Bathroom decor ideas – how to choose the style of the interior design

by Kremy

bathroom decor ideas modern interior lighting furniture

Bathroom decor ideas are diverse and we see numerous designs in different styles. It is important to pay a special attention to the interior of the bathroom because this is the place where a person relaxes after a busy day. Some people prefer to trust an experienced designer, others opt for DIY projects but either way, the main goal is to create a balanced interior and a harmonious space which works with the overall design concept of the home.

bathrom decor ideas modern design colors furniture


The decor of any space requires a coordination of the appearance of many elements – ceiling, walls, floors, furniture, lighting, materials, color combinations. The size and shape of the room is very important as well. For example, despite the fact that creating a minimalist interior does not require spacious rooms, in large rooms with natural light, its laconic simplicity looks even more spectacular.

bathrom decor ideas modern shower bathtub

Each person has different taste and preferences, lifestyle and habits. Even the color preferences of all people are different. Some people like bright and bold colors, while others consider them too annoying and prefer painting the walls in dark colors. The same applies to the general style of the interior, which is formed primarily depending on the lifestyle of the owner of the home, as well as family members and the decor of the bathroom is not an exception.

bathrom decor ideas stylish design bathtub vanity

Colors have a great effect on the perception and when choosing a color concept, especially for the bathroom, it is worth remembering the simple rules for combining colors and the effects that they create. Neutral and warm colors are more energetic and convey this energy to the person while colder tones, such as green and blue, have a calming effect.

bathrom decor ideas styles interior furniture features

What are the most popular decor styles? What are the rules and principles that you need to follow when you arrange interiors in a certain style? We shall have a look at different decor options to see how styles differ from each other, identify their distinctive features and will give you useful tips how to incorporate these styles in your bathroom.

Bathroom decor ideas – classic interiors and stylistic ideas

baroque furniture bathroom decor ideas

Bathroom decor ideas in classic style differ from all others in its solidity. Modern ceilings from plastic panels and built-in LED lighting fixtures are inappropriate. The interiors are based on natural materials, high quality and exceptional furniture and lights. These interiors are exclusive and, often, very expensive. As an example, we shall have a look at the Baroque style which is lavish, sophisticated and one of the most popular choices from the classical styles.

baroque interiors bathroom decorating ideas elegant furniture

Baroque interior designs include an abundance of details and a rich color palette which require a lot of space so that the beauty of natural materials, luxury furniture and expensive accessories are displayed fully. Gold and white is a classic color combination, the floor is richly decorated and add a touch of royal luxury to the atmosphere. Gold has always been associated with luxury. The gilded chest of drawers and a carved console table beneath the sink look magnificent. The main source of light is traditionally a chandelier with crystal pendants. Mirrors are usually oval and framed in richly decorated frames. Complex floral designs are a characteristic feature of the Baroque style and ornate furniture pieces and accessories work harmoniously. Elegant claw foot tub is an ideal choice and the sink and tub faucets should be chosen to complement the style. Natural stone countertops, most often marble, expensive curtains from high quality fabrics, massive wall sconces – all these elements add to the overall splendor and grandeur of the decor. Modern interpretations of Baroque style keep the ostentatious luxury and pretentiousness but feature contemporary materials, of course of the highest quality.

Rustic bathroom decor ideas – the warmth and coziness of a country home

rustic decor bathroom ideas stone wall bathtub wood ceiling

Rustic bathroom decor ideas are most appealing to homeowners who value the beauty of natural materials and want to feel part of Nature. The main features are lack of pretentiousness, simplicity, coziness and comfort.

rustic bathroom copper bathtub vanity storage ideas

The color scheme features natural and neutral colors, pastel colors, gray and brown shades, sometimes with a bright accent, are the perfect choice for rustic interiors. Walls are finished in stone or with tiles with geometric or a floral patterns. The floor should be finished with ceramic tiles or decorative stones, solid wood which should be treated to resist moisture, slate tiles, etc. Chrome or shiny materials, plastic – these are not appropriate for the style. Stainless steel is a good choice for modern interiors based on the rustic concept. Wrought iron is a better option or imitations of bronze and brass.

rustic light fixtures bthroom wall sconces vessel sink

Furniture and plumbing may have a rough finish, but clear contours and lines are typical for the style. Furniture pieces most often are made of natural wood without decorations. Artificially aged furniture is also a good choice when you want to create an authentic rustic look.

rustic bathroom vavinty cabinet storage ideas

Textile – curtains, towels, rugs feature natural materials – cotton, linen, wool, flax. Checkered and floral prints are the most popular patterns and prints. Handmade products are highly appreciated: embroidery on towels, lace frills – these are details that add to the character of the bathroom.

rustic accessories bathroom decor ideas wood

Lighting and accessories in a rustic bathroom feature mirrors in wooden carved frames, wicker baskets of various sizes, bouquets of wildflowers, vintage items, etc. Rustic light fixtures are made of wrought iron or materials that imitate wood. Lanterns, wall sconces shaped as oil lamps, chandeliers are a good choice and work very well with the design concept.

Bathroom decor ideas in Provence style – charm, chic and elegance with a rustic touch

shabby chic interior clawfoor tub wall mounted mirror

The style of Provence has long won the love of many people due to its special French elegance and warmth. A bathroom, decorated in the style of Provence, in many ways resembles a rustic bathroom but in a more sophisticated way. The difference is the romantic ambience which rustic interiors do not have. Natural light and natural materials are the main features of the style, simplicity of shapes and beautiful accessories and accents create a charming and tranquil atmosphere. Eliminate stainless steel, plastic, modern clear lines and innovative technology.

Provence bathroom decor claw foot tub wood flooring skylights

The color palette features warm shades which add to the feeling of comfort – pale pink and lavender shades, white, beige, light green, olive, light blue, pearly, light – gray, ashy, sand, etc., while brighter and stronger shades can be used as accents. The finishing of walls, floor and ceiling should be simple as they are the background for the furniture and accessories. Natural wood, as well as large-sized ceramic tiles, decorative plastering or painting, stucco moldings are typical for the style. The colors of natural wood are ideal for the floor – all shades of brown and terracotta. The ceiling can be s whitewashed and decorated with exposed wooden beams.

provence decor elegant french country chic vanity cabinet

One of the main features of the Provence-style bathroom is the window which allows natural light inside. The window should be decorated light curtains with floral motifs.

Provence bathroom designs wrought iron aged furniture

Elegant furniture is a characteristic feature of furniture in the style of Provence. It has curved lines, often a worn out appearance with scratches, cracks and abrasions. You can choose artificially aged furniture which has vintage appearance and more natural, uneven trims.

shabby chic accessories bathroom decorating ideas

Bathroom decor ideas in the style of Provence is unthinkable without numerous accessories, emphasizing the charming aesthetics of this style. Colorful rugs, linen curtains, floral prints, hanging flowerpots, wrought iron towel holders, framed mirrors, wicker baskets of different sizes, wooden boxes, vases, candelabra, textile elements – do not overlook the details as they are an integral part of the interior and give the authentic look and the cozy atmosphere of the bathroom.

Shabby chic bathroom decor ideas

provence style ideas french country decor accessories

Shabby chic, as a decorative style, combines vintage, rustic, and even elements of the rococo. Mixing and combining all the best from these styles, the interiors are amazingly beautiful, romantic, cozy, gentle and exquisite. Shabby chic is an ideal choice for bathrooms as it creates a relaxed and calm mood.

shabby chic decor bathroom furniture wall mirror

When you want to create a Shabby chic decor you need to carefully choose the colors, wall textures, finishes, etc. To a great extent the color palette is the same as the one typical for Provence style – pastel tones, pale, peaceful colors – pink, pale, yellow, light blue, delicate green, lavender, white, ivory, cream, sand, lime and similar shades. Dark colors generally are not used in this style. Walls, floor and ceiling are also an important part of the interior. Wood, textured plaster, exposed masonry and ceiling beams, wooden panels – all these in light colors – are the typical finishes for the style.

shabby chic white bathroom wood floor clawfoot tub

Furniture has a flare of antiquity and rural comfort. Carved tables, a bathtub with cracked and slightly chipped enamel will take undoubtedly the main place in the interior. There are several ways to artificially age furniture pieces and give them a Shabby chic appearance. A claw foot tub is the perfect choice, vanity cabinets with a worn out look, linen closets and storage cabinets with peeling paint fronts will look great in a Shabby chic bathroom.

shabby chic accessorises decorating ideas

Bathroom accessories and decorations, such as shelves, door handles, window frames, even the rim of a mirror or a picture, can be decorated with decoupage. Flowers, bows and patterns with curls, lovely cherubs (which are typical for the rococo style), birds and other vintage motifs add to the overall atmosphere. Antiques and aged items are the basic elements of the decor – chic paintings, candlesticks and chests, wooden boxes, original vases and large mirrors, embroidery of romantic motifs with flowers and lace, etc. Crystal will reflect light and give an additional charm while traces of oxidation on brass, bronze, copper give an authentic appearance. Plants and flowers are a typical decorative element in Shabby chic interiors. Roses or chamomiles, field flowers in bouquets or pots, perfectly fit in the style and add to the fresh and romantic touch.

Eco-style in the interior of the bathroom

modern bathroom eco style natural materials japanese touch

This is one of the fast growing trends. It is the choice of those who value the beauty of Nature, environmental friendliness and resource preservation. The most typical features of the style are the natural materials, neutral and natural colors, flora and fauna theme in decor and accessories, high quality of materials, furniture and accessories, indoor plants, original finishes and an overall environment which creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

eco style bathroom decorating ideas natural materials

A modern bathroom in eco-style is decorated in neutral colors with green accent creating a fresh and pleasant appearance. It is all about naturalness – simple shapes, lack of bright and contrasting colors, finishes in neutral tones – inspired by Nature and creating an exclusive place for relaxation. Proper lighting, a large mirror and indoor plants will make the smallest bathroom appear more spacious, these elements are an integral part of an interior in Eco-style. Natural stone, flagstone, pebbles, elements natural wood (tree trunks, bark, bamboo, etc.) are also widely used.

Spa bathroom decor ideas – the perfect place to relax

Spa bathroom decorating ideas jacuzzi candles

We all would love to dive into a spa bathroom at the end of a hectic day. Spa inspired bathroom decor ideas are based on balance, tranquility, harmony and peaceful atmosphere. How to crate a true oasis in your bathroom? Here are some ideas and the main principles of the decor style.

spa batrhoom decor ideas neutral colors natural materials

Get inspired by Nature. Elements such as stone, slate and wood will help you relax. These materials may be expensive but you can successfully replace them with ones that look like the real thing. For example – floor tiles with a look of solid wood will do the trick. You may not have the same feel, but you will have the look. Walls can be tiled or decorated with wood. The ceiling can be also trimmed with natural wood or you can opt for plaster. Remember, that wood should be treated properly to resist moisture and humidity and serve you as long as possible. When choosing materials, think of frosted glass, mosaic tile, marble countertops as they are not only pleasant to the touch but to the eye as well and give the bathroom a special charm and chic.

spa bathroom amazing decor ideas soaking tub

The color palette in a spa bathroom should be calm, the tones – muted. Warm shades of beige, brown, golden, gray, light green – these are the typical colors which help people relax. Do not use any bright colors which may disturb the atmosphere of peace.

spa bathroom ideas wall tile furniture ideas

The perfect bath is, without any doubt, the centerpiece of any spa-inspired bathroom decor. An elegant vintage bath, whirlpool bath tubs, soaking tubs – the choice will depend on your personal preferences. Those who prefer a shower may opt for rain shower heads or consider a hydro-massage shower enclosure or built in jets.

Spa bathroom design Zen inspired decor relaxation zone

The choice of furniture should be based on several important rules – natural materials, minimum details, simple lines and shapes. Glossy metals elements are not suitable as well as elements that distract or irritate.

Spa bathroom designs candles stones plants

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a spa decor. It should not be too bright and should not strain the eye. Experts advise to use different light sources – a window for natural light, wall sconces, ceiling lights, recessed lights – you can combine them to create the right ambience.

spa bathroom zen inspired decor ideas

Accessories and decorative elements are the details than matter greatly as they are the finishing touches. Large candles and floating candles, containers with bath salts, wicker boxes, flowers, stones, original jars with aromatic oils, neatly rolled towels on the shelves, etc. are the most natural decorations in a spa bathroom. Certain aromas contribute to the relaxation. Choose whatever pleases you – fragrant sachets, aromatic sticks, aroma lamps – they will provide a pleasant, unobtrusive smell in your bathroom.

Bathroom decor ideas in ethnic style

moroccan style sink faucet bathroom design ideas

Ethnic style is very popular nowadays. The name of the style comes from the word ethnos and is based on the characteristic features for a community of people. The concept of ethnic style includes decors from oriental, African, Japanese, Moroccan or Scandinavian style. The different styles interpret the basic concepts of home decorating in those parts of the world – finishing materials, furniture, accessories, color schemes, etc. For example the wide group of “Oriental” includes Moroccan, Egyptian, Arab, Persian, Indian, Chinese, eclectic Asian, Japanese. Japanese bathroom decor is, probably, the most popular one with is laconic and refined appearance. We shall have a look at the most popular styled for the decoration of bathrooms – Japanese, Scandinavian and Moroccan style.

Japanese bathroom decor ideas – principles and basic rules

Japanese style in the bathroom neutral colors natural materials

The beauty and splendor of the Japanese bathroom decor ideas are not only minimalism and simplicity, but also the idea of design which can harmoniously combine natural motifs and modern conveniences and create a comfortable place for the physical and spiritual rest and contribute to maximum relaxation. Clean lines are combined with light tones of natural shades that create an atmosphere of Zen, where you can experience peace and tranquility.

japanese inspired interior soaking tub wooden deck

The color palette in Japanese style is based on minimalism and the main rule is simple colors, including black and white. The colors are reminiscent of Nature – stones, rocks, sand, and the palette includes mainly different shades of brown, beige, sandy, milky white, pearly. When decorating a bathroom in Japanese style, it should be remembered that its main value is space, elegant simplicity, the absence of unnecessary details. You can limit the color combinations, the pattern of tiles with plant patterns in pastel colors, the use of pebbles, texture tiles. The finishes feature natural materials – wood, stone, glass, and nowadays their modern versions – innovative materials, stylized to look like natural.

japanese soaking tub beautiful wall tiles walk in shower

The central object in the bathroom is the soaking tub (ofuro), traditionally made of hardwood tree (hinoku) but in contemporary bathrooms we see a variety of options – from modern minimalist soaking tubs to in-ground tubs.

japanese decor ideas bathroom color palette floor tiles

Lighting is another important element in the Japanese-style bathroom. In order to create a space where your mind will be free to rest, light has to be balanced, slightly diffused. Avoid bright lights and oversized light fixtures.

Japanese master bathroom soaking tub corner shower bamboo plant

Nature is especially important in Japanese style and a key element in every decor. Bamboo, mosses, tree branches, potted flowers are one of the decorative elements which are of greatest importance.

Scandinavian bathroom decor ideas

scandinavian style decor vessel sinks bench

Scandinavian style is very popular for decorating kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and it is gaining popularity in arranging bathroom decors. The main characteristics of Scandinavian style are simplicity, use of natural materials, light colors, ergonomic furniture, simple geometric forms and maximum functionality.

scandinavian bathroom decor ideas bathtub walk in shower wood flooring

Color palette is restraint and calm to create a light and airy space. White is the dominant color and is usually combines with gray, blue, blue, green and other natural colors. Red, yellow, orange, purple can be used, but with caution and as color accents. Especially in a bathroom you should choose two color shades and work with them. There is a trend to replace the dominant white color with softer pastel and beige shades and there are beautiful bathroom designs in Scandinavian style in neutral colors.

scandinavian style decor white color wood furniture

The finishing materials are traditionally wood and stone. Nothing is more Scandinavian than light wood, so consider creative ways of bringing it to the bathroom as it adds warmth and texture to the interior. Finishing the walls in white tile is a good idea as white is never too much in a bathroom. Add some beige or blue if you think that the interior will look too monotonous.

scandinavian style design ideas bathroom furniture

The furniture in Scandinavian style bathroom is not excessive. A pair of shelves, a small cabinet for storing towels – this is what you will see – minimum pieces and maximum functionality. Preference should be given to furniture made of coniferous wood, as it most closely corresponds to the spirit of Scandinavia.

scandinavian style decor ideas walk in shower floor tiles

You need to carefully consider the choice of accessories for a Scandinavian style bathroom. Colorful crochet rugs, wicker laundry baskets, wooden storage boxes, textile like cotton, soft linen – these are typical for the decor. Keep to simple shapes and light colors and keep in mind that it is better to limit yourself to two or three pieces which will complement the style.

Moroccan style in bathroom interiors

moroccan style decor ideas wall tiles vanity bathtub

The interior of a Moroccan-styled bathroom is very beautiful and unusual. Expensive materials, hand carving and exclusive plumbing give the design a feeling of incredible luxury. The magnificence of the East creates an atmosphere of magic and mystery, beauty and elegance, a kind of fairy-tale in the bathroom. The traditional Moroccan style is a combination of African, Mediterranean and Arab motifs and features the best of each culture. The interiors successfully combine elements from the Berber, Greek, Roman, and Spanish traditions. These interiors need space to reveal all the splendor and are rarely used for small bathrooms.

moroccan bathroom blue tile light fixtures furniture ideas

The color palette in Moroccan style features rich, fabulous and unpredictable, contrasting, bold colors – scarlet and purple, burgundy and pink, gold and red, combination of terracotta and light beige shades with lilac, deep blue and green tones, ochre, umber, bronze.

Moroccan architectural elements white bathroom decorating ideas

Finishing and materials are typically natural materials like wood, stone and of course, magnificent ceramic tiles which create ornaments of different colors, based on the traditional oriental patterns. The walls are usually covered with special mineral textured plaster with a marble finish effect. In the classic Moroccan style, the walls are painted with saturated colors, whether blue, red or green.

moroccan tile bathroom design ideas blue white

Arches are widely used as decor elements. A variety of niches, openings and arched partitions decorate the bathroom. The niche accommodates spectacular accessories, for example – candlesticks, clay and wooden boxes, aromatic lamps and candles, massage oils. Lighting fixtures feature chandeliers with unusual shapes, traditional lanterns with stained glass inserts which give the bathroom a spectacular and oriental luxury. Using textiles is another typical feature of Moroccan styles – for example, a silk curtain separates the bath pool from the rest of the space, several layers of organza cover an arched entrance, mirrors can be decorated with beautiful light fabrics, etc.

Nautical decor in the interior of the bathroom

nautical decor blue white interior wall tile ideas

Nautical bathroom decor ideas combine elegance with simplicity. It is not about fancy and expensive finishes. The goal is to create a lot of space and light, a place for relaxation and tranquility.

nautical decor ideas bathroom color scheme blue white

The colors are essential and the majority of designers are based on different shades of green and blue, white, turquoise, sandy shades, etc. These colors are always fashionable and create an atmosphere of coolness and freshness, reminding of an unforgettable summer vacation at the sea. Choosing bathroom furniture should be in compliance with the main theme of the decor. Colors are blue, white, natural wood shades.

nautical decor mosaic tiles white vanity storage ideas

The most suitable finishing materials for a nautical styled bathroom will be ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles, but many designers use textured plaster to create the effect of sea waves.

nautical bathroom world map wallpaper floor tiles

Lighting for a bathroom decorated in nautical style can be soft yellow, imitating the sun or cold white light. There are numerous options for nautical light fixtures designed to reflect the theme – rope chandeliers, submarine-style lamps, driftwood wall sconces, etc.

nautical style marine style accessories blue white bathroom

The assortment of bathroom accessories is huge and you can choose them according to your taste and needs. To create a unique bathroom interior, you can hang family photos from vacations in original frames decorated with sea shells. A mirror is a necessity in every bathroom. It can be designed as a porthole, steering wheel or richly decorated with sea shells. Decorative boats of different shapes and sizes, as well as soap dishes with fish or starfish, miniature lighthouses, rope, driftwood – there is an unlimited choice of accessories which will add to the unique character of your bathroom.

Tropical bathroom decor ideas – give your home an exotic touch


Tropical bathroom interior furniture lighting ideas

Tropical style combines cultures and traditions of different countries. This allows you use design ideas from different styles, not limited to one, and also constantly add and change details and accessories.


tropical master bathroom bathtub plants furniture

When choosing a color palette for a tropical bathroom, you need to choose the warmest tones. Use natural, neutral tones as a base and bright vivid, tropical colors – yellow, orange or green, turquoise, white, terracotta – that will help create an atmosphere of tropical nature. Avoid cold colors but stick to only warm, natural, eye-pleasing shades. If you want a more subtle decor, choose a calm color and add a couple of pictures which are suitable for the theme.


tropical interior modern bathroom design sink faucets accent wall

The finishes in tropical style include mainly natural materials – wood, bamboo, ceramic tiles, sea shells, mosaic of glass and ceramics, natural stone, copper, bronze, glass, ceramics.


Tropical bathroom ideas freestanding tub vanity cabinet

The choice of accessories in the bathroom has to work with the concept – wicker basket for clothes, caskets made of bamboo, soap dish in the form of a beautiful shell – these will enhance the decoration concept. Lush vegetation is typical for the tropics, so if you have the space, arrange large plants with lush greenery, a palm tree, bamboo trees, orchids. Accessories should be bright and spectacular, like tropical flowers, birds and fish.

Bohemian bathroom design ideas

bohemian style decor ideas boho chic design

Bohemian bathroom designs are absolutely spectacular, which is one of the main features of the style in general. Bohemian has a lot of fans because it is so vivid and original and the style is used for living rooms and bedrooms, but we rarely see it in bathrooms. This is the decor of creative personalities and the best about Boho chic is that you can forget about any principles and rules as the main goal is to have a space which is comfortable to you, to reflect your lifestyle, taste and preferences.

bohemian bathroom ideas bathtub wall decoration

Color palette – well, here we see the riot of bright, rich, vivid and bold colors. When properly combined, they create a cozy interior without any pretension for sophistication and refinement. Boho chic is an expression of artistic inspiration, creativity, the beauty of art pieces, and combines elements of many styles- Baroque, Art Nouveau, Retro, Classic, Fusion, Eclectic, etc. and the interior often looks like an eccentric mix of furniture pieces and accessories which, seemingly, have nothing in common. In bohemian interiors, vintage items are often used and they are mixed together with furniture and decorative elements from different eras. You need to rely on your own taste and sense of proportion to create a unique and harmonious bathroom decor and not a flea market. Sometimes, using just one or two vintage items as accents is enough to add an artistic touch to the bathroom.

boho chic bathroom ideas round bathtub wall decoration

Bohemian decoration features an abundant amount of textiles. You can easily decorate your bathroom with dense or lightweight curtains – anything that pleases you. Remember that Boho chic is an exception, and you can be as eccentric and original as you want.

bohemian style interior design bathroom accessories ideas

Natural stone, natural wood, clear glass, mosaic, marble, carbon fiber, concrete – all of these materials can be used in a Bohemian bathroom. Create visual contrasts with shapes and sizes, colors and textures. For example – select one basic color scheme for the curtains, lamps, shelves and vanity and add a mirror frame in a contrast color and add accessories in the same accent color to enhance the visual effect.

Industrial bathroom interior design ideas

industrial bathroom decor ideas exposed brick wall clawfoot tub

The most distinctive features of industrial style are the use of materials and furniture pieces characteristic for industrial premises, strict straight lines, rough surfaces, stone, concrete, iron and minimalism in almost everything. The interiors resemble factory workshops and warehouses.

industrial decor ideas vessel sink bathroom decorating

When choosing an industrial style for bathroom design, there is no need to hide pipes and other communications as they are used as decorative ornaments and sometimes are painted in bright colors, turning them into an accent in the bathroom. Concrete, wood and brick are the typical materials and are used for walls, floors and ceiling. Painting bricks or concrete is not acceptable, as these are the main materials that give the authentic character of industrial surroundings. Polished concrete is an option when you wish to avoid rough surfaces. The color palette features neutral colors – white, gray, black – and rarely accent colors.

industiral style bathroom decor ideas finishes colors

Industrial style has elements of rustic which soften the harsh appearance and make it more comfortable. You can mix industrial elements with vintage, add retro accessories, antique details, more wood, copper, brass, glass and soft warm colors. Depending on your personal taste and preferences you can opt for rough surfaces of walls, polished metal and almost complete absence of furniture and accessories which will give a more industrial look to the bathroom or add rustic details – wooden boxes of different shapes and sizes and baskets – for a warmer appearance. However, you need to keep in mind that industrial style is closer to minimalism than to rustic and accessories, if any, should be scarce.

industrial stile sink faucet wood metal

As for the decor, there is very little of it in the industrial bathroom. It is important to create a minimalist, even Spartan atmosphere, and the abundance of decorative components is clearly not conducive to this. Often there are posters, round “captain” mirrors on a belt or rope, chrome and wooden accessories, towels and rugs with inscriptions, pendant lamps in the form of light bulbs on wires, and pot plants reviving the atmosphere.

Contemporary bathroom interiors and decorating ideas

contemporary wall tile ideas gold silver effect mosaic tile

What is contemporary style? It is obvious that modern design is constantly developing, determining fashion trends. When we speak about contemporary and modern bathroom design and decorating ideas, the main feature of these interiors is the freedom in choosing color solutions, avoiding traditional methods of using tile, playing with light and adding new functions to the interior, experimenting with shape, textures and materials. Clear lines and unusual shapes, bold combination of shades – all this can be found in the modern bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom ideas freestanding tub wall decor lighting

The walls can combine tiles in different color and size, as well as combination with mosaic and monochrome plain surface. We see beautiful flooring ideas – wood, tile, polished concrete – sometimes used to define the different areas in the bathroom.

contemporary bathroom ideas furniture color scheme

The furniture in a modern bathroom is characterized with strict, straight lines and a variety of materials – wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, glass, natural stone, artificial stone, etc. We see a variety of ideas – glass shower partitions, amazing walk-in showers, corner baths, original sinks, modern faucets,etc.

contemporary interiors bathroom decor ideas sinks vanity bathtub

Lighting in a contemporary bathroom combines traditional and innovative technology – LED lighting is widely used as ambient lighting, built in lights, strips of hidden lights, combined with glamorous crystal chandeliers – again, modern ideas are pushing the limits. All the components are simple, without excessive decorations and accessories.

contemporary glass shower stall bathroom design ideas

Contemporary style is suitable for both large and small bathrooms. You can create both expensive, luxury interiors with high end-finishes and a functional modern bathroom on a budget by using creative, non-standard design techniques.

Minimalist bathroom decor ideas

minimalist furniture bathroom design colors lighting

Minimalism is one of the most popular design styles in contemporary interiors. The name speaks for itself – minimum objects and details, maximum of convenience and functionality. Minimalist bathroom decor ideas look extremely laconic with dominating light shades, which visually increase the space, and another characteristic feature is the simplicity of shapes. This style allows you to leave as much free space as possible, to avoid clutter and at the same time to have a stylish space and a beautiful interior.

minimalist bathroom design freestanding tub white vanity

The typical color palette in minimalist bathroom decor ideas is limited to white, black and various shades of gray. This combination is classic, and allows you to create very interesting spaces. The decoration of the white room with black color makes it unusually spectacular. You can create striking interiors in black and they look as impressive as interiors in white. Many homeowners prefer warmer colors from the neutral palette – beige, sand, creamy, coffee or chocolate brown – and if you follow the main principles of minimalism, there is nothing wrong to use these colors.

minimalist glass shower floating bathroom vanity

The finishing materials in a minimalist bathroom can be light wood, stone, metal, marble, polished granite, glass, smooth limestone and of course the focus is on the highest quality and simple, straight lines.

minimalist bathroom lighting ideas floating vanity wall mirror

Lighting should be muted so as not to strain your eyes. Natural light, spotlights, contemporary light fixtures, LED lighting – all these can be used in a minimalist bathroom in the different functional areas.

contemporary style bathroom minimalist decor concrete walls

Minimalist bathroom furniture does not have unnecessary details. It is distinguished by simple rectangular shapes, sometimes smooth curves. Forget about different shelves and many cabinets. Typically, the number of pieces is limited to the vanity cabinet. Whether you will install a bathtub or a shower will depend on the personal preferences.

minimalist bathroom design ideas furniture color palette

Remember that minimalism is also based on the complete absence of unnecessary accessories. You can add one or two decorative items but they have to be chosen very carefully so that they will not be in conflict with the design concept.

High-tech style and original bathroom decor ideas

high tech decor bathroom furniture floor wall finish

Hi-tech is a modern style of interior design for those who are fond of an active lifestyle, using modern electronic devices and not wasting their time for extra romance. To many people this style seems utterly impractical but it pushes creativity to the highest levels. The main principle is high functionality, clear lines and minimal use of accessories. Latest technologies are welcome in high-tech designs – gloss finishes of walls, stretch ceilings, shelving, mirror cabinets, asymmetric forms, glass, chrome-plated metal, plastic, acrylic – whatever suits your personal taste – but you will not see materials like natural wood in a high-tech interior.

high tech bathroom ideas lights vanity

The color palette is characterized by the use of only three primary colors: white, black and all shades of gray. Red, blue, green, purple are used rarely but in bright, neon shades. Despite the monochrome color scheme, the interiors do not look dull due to the metallic and glass shine and the special attention given to lighting.

high tech style modern lighting bathroom decorating ideas

Good lighting is essential – spotlights create uniform lighting and can be used to define functional areas. Furniture and equipment feature the latest ideas – from high tech showers to innovative faucet designs. A stereo system is another feature that is often used in high-tech bathrooms.



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