Men’s Haircuts 2024: 15+ Trending Looks to Adopt Right Now

by Kristiyana

What is the trend in men’s haircuts in 2024? Which hairstyle should you adopt this year, based on your personal style and face shape? 

quiff haircut for men trend 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of hairstyles continues to evolve, welcoming new and diverse members each day. And not only for women but for men as well. Nothing is boring or ordinary about the haircuts you will be seeing on any stylish guy in 2024. Men are taking a stand and embracing their personalities with bold, contemporary looks. So, what are the trends in men’s haircuts 2024? Which is THE haircut for you?

Men’s Haircuts 2024: 15+ Trending Looks to Adopt Right Now

messy quiff haircut for men

In 2023, we saw trends in men’s haircuts like the Vintage Afro Cut, slicked back hairstyles and the popular Crew Cut. Some of these styles we will be seeing in 2024 as well, along with other modern looks like the classic Buzz Cut, the Quiff Haircut, curly crops and fades. Don’t know which haircut to get? Take a look at our carefully-picked out gallery with the current trending styles, plus some advice on how to maintain them and if they would suit your personal face shape!

Quiff Haircut for Men 2024 Trend

quiff haircut 2024

A timeless classic when it comes to men’s haircuts, the Quiff is characterized by having long hair at the top for volume, and trimmed hair at the sides and back. It’s quite the popular choice if you are looking for something fashionable, neither too long nor too short. This men’s cut would suit best guys with round and oval faces.

The Classic Buzz Cut for Men 2024

mens haircuts 2024 short men's buzz cut

Which men’s haircuts with short hair will we be seeing in 2024? Give a warm welcome to the classic Buzz Cut! The buzz cut has often been chosen by men who prefer a clean and tidy hairstyle, as the hair is cut close to the head, leaving room for little care and maintenance. It’s the perfect wash-and-go hairstyle. The buzz cut’s style and length can be customized based on your personal preferences. It would look good on guys with round faces.

Men’s Haircuts 2024: Modern Pompadour

modern pompadour men's haircut 2024 trend

The Modern Pompadour cut rose to quite the fame in 2023, in women’s hairstyles as well as men’s. This haircut is characterized by long hair at the top, usually worn in a sliced back style, and a short fade on the back and sides. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a sophisticated look, yet with a bit of edge to it. But be advised that this sexy hairstyle does involve constant maintenance. Before going out, you need to style it with wax or pomade to keep it up and polished. It would suit best guys with round, oval or oblong faces.

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More Trending Men’s Haircuts 2024 to Adopt Right Now

ivy league men's haircut

Curly top with faded sides haircut for men 

curly top haircut for men

Sleek side part men’s hairstyle 2024

sleek side part men's haircut

Buzz cut with cool design trend

buzz cut with cool design trend 2024

Braided hairstyles for men trend

braided style for men

Faded faux-hawk men’s hair trend 2024

faded faux hawk trend 2024

Men’s haircuts 2024 medium length Modern mullet 

men's haircuts 2024 medium length modern mullet

Slicked back style for men

slicked back men's haircut

Men’s haircuts 2024 short Crew Cut

crew cut men s haircut trend 2024

Undercut with long sides for men

undercut with long sides for men

Fade with curly voluminous top

curly fade haircut

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