Provence bathroom decor ideas – harmonious interiors with a romantic flair

by Kremy

Provence bathroom decor ideas are amazing us with the romantic atmosphere and delicate charm. Some describe the style as French country, others as Shabby Chic and indeed, the style includes both rustic and “shabby” elements.

Provence bathroom designs furniture and decor ideas

A Provence-style bathroom is always filled with light, lightness and comfort. The Provencal interior is filled with the rural spirit of the old times. Provence is associated with warm sea, green nature, hot coffee and the tenderness of the morning sun and the natural charm of the South of France is reflected in the interior design of the house. While being a part of the larger Mediterranean style, Provencal interiors create a special atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

romantic bathroom ideas Provencal style decor


A classic Provencal interior is the choice of people who value their home comfort and are not chasing the fashion trends of our modern times. In an authentic Provencal style interior you will not see dark tones, minimalist straight lines and high-gloss furniture pieces. What makes Provence style really special is the feeling of ease, light and warmth.

Basic features of Provencal style decor in bathroom interiors

vintage furniture vanity cabinet Provence style interior ideas

Provencal style decor in the bathroom interior is characterized with light and natural charm. It is sun’s rays that create the feeling of harmony with nature. The softness of the color scheme – light pastels, purples, greens and sandy shades, the dominance of natural materials create an overall impression of sophistication and perfect taste. It is important to remember that the Provence style does not tolerate:

  • luxury;
  • an abundance of colors;
  • bright flashy colors;
  • urban chic.

When decorating the bathroom interior, it is important to avoid overloading the room because the Provence style does not accept this. If you have any difficulties with the choice of finishing materials, pieces of furniture and bathroom accessories, see the inspiring Provence bathroom decor ideas in the photo gallery below.

Provencal style color scheme options

simple elegant bathroom ideas Provence style decor

You can choose a variety of shades for finishing the bathroom as long as you stay away from intense, bold, flashy, neon colors. The best colors for a Provence style bathroom decor are light pastel shades, as if burnt out in the bright sun, for example light green, lilac, lavender, light brown, pale yellow, pale pink, peach, blue, cream, beige, etc. These shades must be used both for finishing materials and for furniture and accessories. The background should always remain white or light beige. Dark tones like blue, chocolate or black should be used in the smallest possible amount, for example as forged elements or furniture patina.

Provence bathroom decor ideas – Charming floral patterns

blue vanity cabinet and mirror frame bathroom ideas Provence style


Another characteristic and very cute feature of the Provence style is the romantic flair that every item has. Due to floral patterns, lace and oval lines, the bathroom turns into a peaceful getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Floral patterns are usually associated with Shabby chic, but you can use them in Provencal style as well – wallpaper, bathroom accessories, textile with embroidery, etc.

Provence bathroom decor ideas – simplicity and naturalness in the interior

Provence style decor bathroom furniture and accessories ideas

How to decorate a Provence style bathroom? As we said, Provencal style does not tolerate luxury. It reflects the simplicity and modesty of rural life.

The decor of any room, including a bathroom, begins with the selection of finishing materials. Obviously, they need to be resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

The floor – you can choose either ceramic tiles with simple design and matte finish or wood. Ideally, the flooring resembles wood, sand or stone. It is important that flooring has a pronounced texture and relief pattern.

how to decorate your bathroom in Provence style

The walls are often not covered with plaster. In those days, to save time and money, the surface of the walls was simply painted over the brickwork. These days, a similar solution is also gaining popularity. The same technique is used for decorating wooden walls. The walls when framing a given room are covered with wooden panels and then painted with white paint. The rough finish using textured materials looks quite authentic. In this way, you can achieve a visual similarity with a provincial French house.

The ceiling is painted white or covered with light wood. Exposed ceiling beams can also be used as decorations and add character to the bathroom interior design.

An integral element of the interior is a heavy door made of wood and decorated with a beautiful and carved handle in gold or copper color.

Elegant furniture in Provence-style bathrooms

Provence style bathroom with clawfoot tub and white vanity

The use of wood and forging is a characteristic feature in the interior of French villages. A Provence-style bathroom will look perfect if you place accessories and furniture made of wood and wrought iron. It can be wooden shelves, a wrought-iron clothes rack, a small bench, etc. All furniture should look massive and old. Depending on the size of the bathroom you can add a bench, a chair or armchair, a rack for bathroom accessories, etc. It is important that all furniture pieces have smooth shapes, carved elements, as well as characteristic pastel shades, often with a patina. If it is not possible to buy rare antique pieces, modern technology allows artificially aging new pieces of furniture. Choose sanitary ware – sinks and toilets – made of porcelain. A clawfoot tub is the best choice as it organically blends into the Provence style.

Lighting, textile and accessories

master bathroom with clawfoot tub and vanity table

The main element of the decor is the window. Its presence is required when creating a Provencal design. Natural light will add harmony and freshness to the bathroom interior. In the south of France, it is customary to insert windows divided into several cells. A wrought iron chandelier, wooden or metal lampshade will perfectly fit into the overall picture. Everything in the interior should speak of nature.

bathroom decorating ideas Shabby chic and Provence elements

Textile is another important element. If there is a window in the bathroom, it should be decorated in the manner appropriate to Provence, that is, with the help of thin linen, cotton or natural textiles. Don’t forget about ties, lace inserts or delicate embroidery along the edge of the curtains. In addition, the textiles can be used as a curtain under the sink countertop, on doors, or as a partition, separating the toilet from the bath.

bathroom decor ideas French Provence clawfoot tub white cabinets

Accessories in a Provence-style bathrooms should not stand out. The interior uses decorative elements made from natural materials. Store-bought or DIY-made items will do. Wicker baskets for bathroom accessories and small items will be a great addition. Use a large number of forged elements, for example, it can be holders for shelves, hooks for clothes and towels, curtain rods, etc.

Decorating the bathroom with bunches of wildflowers will be appropriate. On the walls, you can hang drawings with floral designs.

Provencal style color scheme options bathroom ideas

Finally, it is worth noting that the successful Provence bathroom decor ideas are aimed at re-creating the authentic atmosphere of the South of France. This style does not demonstrate social status and wealth and it does not tolerate pretentious and luxurious or modern finishes, furniture or accessories. Remember that it is based on simplicity, natural materials and comfort.


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