Banquette seating in the kitchen – super cool ideas for your breakfast nook

by Kremy

Banquette seating in the kitchen is hugely popular for many reasons. From the French “banquette”, which means bench, this type of seating is very comfortable and cozy. In the past banquettes were typical for diners and restaurants but nowadays they are widely used in family rooms, eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks. Generally, banquette seating is a built-in bench and one of the major advantages is that it saves space. Homeowners can optimize the kitchen space because a bench does not require room to walk behind the seating on one or more sides of the table. In this way you can have more seating space than a stand-alone dining table and chairs.

Banquette seating in the kitchen – numerous design options to choose from

breakfast nook design and furniture ideas kitchen banquette and oval table

The home is a place where a person spends a lot of time, so it is important that the interior is cozy and at the same time comfortable and functional. When choosing suitable furniture for each room it is a good idea to consider a banquette seating for your kitchen or breakfast nook. Built-in benches look great in dining areas and can accommodate a large number of people. They often come with storage space which is always useful in any home and especially for small kitchens.

modern kitchen banquette seating design ideas


We all know that the kitchen is a room in which the entire space must be properly organized. Not only an attractive interior is important, but also proper zoning, which is the guarantee for the functionality and the convenience. Today, this type of furniture comes in a huge variety of designs and different configurations. The market offers models made of different materials – wood, metal, and of course with different types of upholstery – from genuine leather and fabric, to microfiber, cotton and polyester. Banquette seating in the kitchen will add charm to the interior, emphasize the style and character of the design concept and at the same time become a very functional item.

How to choose the best seating for your kitchen or breakfast nook?

small kitchen ideas round table and banquette bench

Banquette seating in the kitchen can be placed anywhere. Options include U- and L-shapes, a semicircle and hybrids from benches and chairs. When choosing banquette seating homeowners need to consider several factors.

Be sure to provide sufficient space for those sitting at the table. To ensure proper food comfort, everyone sitting at the table should have at least 24 inches/60 cm at their disposal. It is best if you select a model that has a back as they are more comfortable for longer dining or feasts.

parallel kitchen banquettes ideas breakfast nook furniture

Another furniture piece that you need to consider is the dining table. The best options are pedestal or trestle tables. The size and shape of the table is important because if you choose a too large one there will not be enough room to easily get in and out. Depending on the particular layout of the kitchen, you may choose rectangular, oval, round or square table.

The upholstery should be moisture and stain resistant and practical.

Last but not least, the style of your bench should blend harmoniously into the overall kitchen interior so that the room looks stylish.

blue yellow kitchen banquette furniture and decor ideas

Practical and charming a banquette seating in the kitchen or the breakfast nook is sure to become the highlight of the whole room. Look at the photos in the gallery below and choose the most suitable model for yourself.




rustic kitchen interior ideas breakfast nook banquette with storage

Large banquette kitchen design and furniture ideas

kitchen design dining area with banquette

breakfast nook design and furniture kitchen banquettes ideas

kitchen banquette seating with storage furniture ideas

home design and furniture kitchen banquette ideas

eat in kitchen design ideas banquette and oval table

dining space with elegant banquette and upholstered chairs

corner banquette with storage drawers

breakfast nook furniture blue and white banquette with built in storage underneath

breakfast nook design with blue leather banquette bench

breakfast nook design ideas tufted leather banquette

breakfast nook design banquette bench and round dining table

Banquette seating kitchen dining space built in shelves

Banquette seating in the kitchen super cool ideas for your breakfast nook


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