50 Original and practical compact dining table ideas for small kitchens

by Kremy

Find out a selection of the best compact dining table ideas which are the ideal choice for small kitchens. A small kitchen is always a compromise between two main areas – the cooking area and the dining area. There are many fantastic designs that show how small space can be comfortable, modern and with the right layout and furniture choice, even the tiniest kitchen will answer your daily needs.

How to choose a compact dining table for a small kitchen

Very often in urban apartments the kitchen area is small and there is no other room for eating which is the reason why the question of a suitable dining table turns out to be of such importance. The table should be comfortable and not take up much space.

How to choose a compact dining table for a small kitchen?

practical compact dining table ideas for small kitchens


We have said many times that proper furniture layout can visually expand the room. When it comes to limited space, people think that in a tiny kitchen it is impossible to have separate functional areas for cooking, eating, storage, etc. We have collected a lot of original ideas for those who are still in search for the best compact dining table. All of these ideas will show you that you have many options to choose from. The first step is to figure out which table is best for you. To do this, you need to consider the dimensions of your kitchen and the number of family members.

Shape and size matter greatly when you choose a compact dining table for a small kitchen. Tables come in different shapes and various sizes – rectangular, square, round, oval, semicircular or angular.

compact kitchen furniture ideas rectangular dining table

A rectangular dining table is the classic version that has traditionally been the most popular. It looks solid and is very comfortable. It fits well in a corner or against a wall. However, it is often not suitable for small kitchens. If your kitchen is limited in space, be sure to consider buying a different table shape. If you have the space for a rectangular table, it is best if you select chairs which can be easily stored under the tabletop when not in use.

small kitchen furniture ideas square dining table against the wall

A square table can also be placed against a wall or in a corner for a more compact look. When looking for an alternative to a rectangular tabletop design, this option is worth considering.

breakfast nook furniture ideas round table and corner sofa

A round table is another good option. It has long been known that a round table creates coziness. The lack of sharp corners creates a minimum of inconvenience in a small space and the chances of injury are also minimal. The round table will perfectly fit into the interior of any style – from classic to high-tech. There are many small-sized models which are ideal for tiny kitchens.

compact semi circular dining table in small kitchen

A semicircular table is very practical. It touches the wall with the straight part of the tabletop and takes up little space. It also offers all the advantages of a round tabletop design and can easily accommodate two or three people.

kitchen furniture ideas triangular dining table with stools

A corner dining table is a good option for a small family. It takes up the least amount of space and is therefore perfect for the smallest spaces. Usually a corner table is attached to the wall, but sometimes it has one support leg, which makes it more stable and reliable.

small apartment dining table ideas space saving furniture

The material is also important. Nowadays various materials are used for manufacturing dining tables. Natural wood is always the best choice. Its natural texture, grain, strength, and durability are hard to beat. True, wooden tables are the most expensive option.

glass dining table compact space saving furniture ideas

Glass table is an excellent choice for small kitchens and are becoming more and more popular. A glass table is practically invisible and visually does not clutter up the space at all. A high-quality glass table can withstand any stress and will not be scratched. There are models decorated with drawings, embossed, with matte frosted, colored or textured glass tops, filling the interior of the kitchen with elegance and lightness.

how to choose the material of your dining table

The market offers plastic tables, which are wear-resistant, very practical and easy to keep clean. A plastic table and matching chairs with original shape will look organic in a modern interior and their shiny surfaces will reflect light, making the kitchen brighter.

drop leaf table designs compact kitchen furniture ideas

Last, but not least, when choosing a compact dining table for a small kitchen, you need to think about color. The smaller the kitchen, the lighter colors. Dark colors should be avoided as they make the space visually smaller and the atmosphere gloomy while light colors expand the space and improve the overall perception of the room. White, beige, creamy, ivory, sand are the most suitable table colors for a small room.

Compact dining table ideas – space-saving furniture for small kitchen interiors

semi circular dining table small kitchen ideas compact furniture

There is a wide variety of compact dining table ideas suitable for a small kitchen. Depending on the size of the room, the style of the interior and the needs of the home occupants, one can choose from different designs. For example:

  • a standard dining table construction consists of a table top and one or more legs;
  • wall mounted tables are attached to the wall and do not have legs;
  • folding table (drop leaf table) – it is also attached to the wall and can be folded when not needed;
  • transforming table – its size can be increased or decreased if necessary;
  • bar counter – a long narrow table that can be placed along one of the walls.

Expandable drop leaf table small kitchen ideas compact furniture

It is better to avoid massive tables as they block the space and movement in a small kitchen. A light and elegant table with a thin table top would be a much better choice. Of course, any dining table should be combined with the rest of the kitchen furniture and harmoniously blend into the interior. The main rule of compact furniture is to optimize the use of space. Narrow and square tables do an excellent job, as well as wall mounted models.

drop leaf console transforming dining table space saving kitchen furniture

Transforming tables are very convenient and functional which makes them ideal for small spaces. If necessary, the two halves of the tabletop can be pulled apart and a special additional panel can be installed between them. In this way a square table turns into a rectangular one, and a round one turns into an oval one. A variation of this type are the transforming console tables. Transforming console tables can be easily converted into dining sets for small spaces. Typically, these models have leaves that fold down on the sides and when you want to use them as a dining table, you raise the leaves. Transforming console tables are great for tiny apartments as they take up very little floor space. You can combine a transforming dining table with folding chairs. They come in various designs and often are sold as a set with the table.

wooden dining table small kitchen furniture ideas

Folding tables are simple and at the same time very convenient and functional. They can be wall mounted or free standing with one or two drop down leaves and can be expanded when needed. Most often the table has a rectangular or semicircular shape. When the table is not needed, the tabletop can be folded. Such a table will allow you to freely move around the small kitchen while cooking and at the same time not sacrifice comfortable seating while eating.

small kitchen furniture ideas compact mobile table on casters

Mobile table on casters can be easily moved from one part of the kitchen to another. The simplest design option is a conventional table with wheels. It can be tucked into a corner or against a wall if necessary, but it can be moved to the center of the kitchen so that several people can comfortably sit behind it.

small kitchen design space saving ideas bar counter and stools

Narrow and long bar counters in small kitchens look stylish and take up very little space. A bar table is often located along one of the walls or penpendicular to the wall an in this way you can create a very compact dining area.

space saving kitchen design ideas windowsill dining table bar counter

A windowsill dining table is a variation of the bar counter option and is a great idea to optimize the space in a small kitchen. This option is especially popular because, on the one hand, you get enough space for a comfortable meal, and on the other hand, you save space to move around the kitchen. If you are lucky to have a beautiful view from the window, this type of compact dining table is the perfect solution for you.

compact kitchen furniture pull out dining table ideas

Pull out dining table designs are super cool as they are built into the kitchen furniture. The dining surface can be either unsupported or have legs and tabletop size can vary depending on the particular design.

tiny kitchen design ideas banquette seating and small dining table

Banquette seating may sound as an unusual solution for a small kitchen but it can be quite space saving due to the fact that the bench is located against a wall. In addition, the bench may have storage compartments, which is a great bonus.



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