The 2023 Ultimate Guide to Short Haircuts for This Summer: Choose Wisely!

by Gabby

Ultimate guide to short haircuts: Are you ready to take the plunge in Summer 2023 and cut your hair? We have gathered the best hairstyles to choose from!

Oh, yes! We all love a dramatic, fun change in Summer that we proudly do with our hairstyle, makeup, nails, fashion, etc. But… We are not that brave if there’s a thought in our head making us think it’s a good idea to cut our hair short! Trust me, there’s a good reason! Ladies, I have to tell you that not every short haircut will look good on you, simply because we have different hair textures and face shapes. That’s why we have prepared the ULTIMATE guide to short haircuts for you! Let us show you the best of the best short hairstyles that you can choose from, before taking the plunge and cutting your hair!

The 2023 Ultimate Guide to Short Haircuts for This Summer: Choose Wisely!

ultimate guide to short haircuts 2023 ideas trends

So, I know what’s going on in your head right now and you have to admit it! How many times did you think about getting a short haircut, but then chickened out and decided you are going to keep your long locks? I know! This is a tough decision to take and you have to be well-aware of what looks good on you! Because one you do that “chop”, and it happens that you don’t like it, you will have to wait for months or maybe even a year to get your long hair back! That’s why we are here for you! Let me introduce you to the ultimate guide to short haircuts!

Classic Bob Haircut with Bangs 2023

short classic bob with blunt bangs women hair trends 2023 summer


We are all familiar with the classic short bob with bangs. Who can wear it? If you have thick hair, you are in the save zone, and you can adapt this haircut with ease. For the women with thin hair, however, the classic bob cut will not make your locks look at their best. It might show your hair as even thinner than it actually is.

Short Pixie Haircut with Fringe and Layers

short pixie haircut for women over 50 with fringe and layers

Let’s talk for something a little bit shorter like the pixie cut with fringe and layers! Let me tell you that this version of the pixie can be adapted by anyone that wants to create movement in their hair naturally and make it appear more voluminous. You can customize this hairstyle to your own preferences and it suits both young and mature women. The fringe can hide away wrinkles, or give you an edge to your look! Also, it matches every hair color!

What Is a Bixie Haircut?

Speaking of short hairstyles, we cannot skip on mentioning the one that stands out at the moment – the Bixie cut. What is that exactly? Given by the name you can guess that it is a mixture between the bob and the pixie cut. This hairstyle is not too short and not too long, perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel like risking with something shorter. You can adapt it in 2023 with ease and wear it proudly, since it suits all hair types!

what is the bixie haircut short hairstyle ideas 2023

Buzz Cut for Women

buzz cut for women 2023 short haircut ultimate guide

This is for the bold ladies that are not afraid of a drastic change and that have a lot of edge! The military style buzz cut for women is one of the shortest, if not the shortest hairstyle of them all! Women with square and round face shape should avoid it, according to many hair experts. Since it shows off your entire face, it can make it seem even wider and bigger. For the rest of you out there ladies, take the brave decision and simply do it! You might end up loving it at the end!

Short Wolf Cut for Women

short wolf cut for women haircut trends 2023

The wolf haircut has gained a lot of popularity because of Billy Eilish and her famous hairstyle. But do you know that you can adapt it in a shorter version in 2023? The wolf cut has a lot of layers will frames the face nicely and when you add bangs, you can get a short shaggy hairstyle that will make you look effortlessly beautiful. It suits both women with curly, and straight hair. Oh, I almost forget – it is perfect for women with natural wavy hair!

Pixie Wedge Haircut for Women Over 50

pixie wedge haircut for women over 50 short hairstyle trends 2023

What is a wedge haircut? It is a version of the pixie cut, however there are many different layers to it. Why is that? This is because the hairstyle aims to create more volume naturally and to make your hair texture more defined and better looking. It is ideal for women over 50, who has a thin hair and are ready to spice things up with their hairstyle!

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Women’s Bowl Cut 2023

women bowl cut short haircut ideas 2023 ultimate guide

Are you a fan of the unconventional? You are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and look different? If this is what you opt for, then I am sure you are going to love the women’s bowl cut. I know that many of you relate it to some of your favorite childhood characters, but I’m telling you this haircut will be one of the trendiest, for those that love to experiment.

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2023 Short Haircuts Ideas for Women

short pixie cut with fringe for white hair women over 50

Asymmetrical Bob for Women Over 50

asymmetrical bob haircut for women over 50 short hairstyle ideas 2023

Inverted Bob Haircut for Women Over 50

inverted bob for women over 50 a line stacked hairstyle 2023

Layered Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

layered bob cut with side swept bangs 2023

Women Undercut Hairstyle 2023

women undercut hairstyle 2023

Short Shaggy Haircut with Curtain Bangs: Women Hairstyle Trends 2023

short shaggy haircut with curtain bangs women hairstyle trends 2023

Blunt Bob Haircut: Short Hairstyle Trends for Women 2023

blunt bob haircut women short hair trends 2023

French Bob Haircut with Bangs 2023

french bob haircut with bangs for women 2023

Lob Haircut with Side Bangs 2023

long bob haircut lob hairstyle 2023

Short Shaggy Pixie Cut for Curly Hair 2023

shaggy pixie haircut for curly hair short trends 2023