Valentines Day Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create a Romantic Getaway

by Kremy

Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas are aimed at creating a special romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. There are numerous ideas for decorating the home for February 14th – wall decorations, different crafts and DIY projects, and of course, the bedroom is the private place which should not remain without your attention.

romantic bedroom decorating ideas roses gifts boxes

We have said many times that one of the most important elements and the natural focal point in any bedroom design is the bed. Of course, when you decorate a room, you need to have an idea what you want to achieve and how to do it. Some people like lavish decorations while others prefer a more minimalistic approach. This is normal, as each person manifests their feelings differently. What is important is to stay true to yourself and to your taste. Take your time to think about the colors and all the decorative items that could help you create a special atmosphere and look at the photos in the gallery for inspiration!

Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas – color scheme ideas

Red and white bedroom decor for Valentines Day


Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas differ not only in style but in color as well. You are aware that colors affect the visual perception so you can choose traditional red, pink, white or opt for soft pastels, for example. Usually designers do not recommend using red in the bedroom décor and it has a stimulating effect. However, on February 14th you can break this rule in order to warm up the passions, because red symbolizes love and sensual pleasures so you can take advantage of these specific properties this color.

romantic decoration valentine bedroom pink candles pastel color palette

Another option to create a romantic bedroom on Valentine’s Day is to choose soft and muted colors. You can use simple garlands of pink paper hearts, which are not difficult to make as a DIY project, ribbons or lace, fresh flowers, decorative pillows, etc.

How to use textile as decoration on February 14th?

Create romantic atmosphere in the bedroom on February 14th

One of the easiest ways to create a quick bedroom décor for Valentine’s Day is to get themed bedding sets, duvet, comforter or decorative pillows. Having in mind that the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the room, a bedding set will determine the style and color scheme of the decoration, the overall mood in the room and sometimes change its appearance beyond recognition.

quick and easy Valentines day bedroom decor bed sheets


If you want to avoid red color, do not be afraid to use similar shades – orange, pink, peach, lilac – they are also exciting. Fabrics that are pleasant to look and feel are very conducive to a romantic atmosphere. It is ideal to choose bed linen for this day from shiny silk, satin and crepe or noble jacquard.

romantic bedroom decor ideas petals balloons canopy

On February 14th, you can make a canopy over the bed from light translucent curtains: it will enhance the feeling of intimacy in the bedroom and you may even want to keep this romantic accessory after the holiday. Complement the curtains with pinned flowers or colored paper hearts, or wrap glowing garlands in them

romantic Valentines day ideas decorative pillows as bedroom decoration

Decorative pillows will perfectly complement the decoration of the bed, making softer and more attractive. They can be decorated with covers to match the bedding or with themed patterns.

towels with heart prints Valentines day ideas

When it comes to textiles, you do not have to limit yourself to pillows and bed sheets. You can replace the usual towels in the bathroom with themed ones as well.

Valentine’s Day bedroom lighting ideas

how to decorate the bedroom on Valentines day

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and atmosphere in a room. Make it soft and muted. Some people love scented candles, others – floating, and some prefer the traditional ones in candlesticks. If you like the scented variety, do not hesitate to use them. Scent is another great way to make an event that much more enjoyable. Obviously, when you use candles as bedroom décor for Valentine’s Day, you need to think about safety. Do not put candles on the bed unless they have reliable fire protection. Candles on the floor look very nice, but keep them away from the bedspread.

How to use fresh flowers and rose petals as Valentine’s day bedroom décor?

Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas to create a romantic getaway

It is not a surprise that bedroom decoration with rose petals and candles is among the most popular ideas, because it does not take a lot of time and expensive preparations. Just sprinkle the bed with freshly picked petals and place several scented or unscented candles on each bedside table, as well as around the bed. February 14th is a great time to get creative, so go for romance! Pick fresh rose petals and use them to shape a big heart on the bed or on the pillows. Do not hesitate to add a bouquet of fresh roses which will make the decor even more special.

How to use fresh flowers and rose petals as Valentines day bedroom decor

Another great idea would be to cut several red roses short and arrange them in a heart shape on the bed. If necessary, add a few more roses on the pillows. It is also possible to be creative by writing the name or the name initial of your partner with rose petals.

Fantastic Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas with balloons

Fantastic Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas with balloons

Valentines day bedroom decorating ideas with balloons are super cute. Balloons are playful, they create an atmosphere of fun and lightness. You can use heart shaped balloons or ordinary ones in a particular color as per the chosen palette – red, white, pink – whatever works for you. Balloons can be combined with fresh flowers, cute plush toys, decorative pillows, etc.

Create romantic atmosphere in the bedroom on February 14th

romantic bedroom decor petals candles champagne

Do not forget that music is another powerful tool that will help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day. A quiet melody will surely make the moment even more special.

rose petals heart Valentines day romantic bedroom decoration

As you see, it is not difficult to transform your bedroom into a place of love and romance. Remember, often the best ideas are the simplest! After you finished decorating the bedroom for Valentine’s Day, all you need to do is get out the champagne! Do not forget about strawberries, which are traditionally considered an addition to a sparkling drink during romantic meetings. Plus, they will be another red accent in the bedroom.


Valentines Day bedding sets ideas

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how to create a romantic decor in the bedroom

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