How to create a romantic bedroom? 20+ Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for an unforgettable time

by Kristiyana

Valentine’s Day is the day when couples in love celebrate all over the world. Its name can be traced back to two martyrs named Valentine. Over the centuries, this celebration has gained great popularity. Many people do not believe in Valentine’s Day because, in their opinion, any day can be a holiday for the magical feeling of love. Nevertheless, this cold day in the middle of February is a wonderful reason to focus a little more on our relationship and make more time to show our love for the person by our side. And after all, a little chocolate, wine, candles and of course love never hurt anyone. Here are a few decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day, as well as some tips on how to create unforgettable moments with your partner by turning your bedroom into a romantic cocooning corner.

Valentine’s Day decoration ideas to make your heart beat faster


To start, how about working a little on the lighting? Dimmed lights bring a romantic atmosphere into the bedroom. Use candles as well. They give a sense of intimacy and reduce stress. Put a few in each corner of the room. Place mirrors to reflect the soft light. You can also isolate disturbing light and noise by using fluffy dark curtains.



Exciting Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for the bedroom


Other interesting Valentine’s Day decor ideas relate to bed linen and other textiles. Bed linen plays an important role in the overall effect of the room. The best fabrics would be silk and satin, as they provide relaxation and cosiness in bed, or cotton satin. Among the best colours for a romantic ambience are pearl, as well as golden and bronze shades. However, red, black, white, blue, and green are just as popular. It would be even nicer if you added intriguing fabrics such as furs, velvet, and velour. They are pleasantly soft, and you can find all kinds of accessories made from these fabrics.

Unique and creative DIY ideas for romantic decorations


Should you have a good imagination, you can of course make some of the Valentine’s Day decoration ideas yourself and according to your taste, thus saving money. Whether it’s a few balloons, a beautiful card or a homemade paper garland, your effort will surely be highly appreciated.

Make a beautiful paper garland with hearts


Hang paper lanterns in pastel colours above the bed


Tips and advice to create a romantic atmosphere


A few more Valentine’s Day decoration ideas include a canopy over the bed and, of course, romantic music. This can consist of favourite ballads or effective instrumental music, such as oriental and exotic melodies. In addition to music, scented candles and beautiful cut flowers can also influence the atmosphere in the room. Chocolate and champagne certainly do not need to be remembered.

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How to decorate the bedroom for Valentine’s Day?


Are you just looking for ideas on how to embellish the bedroom for cupid’s day? Then just browse through our picture gallery to discover several beautiful decoration ideas!

Decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day—candlelight for a magical atmosphere


Valentine’s Day decoration ideas with romantic wall decorations


Valentine’s Day decoration ideas in white and pink


Romantic Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for bedrooms in red


Decorate the fireplace mantel with flowers and candles


Make a personal garland with your shared pictures


Flowers and hearts decorations are always a good idea


Serve breakfast in bed on a decorated tray


DIY bed “love” headboard from pallets


Make your own wall decoration from a vintage picture frame


Wooden wall decoration with photo


Bathtub with candles and flowers in the bedroom


Red roses on the bed are a classic decoration for Valentine’s Day


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