IN PICTURES: The nude nails 2022 trend in 30 ideas that reveal the natural beauty of nails

by Kremy

As chic as it is, nude nail art is the great classic that seduces girls all over the world and with good reason! This timeless manicure trend is difficult to miss since its natural and restrained appearance perfectly enhances our nails. What’s more, nude nail polish comes in a wide range of shades to meet the desires and preferences of every trendy girl. Apricot, pale pink, shades that lean towards beige, French manicure… there really is something for everyone. To help you embrace the nude nails 2022 trend, our editors present 30+ ideas in pictures to inspire you!

Nude nails 2022: Which nail shape to choose?

nude nails 2022 trend natural nails

Good news: nude nail polish complements all nail shapes with ease! Oval, almond, stiletto or square, all nails can benefit from the nude manicure in all its variations. It is also important to note that it is better to choose the shape of the nails according to the hands in order to avoid mistakes and have a top manicure!

What is the trendiest nude shade?

nail design 2022 nail art nude colour pale pink


Here is a difficult question to answer. Elegant, discreet and refined, we love all the shades of nude! It’s actually the favorite color of girls who like rather minimalist manicures. Whether it’s a light, darker or almost transparent shade, the nude nails 2022 trend can be worn monochromatic or accessorized with touches of gold, glitter, rhinestones, etc. The main thing is to choose a nail decoration that you like!

What about the nude French manicure?

how to wear french manicure nude coffin nails

The French manicure is a classic and timeless nail art that has undergone several transformations in recent years. We have seen the two-tone French manicure, inverted, deconstructed and, even, with animal prints. In 2022, we adopt it with a darker nude base and we play with the location and dimensions of the famous white line, as shown in the example above. Now let’s get inspired with our image gallery!

Nude nails 2022 trend in 30 refined ideas to enhance your nails

gel nails nude nails 2022 golden touches

Fall nail art idea that features nude manicure and cute mushrooms!

gel nails nude pale pink color mushrooms nail art

Rhinestones and gold bands enliven the nude manicure

gel nails trendy nude manicure 2022 rhinestone accents

We do not forget the fine and subtle glitter!

nails trend 2022 nude nail varnish glitter and rhinestones

The nail decoration with gold leaves blends delicately with the nude shade

2022 nude nails with golden accents

Simple and minimalist nail art to adopt with your eyes closed

short minimalist nude nails 2022

Shades of nude as a nail art trend fall 2022

different shades nude nail art trend fall 2022

The nude French manicure plays with patterns

nude french manicure geometric design nail art 2022

Very light beige and white French manicure

french manicure nude and white nails 2022

Bold alternative to the nude French manicure with textured tips

nude french manicure dark nails textures

Pops of color energize nude gel nails

reverse nude french manicure color accents

Simple, but chic idea for a fall 2022 manicure

delicate nude french manicure nail art trends 2022

Glitter complements nude nail art in all its variations

manicure fall 2022 nude nails with glitter

Delicate flowers and nude nails with a matte finish

manicure fall 2022 nude nails flower nail art

Nude nails 2022 are accessorized with subtle designs

nude manicure trend 2022 flowers decoration

Trendy nail art 2022 combines nude with white and gold

manicure trend 2022 nude nails 2022 white and gold nails

Gold leaf is essential for nude nail art

manicure trend 2022 nude nails with golden accents

Minimalist and natural, the total nude look seduces us!

fall nail art simple nail design almost transparent

Romantic nail decoration in perfect harmony with the nude

simple and natural nude nails 2022 trends

Glitter stars complement natural nails

simple nude nails 2022 glitter stars

Shades of nude for playful and original nails

simple trend manicure 2022 different shades of nude

Don’t underestimate the golden vertical stripes!

nail art trend 2022 nude manicure with golden accents

Wedding nail decoration idea: nude varnish with glitter accents in rose gold

nail art trend autumn 2022 wedding manicure glitter

Yes, glitter invites itself very well on nude nail polish

nail art trend fall 2022 nude nails silver accents

Brown and nude for a top fall 2022 manicure

nail art trend autumn 2022 nude nails in various shades

Trendy manicure 2022 turns out to be natural and delicate

nail art trend autumn 2022 nude nail polish different shades

Very fine rhinestones and glitter make an impact

nail art trend fall 2022 glitter and rhinestones

Nude marble effect nail art for a “wow” manicure

nude nails 2022 marble effect coffin nails


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