Marie Kondo Spring Cleaning Tips: Put Everything in Order at Home and Enjoy Life!

by Anjelina

Spring is associated with both the renewal of nature and a new stage in each of our lives. It makes us dream of the wonderful hours spent outside in pleasant company, while the warm and gentle wind caresses us. To bring spring into our home, however, we need to start by cleaning it. In today’s article, we’re going to help you out with some useful Marie Kondo spring cleaning tips, because we think there’s a lot more to learn from the Japanese queen of order who works wonders even in hopeless situations!

Marie Kondo spring cleaning tips

marie kondo spring cleaning tips get everything in order

The cold months, during which we all spend a lot more time at home, are a reason to sometimes overwhelm ourselves with stuff. But do we need them all? Spring is here to help us surround ourselves with the things that really matter, bring harmony and order to our home and mind! The tips we are about to give you are all inspired by Marie Kondo’s philosophy of being at peace with yourself and the world! Your home won’t be clean enough until you have carefully arranged your belongings.

Get ready for tidying up

get ready for tidying up spring cleaning with Marie Kondo


Procrastination is your worst enemy. Marie Kondo recommends finding enough time to clean and tidy and not putting it off ahead of time! It’s best to start right away if you have the opportunity. Also, the Japanese queen of order invites us to embrace spring cleaning as a time to rethink our lives and visualize our goals. Try to imagine in detail what each of the spaces in your home will look like once you have completed all the tidying and cleaning tasks.

get ready for tidying up visualize your goals

Keep only what brings you joy

Marie Kondo quotes keep only what brings you joy

According to Marie Kondo’s method, every object in your home should bring you joy or have some sentimental value in order to lead a happy life. That’s why you need to get rid of everything that no longer evokes positive emotions (we’re not talking about functionally necessary items, of course). Along these lines, you can turn spring cleaning into a time for yourself to think about what you own and how much of it you truly need.

Sort items by categories

sort items by categories use baskets to separate each group

If you’re wondering where to really start with organizing and cleaning, Marie Kondo’s advice on sorting items by category will be helpful. What do we mean? Don’t work room by room, but group objects according to their purpose (clothes, books, papers, beauty product, etc). Once you have everything from one category in one place, you can easily assess what you need and what no longer has a place in your home.

Start from your clothes

arranging and organizing clothes and accessories

According to Marie Kondo, it’s best to start by organizing your clothes. To do this, take everything out of your closet, dresser or other cabinets where you store clothes. Stack everything on the bed. Look at the big pile in front of you and ask yourself, do you really need all of this? You probably don’t even wear most of the clothes you have. So start folding your clothes (look at the instructional video below) taking each one in your arms and ask yourself if it brings you joy or if it’s time to discard or donate it.

Move on to books and paper

modern bookcase organizing books and paper Marie Kondo method

Once you’ve finished sorting the clothes, move on to the books. Follow the exact same process. Gather all the books you have, from absolutely every place in your home, and decide which ones bring you joy, and which ones you can part with. Clean out the shelves and bookcase where you usually store them and when you are ready, re-arrange your favorite books.

Then focus on the paper. Go through and sort your papers into groups, discard what you no longer need. Finish with the most sentimental ones (like wedding invitations, letters from loved ones) asking yourself again if they bring you happiness and should you keep them!

Arrange everything else

organized kitchen drawers arranging kitchen utensils

Once you’re done with the most time-consuming items (clothes and books), it’s time for everything else. Follow the same process – sort the objects by category, discard the unnecessary ones and put them away. Make sure you have grouped and put away everything according to its purpose – for example, allocate specific places for your valuables, household appliances, kitchenware, food, makeup, accessories, etc. This way you’ll also make it easier to find what you need at any given time – you’ll always know where it is!

Finally, tackle the deep cleaning

tackle the deep spring cleaning mopping the floors

Once you’ve sorted, put things away and got rid of the unnecessary items, it’s time to move on to deep cleaning. It’s better to work room by room. Start with the bedroom, move on to your bathroom, then the living room and the kitchen. Clean thoroughly everywhere, mop the floors, add some nice fragrant spring flowers and enjoy your clean and tidy home!

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