Forbes hair: The dream haircut of successful men!

by Kremy

Like wearing a sharp suit and tie, a professional haircut is an important part of presentation for any serious businessman aiming to climb the corporate ladder to success. A good haircut is the first impression you make on others and is always very important with the appropriate attire. If you’re wondering what haircut the richest men on the planet prefer, I’m telling you about the Forbes hair trend!

Natural elegance is trendy!

mens haircut forbes business trend

Whether for personal or professional reasons, finding great professional hairstyles can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. A well-styled haircut also frames the face and highlights your best features. When fashion-forward men enter the workforce, they can struggle to stick to company code and find a style that works for them at the same time. Of course, not all white-collar workers want a mohawk, but some men are looking for a sleeker, more natural hairstyle that fits within the boundaries of a traditional business hairstyle. This is why in the Parisian salons, the leaders ask for the hairstyles of the star entrepreneurs in one of the economic magazines. Their favorite is Forbes.

Why are we talking about the Forbes haircut?

forbes hair successful men haircut trends


Most men associate a professional haircut with something boring and too short. However, things are not as bad as they seem. You can see this on the covers of America’s most widely read business magazine. “For the past few years, every time a client told me what haircut they wanted, they would pull out their smartphone and show me a photo of a CEO on the cover of a business magazine. It’s the Forbes! Since then, when I offer a Forbes haircut to a businessman, he understands right away! », says Coralien Fial, Lazartigue’s hairstylist ambassador at the Bristol Hotel and in his salon on rue de Miromesnil. For some time, we’ve been crazy about this ultra-chic style, from the most chic salons of the French capital. This is THE men’s hairstyle for 2022.

But what is this famous Forbes hair?

antoine arnaud haircut men forbes trend 2022

What makes a good Forbes hair? One of the first criteria is the conservative look. It does not necessarily mean “simple” or “boring”. The aesthetic of this new trend is often casual and indescribable, but it’s always classy. The hair in this successful businessman cut is nicely and tightly trimmed around the edges. The cut is uniform and the hair looks tidy. This is usually the result of the hairdresser or stylist who advises you. Make sure you choose a reputable stylist. It is certainly not a straight cut: the hair is a little long on top, maintained every fortnight with the contours of the ears and the nape of the neck well cleared. After a Forbes haircut, your employees cannot notice a change. Some business people even go for a discreet trim before speaking at an important event at work.

Powerful men and stars of the Forbes hair

Emmanuel Macron forbes haircut

A true professional hairstyle can be worn in a wide range of situations. It should be appropriate if you’re heading to work, dining with family, or attending a prestigious ceremony. Many businessmen and politicians choose the Forbes hair for its flexibility. The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron would be a follower. He’s had several haircuts lately. He is widely known as an excellent businessman, politician and banker. Nevertheless, the French president is best known for his particularly professional and friendly appearance. Antoine Arnault, who can be seen regularly at Paris Fashion Week, is a perfect example of how to adopt this business cut. Don’t hesitate to talk to your hairdresser about this trendy haircut. Apparently this “effortless” hairstyle has conquered the male sex right up to the President of France!

Want success? Choose the best hairdresser!

forbes hair trendy men haircut

It’s no coincidence that the “dress for success” mantra goes beyond clothes. Along with having a tailored suit and high-quality shoes, maintain a clean hairstyle on your way to the top of the company. If you’re not into broccoli hair, get a sleek, chic look that’s perfect for the formal atmosphere. Find a good stylist! This is essential. Paris is the city of beauty! Indeed, there are hair salons in all the streets. Moreover, Paris is known for famous hairdressers and colorists. The capital is home to one of the best hair salons in the world. So, if you are visiting Paris, find the best hairdresser for you! And if you’re more into layered men’s haircuts, the best barbers in the world are also in France.


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