Which astrology nail design according to the zodiac sign is for you? Our ideas promise to inspire your next manicure

by Kremy

Whether you constantly consult your horoscope or simply admire the stars, you are definitely one of those people who are fascinated by the mysteries of the night sky. Even if you cannot understand them, it is still possible to represent the glory of space in your art, and more specifically, in the way you decorate your nails. No need to believe in divination or star prediction to know that our selection of astrology nail design ideas will be fabulous! From simple designs to more elaborate designs, you won’t be disappointed with your zodiac sign inspired nails.

Which astrology nail design according to your zodiac element is for you?

almond nails blue french manicure golden stars and constellations stickers

Astrology is a valuable tool that helps us better understand our own inner universe and how we interact with the world around us. But it is also an incredible source of inspiration for your festive galaxy makeup or your next nail art. Each element of the zodiac – fire, earth, air and water – has dominant characteristics that help determine individual style preferences, which is very useful when choosing the right color for your nail polish or even the perfect manicure. Read on and find out what the stars are say about the nail designs that best match the specific features of each zodiac element.

What is the astrology nail design for fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

stylish astrology nail art in dark tones with celestial bodies


When it comes to astrology nail design ideas reserved for fire signs, astrologers recommend preferring bright colors like fiery red or orange. The explanation lies in the fact that representatives of this zodiac element will likely feel comfortable wearing nails that make a statement or are a little flashier. Glitter and glitter nail polishes, oval shapes and prints are also a perfect choice for Leo and Sagittarius.

Astrology nail art choice for earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

astrological nail art matte black stars planets sign capricorn pisces

As for the astrology nail design for the Earth signs, we strongly recommend more neutral shades, including nude or transparent polishes, and classic designs. These representatives of the zodiac prefer practical nail polish colors and versatile manicures, which are still suitable for the working environment French manicure, for example, is perfect.

What is the best nail design for Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

astrology nail art black polish manicure ideas zodiac signs Aquarius Libra Capricorn

Aquarius and Gemini are among the zodiac signs that do not hesitate to follow manicure trends and try bold designs, which others prefer to avoid. Libra sign differs a bit from other air representatives, as they appreciate art and beauty, they are willing to dip a toe in fun and original designs, but they prefer to keep their nail art more “disciplined” than an Aquarius or Gemini.

The astrology nail design of the Water signs – Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

astrology nail design for Scorpio short black nails with white constellations

Scorpio is generally attracted to dark colors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean black nail polish. On the other hand, it can still be a dark shade of red or an inky green. The sign of Pisces is also interested in similar tones. Shimmering purple is a gorgeous choice for representatives of this zodiac sign.

astrology nail design Water zodiac signs Cancer glittery varnish retro patterns

According to astrologers, Cancer tends to look into the past, it is a sign influenced by nostalgia. Therefore, retro trends are ideal for adorning their nails.

Almond purple nails with elegant astrological nail art

pretty astrology nail design purple nail polish planets sun constellations patterns

A galaxy manicure and astrology nail design for space lovers

astrology nail design ideas galaxy and constellation nail art on dark blue varnish

Astrological nail art on nude and dark blue nails

astrology nail art eye of providence stars half moon constellation

Elegant constellations on short blue nails

astrology nails blue nail art constellations

Accessorize your French manicure with minimalist golden stickers

nail art stickers planets stars half moon on blue french manicure

Minimalist nude manicure with astrological nail art

astrology nail design minimalist nail art constellation

A constellation and the sign of Aquarius adorn the nails in pink and purple

astrology nails ombre pink purple nail art constellation sign Aquarius

Manicure idea for the sign of Capricorn

manicure according to the zodiac sign Capricorn blue and pink gradient rhinestones

Black stiletto nails decorated with half moons

black stiletto nails with astrology nail art

Astrology nail design for ladies over 50

manicure women after 50 blue violet nail art astrological half moon eye of providence

Dare to decorate your short nails with simple meaningful decorations

nail art space half moon stars

The astrology nail design is the perfect accessory for your short nails

french manicure blue tips space stickers celestial bodies nail art

Nothing better than a constellation as nail art on nude nails

nail art constellations on very short nails nude nail polish

A bolder manicure for astrology fans

nail art according to zodiac sign pink and blue patterns stars half moon sun

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