Posh Nails: How to Achieve “Fancy” Aesthetic with Your Manicure Design in 2023?

by Gabby

Are you ready for your daily dose of chic manicure trends? Don’t worry, I am not here to overwhelm you, however I cannot help myself! I absolutely have to show you the newest nail designs that we consider as “posh nails”! Our Deavita team have gathered some manicure ideas that will get you running to the salon! What are posh nails? I will answer this question today!

Posh nails: How to achieve this “fancy” aesthetic with our manicure design?

posh nails 2023 old money manicure trends spring summer designs

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

There are always occasion for us to do our nails, so they are also new trends coming up to inspire us. With the arrival of 2023, however, we noticed a total shift in the world of trendy manicure, where lavish decorations made way for the total minimalism. Posh nails are just for us girlies, who loves the “clean girl” aesthetic. You can easily confuse them with Old Money nails. The difference is that posh nails allow you to play with colors more. However, they fit ideally in that aristocratic, luxurious and fancy vibe. They are perfect for the spring/summer season and it is impossible not to love this type of manicure! Let’s check out some of the best posh nail designs!

Posh nails: French manicure ideas

posh nails trendy french manicure ideas 2023 clean girl aesthetic


Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

The French manicure had its comeback last year, but in 2023 it will be even more desirable. However, it’s a classic that we’ll now be seeing in a very sophisticated form, as the lines along the top of the nails are much more subtle and thin, which makes the manicure look super chic. You’ll also see the double tip French nails design just like on the photo, which screams femininity and elegance. This is the perfect example of “posh nails”! A little piece of advice from me, ask your nail artist to choose a base coat that will match your skin tone. This way your nails will look more natural!

Spring manicure trends 2023: Matte nails

nude matte nails design ideas spring manicure trends 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

Many of us had forgotten about the matte nail polish with all the hype about Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails. This trend had everyone wanting the shiny effect, but matte nail polish has made a comeback in 2022 and will continue to be a hit in 2023. Ladies who like to dress more elegant and want something simple, posh matte nails will go great with your business attire. They won’t take away from your accessories and will only complete your look in the most subtle way possible.

Ombre nails for the “posh” effect

ombre nails 2023 ideas nude and white manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

This season, nail masters presented many new ways to ombre manicure. Usually, you know how it is with two colors that blend seamlessly into each other. Now, however, ombre is taking on a new look where the colors may not be similar, such as nude with white. This bright color contrast is certainly not the classic way to do ombre, however it is very modernistic. For the brave girls, you can even try using 3 or 4 colors, depending on your preferences. Do you consider it posh?

Subtle animal print decoration

animal print manicure spring nail trends 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Animal print is no longer a taboo topic and we see this not only in fashion trends but also in manicure designs. You may be surprised, but it has become a very stylish nail decoration, and it has to be quite minimalistic and aesthetic. You can see in the picture how it is super elegant and only highlights the nail by mimicking a French manicure. Be careful when it comes to choosing the right colors. If you want posh nails, remember to stick to more natural shades. That way you will make sure that the manicure will be sophisticated, and it will fit the spring trends 2023.

White nails

white nails ideas clean girl manicure aesthetic posh 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

We’ve talked about this “clean girl” aesthetic more than once, but now we’re going to turn to another favorite trend of ours at TikTok—the vanilla girl. This trend, similar to the first, challenges you to a more minimalistic way to present yourself. The vanilla girl brings together all things soft, luxurious and simple. That is why the vanilla French nails were such a hit recently. However, we cannot forget to mention the white nails, which never go out of style and fit in those trend perfectly. They go with every nail shape and skin tone! For more inspiration, you can check out the clean nails 2023!

Other posh nails 2023

spring nail trends 2023 posh clean girl old money manicure ideas

Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

Posh nail design ideas for this spring 2023

posh spring nails design manicure trends classy elegant

Deavita Photo Gallery/ Svetoslava Koeva

Pink nails with gold foil decoration for that “posh” effect

pink nails with gold foil decoration spring manicure 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

Simple manicure ideas

posh nails manicure trends spring 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

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