tiered storage shelves for under sink cabinet

Tiered storage shelve with drawers under sink allow you to organize the space vertically which is an excellent solution for small cabinets. The market offers a variety of designs – mesh drawers, plastic drawers, etc.

Storage Baskets

Under Sink Storage baskets

Mesh baskets are a stylish solution that will make it easy to keep your kitchen tidy. Their main advantage is durability. In addition, you can immediately see their content. Plastic baskets are a more affordable and budget friendly option. They are not susceptible to moisture damage which is something worth considering when we talk about under sink storage and organization ideas.


Stackable Plastic Storage containers under the sink

Transparent containers are an excellent solution when you want to organize the space under the sink as ergonomically as possible. Choose products in different sizes according to your personal needs and stack them on top of each other. The advantages of plastic containers with lids are that you see what is stored inside and that in the event of a leak the contents will be protected from moisture.

Tension Rod

tension rod and containers storage under the sink

Tension rods are associated with shower curtains but they are a great under sink space organizer. This is a budget friendly, convenient and easy to use solution. By installing a mid-length tension rod across the inside of your cabinet, you will free up precious under-sink space.

Sliding and Pull-Out Under-Sink Organizers

Sliding and Pull Out Under Sink Organizers

Pull out organizers (slide out/roll out) are another great option for storage and keeping everything in order. Tiered track systems are very practical and available and allow you to see and reach what you need instantly. This type of organizers come in many designs, sizes and configurations – tiered shelves, drawers, pull-out u-shaped under sink organizer, etc.

Over-Cabinet Door Storage Baskets and Organizers

Over Cabinet Door Storage Baskets and Organizers

Over door storage baskets and organizers are attached to the doors and do not take up any space from the bottom of the cabinet. You will be surprised how much you can put in such containers! They are excellent for storing household chemicals, napkins, sponges,

The simplest solution that does not require any investment or special manipulations is using hooks on the cabinet door. The hooks can be easily glued to surface and you can use them for brushes, gloves, hang a plastic basket, etc.

Storage and Organizers Combinations

combined organizers under sink cabinet storage

Depending on the size of the kitchen cabinet and under sink space, you can combine different storage and organizers. For example – a tension rod and storage containers, pull out drawers and expandable tiered shelves, etc.

how to use the cabinet space under the kitchen sink

In conclusions we can say that a cabinet under the sink can be an excellent additional storage space for a variety of small items – cleaning supplies, sponges, trash bags, and other non-food items. In order to rationally use the space and maintain order, you need a competent and well-planned organization. With a little creativity you can find the most comfortable solutions for you which will keep this spot from being a cluttered mess.


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