White bathroom design ideas – how to create a spectacular interior

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White bathroom design ideas inevitably evoke associations of cleanliness and freshness. Choosing a color scheme for the bathroom is an important decision whether you design a newly built home or you plan a renovation. The right choice is the key to an excellent mood, easy cleaning and, of course, the overall impression of the home. White is classic and it never goes out of fashion.

For decades, snow-white bathrooms have been a symbol of wealth and grace. And to this day, this design solution has not lost its popularity. The truth is that the attitude to all-white bathroom interior designs is quite diverse. Some homeowners find an all-white design too cold, too sterile and reminiscent of a hospital room. Others think that it is the peak of perfection and associate white with purity, spaciousness, spirituality and lightness. The difference in opinions is not surprising because the impression is created by the texture of the materials and finishes, the quality of the furniture and sanitary ware, proper lighting and decor, etc.

awesome white bathroom ideas modern home design

The bathroom is not only a room used for hygienic purposes, it occupies an important place in a person’s life, designed to energize in the morning and help relieve stress after a hard day, so its design should be carefully planned. A white bathroom can be elegant and stylish, fascinating with its refined simplicity and even those who are not fans of monotonous interiors can use bright and unusual accessories and decor elements to add character and individuality to their design.

Understanding the psychology of white color perception

white bathroom with clawfoot tub and walk in shower


Before choosing a white bathroom design, you need to figure out how this color affects a person’s mood. The perception of white color depends on age, gender, ethnic background and climate, cultural tradition and colors affect people differently. White color is firmly connected with cleanliness. For the Western world, it symbolizes peace and purity. At the same time, in some countries of the East, white is associated with mourning and death. White is also the embodiment of spirituality, it evokes positive and bright emotions, relieves stress, soothes unreasonable fears, gives a feeling of freedom, activates determination and generally stimulates the body. White bathrooms are often considered as a standard of luxury. The huge popularity of white color can also be explained with the fact that it can decorate not only spacious bathrooms, but is also perfect for small areas, visually expanding them.

In terms of interior design white belongs to the neutral colors and is a powerful tool, favorite of designers and decorates. The main reason for that is the flexibility of neutral colors. They can be easily combined with all the other colors and are the perfect background for any other color that you may want to highlight. White has many shades – from pristine snow-white-to soft cream, milk, antique white, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of white bathroom design ideas

pros and cons of white bathroom design ideas

As we mentioned earlier, white visually expands the space which is essential for small bathrooms. White color will help smooth out the asymmetry of the room, possible bevels of ceilings and various niches, indentations, etc.

White is the favorite color of minimalism. No other color will look so harmonious in a minimalist room. Spaciousness, cleanliness, severity of forms and lines – all these minimalism techniques are reflected in the snow-white design of all surfaces of the bathroom.

Another advantage of the whole spectrum of white shades is that they are incredibly easy to combine with other colors. It is easy to update the interior so that your bathroom looks as per the new design trends. All you need to do is to change accessories or decor to refresh the atmosphere and change the look of the interior.

White bathroom design ideas modern home interior design

All-white bathroom interiors create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. In addition, the color does not attract attention and you can enjoy the view from the bathroom window or just relax, when you have no window.

One of the major drawbacks of white bathrooms is that if the design is not carefully thought of, they may look like hospital rooms or operating theaters. Many people find all-white interiors cold and formal. From a practical point of view, to maintain a spotless white bathroom requires frequent cleaning as it gets dirty very quickly.

White bathroom design ideas – how to create a balanced and harmonious interior

small bathroom ideas white interior expands the space

How to avoid associations with hospital premises and a boring monochrome interior which lacks both character and charm? There are various design techniques and tricks will help you eliminate unpleasant associations. There is no need to use all the techniques. You can choose one or more to make your white bathroom elegant, comfortable, practical and stylish.

Use shades of white

large bathroom in white with freestanding tub and storage cabinets

When decorating walls and choosing furniture, you can opt for one of the off-white shades – slightly bluish or beige. The first shade will give the room a colder, and the second – a warmer look. If the interior is based on white and blue tiles, then you will need to focus on blue elements for the decor. It is easier to work with creamy tiles as you can use any color for accessories. Brown, violet, burgundy – any of them will look quite cheerful in the decor of a white bathroom.

Combine textures, patterns and finishes

textured wall tile for bathroom free standing tub and wood flooring

Play with the textures and finishes. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of floor and wall tiles with intriguing patterns and a variety of textures which will help to avoid the monotonous appearance. How about combining matte and gloss finish? A combination of patterned tiles and smooth surfaces always look dynamic and adds visual interest to the interior. For example, part of the wall surfaces can be painted and some can be finished with textured or patterned tiles. A combination of tiles in different sizes will diversify the snow-white finish and will make the bathroom look more vibrant. Small tiles and mosaics always enliven the interiors of small rooms.

Mosaic tile

modern white bathrooms ideas mosaics wall tile gray floor

You can add visual interest in a white bathroom design by creating a strong focal point. Mosaics have been popular for more than one millennium. If you plan to use a mosaic for decorating a white bathroom interior, there is a large selection of modern materials to choose from – from high-quality Italian tiles with fragments of stone and glass to tiles with intricate and intricate patterns.

Use natural materials

white bathroom interior and accent wall with floating vanity

Wood is the ideal choice that will add warmth to the interior of a white bathroom. This material can be used in many different ways. You can decorate the ceiling with exposed wooden beams, create an accent wall, choose wooden furniture or flooring, etc.

Marble -It is difficult to find material more noble and aristocratic than marble. Streaks of gray, pink and bluish shades can add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom and make the interior look truly expensive.

Pebbles are an excellent choice when you want to add texture and diversity to a white bathroom interior. They may have natural grayish or beige hue which will be a pleasant touch and increase the aesthetic value of the room.

A brick wall in the interior of the bathroom can perfectly emphasize a particular area. You can use not only red bricks but also white

Add pops of accent colors

accent wall in white bathroom modern home ideas

If you want a white bathroom it is not necessary to use additional colors in large volumes. It is quite enough to add accents like colored mosaics, a narrow colored strip around the perimeter of the room or a horizontal color strip, a wide vertical strip on one of the walls, a wide strip that continues on the floor, etc. In any case, a color splash will give you the desired effect. You can add color on the floor or make a tiled panel on an accent wall. You can play with contrast or choose neutral tones. Floors should be darker than walls. This is a designer classic. Although the bathroom will still be perceived as white, since the main attention is drawn to the walls, the room will not look monotonous. In addition, you can use textile and accessories to add a color accent – curtains, floor mats, towels, soap dishes, baskets for cosmetics, etc. Use contrasts. This is one of the most successful design techniques. You can choose furniture or sanitary ware in contrasting tones.

Proper lighting and SPA atmosphere

master bathroom interior design ideas wood flooring floating vanity cabinet

Proper lighting and mirrors will help to make a white bathroom incredibly comfortable. Experiment with LED lighting or colored lighting and you can easily to change the color of the room according to your mood. A large crystal chandelier make a white bathroom look grand!

beautiful wall tile for white bathroom

A white bathroom easily turns into a SPA salon. It is enough to add living plants, wicker elements and shells, stack towels, light aroma candles. The SPA-style atmosphere will be recreated in the smallest details and your bathroom will become a real island of pleasure!




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