Valentine’s day decor 2023: Check out how to make the day of love extra special this year!

by Gabby

I know there is still a lot of time left until Valentine’s Day, however I already can’t wait to talk about it. This is one of my favorite days of the year, because I love celebrating love. I know that most people think that you can celebrate it every day, but why not make it a special occasion and do something romantic for your loved one? We often forget these little gestures that can guarantee us a happy moment. This Valentine’s Day I advise you to start planning early and do something amazing! Why not start planning the decorations? What is the best Valentine’s Day decor in 2023? No more waiting, let’s find out!

Valentine’s Day ideas: Plan something special for your significant other

valentines day decorating ideas cute romantic present garlands fireplace be mine sign

If you have to spend Valentine’s Day at home once more this year, whether it be with your sweetheart or a select group of friends gathered together, we welcome you to review our decorating suggestions below. These ideas are quick to make and won’t take long, but it will have a big impact on how you feel. We’re going to produce happiness, because we need to find a little of it every day. In addition to the fact that we adore this celebration, we also deserve it. So, it’s up to you whether you pick your favorite concepts or combine them all. Feeling content and at ease is the most important thing. Believe me there is nothing better than doing something for your sweetheart with your own hands. Check out some DIY projects to do in 2023!

Valentine’s Day decor 2023: DIY ideas

DIY valentines day decoration for home how to make it step by step tutorial easy quick


If you want something quick and easy, these hearts are the way to go! You will need just a few things like paper, scissors, wooden skewers, leftover wine corks, and a knife. Depending on how many you want to make, it will not take more than 10 to 20 minutes. These hearts are perfect for the table, fireplace, bookshelves or a desk.

Hearts on the wall 

DIY hearts on the wall valentines day decorations 2023 how to make it at home easy

This is one of the easiest DIY Valentine’s Day project that you can make this year. However, have you seen cuter wall decoration? These 3D hearts will make such a difference for this holiday and will make you feel the love in the room. You can have them in just three easy steps – cut them, glue them, and put them on your wall!

Valentine’s Day decoration at home

valentines day home decorations ideas pink balloons heart pillows macaroons romantic cute love

If you want to know how to decorate your home in order to have an amazing time, I have a few ideas. Yes, I know it is cheesy with all the balloons and fluffy pillows. However, you cannot deny that only by looking at this picture, you feel happier and in a good mood. Imagine when your partner sees this, I am sure they are going to adore it!

Hanging pictures from balloons 

hanging pictures from balloons valentines day ideas creative romantic and cute

You don’t want the simple balloon decoration and want to do something different this year? Get your helium balloons and hang pictures from them. You can choose the pictures with the best memories you and your partner have and walk them by the memory lane. You can drink champagne and reminisce about the time you have spent together and make plans for the future.

Valentine’s Day photo booth at home

valentines day photo booth pictures balloons rose pettals cute romantic idea

You want to save the beautiful memory of this year’s Valentine’s Day? Create a little spot at your home where you can take photos with your significant other. Make sure to make it extra cute with some rose petals, balloons and flowers.

Decorate your bath on Valentine’s Day

valentines day bath decoration romantic ideas 14 february rose pettals candles wine

If you happen to have a beautiful bathroom and a comfortable bathtub that accommodates not only you, but your better half as well, then it’s almost mandatory that you take the opportunity to pamper yourself during the upcoming Valentine’s Day. At home, with some bubbles, nice music, lit candles and flowers, lots of flowers! If you don’t want the extra work of cleaning this rose petals idea later, you can use your favorite bath salts, and simply put a lot of candles on the floor. This will create the perfect romantic ambiance! You can also check out how to decorate your bedroom this year!

How to decorate your table on Valentine’s Day?

valentines day table how to decorate it ideas centerpiece flowers romantic holiday

Decorating your table on Valentine’s Day is a must when it comes to having a good time! How to decorate it? You can inspire yourself from this picture and use flowers, velvet little heart cushions, red napkins, and your favorite set of plates. I would add candles of course, because I think when you want a romantic atmosphere, there is no way you can miss on them! Another idea that comes to my mind is that you can do a breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day instead, or you can do breakfast and dinner.

How to fold your napkins into hearts?

how to fold your napkins into hearts DIY valentines day ideas 2023

You want something cute for your table? How about folding your napkins into hearts? It will not take more than 5 minutes, once you get how it is done!

Simple Valentine’s Day decor 2023: Lights, fortress and a movie

valentines day fortress movies lights snacks ideas romantic cute

If you want something different from balloons, roses and candles, you can try this one! Build a fortress for your partner with cozy pillows, blankets and lights. Grab your favorite snacks and your laptop and put on your favorite romantic movie! This will be the perfect date!

Other Valentine’s Day decor 2023

valentines day pictures hearts frame easy DIY peresent how to make it

Romantic indoor picnic 

romantic picnic indoor valentines day lights snacks wine cute ideas 2023

How to decorate your bed on Valentine’s Day? 

how to decorate my bed on valentines day surprise romantic balloons roses love

Cute balloon decoration for Valentine’s Day

valentines day heart balloons decoration pink how to decorate at home 2023

Table decoration idea

decoration valentines day pink cute flowers ideas romantic present significant other

How to decorate your stairways on Valentine’s Day? 

stairs decoration valentines day love hearts garlands easy to make DIY

DIY cute garlands 

DIY heart garlands two steps easy to make surprise for your partner on valentines day

Love letter for everyday DIY

love letter for every day DIY valentines day

The cutest Valentine’s Day idea 

tree log with initials hearts valentines day decoration idea 2023

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