How to Create a Romantic Valentines Day Atmosphere in Your Home

by Kremy

How to create a romantic Valentines Day atmosphere in your home? This year most couples will prefer to celebrate February 14th at home which does not mean that the holiday should be neglected. Love is the most beautiful of all feelings. A special romantic atmosphere reigns on Valentine’s Day. Love, warmth and pleasant emotions literally float in the air. When you are in love, you want to become a wizard and give your loved one a real miracle. Well, maybe we can help you with some ideas how to make this holiday unforgettable!

Simple and easy ideas to create a romantic Valentines Day atmosphere

how to create a romantic valentines day atmosphere in your home 10 ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and every year we try to think of interesting activities, romantic weekends or something that we can do together with our beloved ones. Well, this is the first year when we shall celebrate Valentine’s Day in a pandemic and following the rules of social distancing, with lockdowns which makes it almost impossible to have a spa weekend or even go to a restaurant.

As frustrating as it may be not to be able to do something special or travel for Valentine’s Day, there is no reason to skip the romance. We can still spend this magical day at home and don’t you agree that we all need a good healthy dose of romance? I you plan a “romantic-minded” interior, here are some inspiring ideas that will help you decide how to decorate the room and what decor to use.

How to create the most suitable interior for Valentine’s Day?

Valentines day decor 10 ideas for romantic atmosphere at home


Valentine’s Day is all about love. Nothing else creates the mood of Valentine’s Day like a warm and cozy atmosphere at home so focus on details that add comfort. It doesn’t matter how long your relationship is – a few days or an eternity. A loved one and a romantic atmosphere that will help you forget about worries.

Create romantic Valentines Day atmosphere by using symbols of love

10 ideas for romantic atmosphere at home

In decorating your home, use traditional symbols associated with the holiday of love- hearts, cupids, valentines. The heart is the main symbol of Valentine’s Day, and decorating the house with various hearts is a pleasure. The colors are also classic – red, pink, white and black. There are many options for decorating a house with hearts.

quick and easy romantic home decor balloons flowers

You can decorate with heart shaped balloons, make a Valentine’s Day garland, draw hearts on the windows or on the bathroom mirror or cut out an “I love you” confession and hang it in your bedroom.

Valentine’s day cards are another symbol of this holiday. They express our feelings and there is no better way to start the day with a loving message. You can buy a card or make it yourself.

Romantic lighting

heart shaped candles for romantic february 14


Light is a magical tool for creating the right mood in your home. Forget about bright lamps this evening. You can use many light sources at once, but dim them with a dimmer, turn them against the wall or cover them with something translucent.

Colored light also fits into the mood of this holiday. A light bulb that can be adjusted to the desired color will come in handy. Choose red, pink, purple tones. You can easily change the color of your light by using a colored paper shade.

Do not forget about candles. They are one of the most romantic accessories. The flickering flame of a candle, its delicate aroma, will give a feeling of harmony and warmth. Jasmine, rose, bergamot, cinnamon are considered suitable aromas. The aromas of Neroli, Geranium, Sandalwood are believed to be erotic.

Decorative pillows

easy home decor ideas for February 14

Decorative pillows have long occupied a special place in creating a cozy and stylish interior. You don’t have to buy a hundred pillows. A few small or large ones with cool love inscriptions or drawings are enough. If you are a fan of craft projects you can sew special covers and the sofa pillows will become not only a home decor but also a wonderful gift.

Valentine’s Day table setting

table setting for romantic valentines day dinner

February 14th is the perfect day to set the table beautifully! Beautiful thematic tableware, cutlery and table textiles will add to the romantic atmosphere. Heart shaped plates, cute inscriptions on mugs, red lace, rolled napkins with attached valentines, candles in graceful candlesticks, flowers in a vase – the options are numerous!


romantic table setting for two Valentines day dinner ideas

There is no doubt that there should be flowers on our magically decorated table! Roses are the all-time classic flower for Valentine’s Day. Red, pink or white roses – they always speak of love, passion and devotion. Of course, you can choose any other flower that your partner loves – hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, etc.

Pleasant scent

valentines day celebration romantic dinner at home

Choose your favorite colors or essential oil blends. You can use incense sticks, but remember that they often have an overly artificial smell. If you want to seduce, do not forget to buy aphrodisiacs in advance.


romantic music Valentines day ideas date at home

Choose pleasant, light and romantic music. Turn it on quietly – let it sound against the background of your conversation.

Bathroom with roses

February 14 ideas romantic bathroom decor with candles

You do not have to spend a romantic evening at a table or on a sofa. For example, an experiment with a rose-scented bath under candles will be remembered for a long time.

Decorate the bedroom

romantic bedroom decor heart rose petals

The culmination of the evening can be a romantically decorated bedroom, especially if you try to keep your loved one out of this room for as long as possible. To decorate the room, you can use white and red bedding and the timeless classics – rose petals.




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