The Best Swimsuits to Avoid Tan Lines This Summer 2023: Our Shopping Selection

by Kremy

The key to an even tan this summer is the choice of swimsuit. These are the best swimsuits to avoid tan lines this summer 2023!

The return from vacation often marks the beginning of a contest between colleagues. Who is the most tanned? Who looks like a lobster? And who needs to apply makeup to conceal a chocolate-vanilla tan? Unless you are a naturalist, achieving perfectly golden skin without marks is a challenge. However, there are swimsuit to avoid tan lines, or even limit them. Here is our small tailor-made shopping selection to find your ideal beach ally this summer 2023!

6 Pairs of Swimsuits to Avoid Tan Lines

summer 2023 swimsuit trends tan through bikini to avoid tan lines

The key to an even tan this summer is the choice of swimsuit. And although very trendy, the one-piece cut-out and the 2-piece with straps are the enemies of the perfect tan. Between a flattering cut, suitable material, summer color and optimal support, the search becomes a challenge. The task becomes even harder when you add the desire for a perfect tan without visible marks to these criteria. However, one thing is certain, to avoid the vanilla-chocolate tan, get rid of wide straps! Summer of 2023 is the time for models that combine style with a tan-friendly cut.

At the top of our aqua selection is the self-tanning swimsuit. Thanks to its special mesh, it allows you to tan evenly, without revealing your private parts. The other highly coveted model is undoubtedly the two-piece bandeau, which is no longer reserved for XS busts. It can be adapted to suit any body type. What’s more, it can be transformed into a strapless one-piece for those who want a change from a bikini. Scroll through our selection to find your new summer jewel and tan without unsightly lines!

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Tan-Through Swimsuits to Avoid Tan Lines: Yes or No?

tan through swimsuit summer 2023 beachwear trends two piece bathing suits for even tan


Golden skin is a real asset of seduction. So, as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, the desire to sport a pretty, irresistible tan takes over. But how do you get a quick tan this summer? Face and body scrubs, sun oils, tan-accelerating foods… There are a number of techniques you can use to quickly achieve a beautiful chocolate complexion in just a few days. The latest way to get a perfect, even tan this summer? The tan-through swimsuit. Thanks to their special material that allows UV rays to pass through, this 2-piece model guarantees a sublime tan from head to toe, literally! Where to buy a  tan-through swimsuit? You can find them on Amazon or Decathlon.

Be careful though! We remind you that it is strongly advised not to expose your intimate areas to the sun. And with this new swimsuit model, that’s exactly the case. To combine desire and common sense, don’t forget to apply sunscreen all over your body every 2 hours. P.S. – SPF 50 does not prevent tanning!

High-Cut Bikini and Top with Removable Straps for a Seamless Tan

trendy swimwear high cut bikini panties to avoid tanlines

What are the best swimsuits to avoid tan lines when you are petite? One of the must-have swimwear trends for summer 2023 is the high-cut bikini. A revival of the eighties, this swimsuit style is making a comeback this season to elongate petite figures. Worn high on the hips, it complements the body and allows you to display a perfect tanned complexion. For a top, combine it with a bandeau with removable straps, so you can take them off when you’re lying on the towel.

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A 2-Piece Bandeau Swimsuit for Lines-Free Tan

what is the best swimsuit model summer 2023 to avoid tan marks

To avoid tan marks, say goodbye to models with thick straps, cut-outs or even one-shoulder. Instead, opt for a bandeau bikini swimsuit. This 2-piece swimsuit is available in a wide range of styles and cuts to suit every body shape. To refine a big bust and avoid marks, invest in a top equipped with a cup or underwire. On the other hand, opt for a ruffled bandeau to enhance a small bust or simply add a romantic touch to your beachwear.

A Strapless One-Piece Swimsuit

swimsuit to hide your belly one piec swimsuits to avoid tan lines

What are the best swimsuits to avoid tan lines when you have a belly or bulges? Ideal for easy tanning, the strapless one-piece swimsuit is an excellent alternative to the bandeau bikini. It has the major advantage of freeing the shoulders and neck and thus avoiding a ruined tan. For the rest of the body, opt for an effective self-tanner, but only on light areas. For a natural-looking tan, mix it with your moisturizer. But be careful! This tip is only valid for tanned skin. If you have a sunburn, it is better to treat it. The self-tanner will leave you with a multicolored complexion, which is not at all what you want in summer.

Bare-Back One-Piece Swimsuit to Hide Your Tummy and Allow You Tan without Lines

swimsuits to avoid tan marks bare back one piece swimsuit summer 2023 trends

Since last year, women’s one-piece swimsuits have made a real comeback and remain at the top of women’s swimwear trends, with models featuring retro-cool charm, cut-out accents and psychedelic prints. The first essential item to slip into your straw basket for a seaside getaway, along with sun protection and sunglasses, the one-piece swimsuit returns with a little twist this summer 2023. The swimwear most adored by the girls in the spotlight is adorned with cut-outs, halter tops or even straps to complement every body shape without showing off bulges. Black or printed, in nylon or lurex, with logo or belted, the one-piece swimsuit proves once again that it is the king of sunny days. Wear them everywhere, on the beach or in town.

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Micro Bikini Triangles for a Perfect Tan

trendy micro bikini swimsuit 2 piece bikini to avoid tan lines

If you check out the Instagram accounts of Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, Kendal Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski or Kim K, you’ll quickly realize that women’s swimsuit trend for 2023 will be micro bikinis. Perfect for getting an impeccable tan, the tiny model comes back from the 1990s to highlight your curves, while exposing them to the summer sun. The little twist? Crochet, which inspired our dresses and bags last year, is now on our swimwear to give it a good bohemian touch. You can find it in the e-shops of Mango, H&M, MC2 Saint Barth or even Miu Miu. Worn as a bralette or a crop top, the micro bikini swimsuit goes perfectly with the exposed lingerie trend and comes into town to complement your pants, skirts or sheer dresses.

swimsuits to avoid tan summer 2023 tan through bathing suits

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