10 Excellent Burst Fade Haircuts for Men That Suit Every Hair Type!

by Radost P.

Don’t get left behind and check out these cool burst fade haircuts that will enhance your masculinity!

What is a burst fade? This is a haircut, characterized by versatility, which means that it is suitable for various hair textures and lengths. So, if you are a man who has a curly, wavy, or even straight hair – you can take advantage of this trendy cut in all cases. Some people even choose to combine it with an edgy option, like a mohawk, in order to achieve a stronger effect on their looks. Overall, there is a burst fade haircut variation for everyone, so keep on reading to find out some of the best suggestions for this year!

Coolest Ideas for Burst Fade Haircuts That Men Should Consider This Season!

men's burst fade haircut

While burst fade is a variation of the traditional fade, it is characterized by the way your hair is cut around the ears. A burst fade has nothing to do with how long the top and back sides of your hair are. Below, you can check out the most trending variations at the moment.

Burst Fade With Caesar Cut

burst fade with caesar cut


Pairing a burst fade with a Caesar cut is a great way to achieve a classy and assertive look. This hairstyle has stood the test of time, and it is one of the most favorite for men.

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Burst Fade Haircut With Mohawk

burst fade with long mohawk

This hairstyle makes you look sophisticated and cool, thanks to the short mohawk that attracts everyone’s attention. It is easier to style and maintain, compared to a burst fade with long mohawk.

Burst Fade With Hair Design

burst fade with hair design

Hair design is a perfect way to express your style and personality, since there are so many variations that you can choose from. Since a burst fade creates a semicircular look, it is a good haircut to experiment with designs.

Burst Fade With Side Part

burst fade with side part

If you aim to accomplish a clean look, then you can consider burst fade with side part – it is a favorite hairstyle for the gentlemen out there!

Burst Fade With Messy Fringe

burst fade with messy fringe

If you want to look charming in the eyes of your date, consider a messy fringe – when combined with burst fade, you look confident in yourself.

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Burst Fade With Afro

burst fade with afro

This variation of the burst fade is stylish and versatile, since afros are generally voluminous and textured.

Burst Fade With Pompadour

burst fade with pompadour

If you want to achieve a contemporary look that is both neat and carefree, burst fade and pompadour might be the right choice for you.

Burst Fade With Line Up

burst fade with line up

A line-up hairstyle immediately draws other people’s attention since it is catchy and stands out. A burst fade pairs well with it, thanks to the overall versatility.

Burst Fade With Wavy Hair

burst fade with wavy hair

The good news is that even if you have waves, you can easily benefit from the look that burst fade provides.

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

burst fade faux hawk

If you want to achieve this hairstyle, you need to make sure that the sides of your hair are short while the top is long.

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